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Found 59 results

  1. When you go into your parent tamagotchi, it gives you a code thing that says "PASSWORD FOR PC!" What are these used for? (I have a Tamagotchi Connection v3)
  2. Doea anyone know if the upcoming tamagotchi some can connect with tamagotchi on or meets? Just want to be sure before buying
  3. Hi Guys 👋 I’ve recently started up my V1 (Because my V3 Arrived And Im Going to make them marry) and I tried to connect, the V3’s Connection icon clicks and I can access it, but the V1 just makes the No noise ( You Know, the noise when you can’t do something on your Tamagotchi) and doesn't let me access it. Is it because it’s only a baby and it’s too young? Because my V3 can access it even though it’s also a baby!
  4. Hello Everyone I’ve recently seen some things about a ROM Test, and I’d quite like to have a go. Except, I’m pretty sure I have a V1 or 2. I’m looking into getting another Connection Model (That I don’t quite know the Type yet) and I’d quite like to Connect them. Is it Risky? Your obviously going to be messing around with the Tamagotchi. So, if I have a used one, or basically any one, it will still work? I’m kind of hesitant about performing it before I do some research, because I got it for £50. Codes/Numbers? I’ve seen some People on here talk about the Numbers, supposed to tell you what Version you have, so what numbers apply to the V1/2? (I Can’t Upload Pictures, But if I find a Picture I’ll link it)
  5. I have spent days online trying to figure out why my kakeibo will not connect to my uratama or entama (including on tamatalk). Does anyone have detailed information on what to select on the kakeibo to get it to connect with my tamagotchis? I've tried everything with the information that I've found online and nothing is working. I'm starting to wonder if my kakeibo is a lemon (though I bought it new from a very reliable website).
  6. Since i've started making spritesheets for each character i get on my v3s, i've been watching them closely for when they do little random things like come up close to the screen or run into the wall. I've noticed that my mimiyoritchi, Lucky, does a LOT of these animations, when my kuchipatchi, Gleam, is a lot less active. I've only caught Gleam coming close to the screen once since she grew, but just this afternoon i've seen Lucky do something at least four times. Has anyone else noticed that different characters do little actions more frequently?
  7. my tamagotchis got married over the weekend. However, Frank, my hibiscus v3, was running out of batteries. when he went to marry Star, my ice cream v3, his battery went out again. they had twin girls, and when one of them went to go be with Frank, she flew away into the void, never to be seen again. my boyfriend referred to it as "the ultimate yeet" and that's the funniest thing i've heard all day
  8. So I recently decided to bring my 4 V4/4.5 back to life (but I do also have a V5 too), but one problem I have had is that when they make a beeping noise, to possibly notify me that they are hungry, unhappy or nothing at all, I would't know which tamagotchi to tend to (but the hunger and happiness is fine if I just looked at their stats). But I really do want to train them, by diciplining them, but by having 4 of them i wouldn't know which one to praise or give a time out to. I hope you all understant what I mean by that and now to the actual question: Would I be able to input a small light bulb, similar to the one on the top of the tamagotchi where you're able to connect to others, and somehow make it be able to light up when something like what I had described above, would happen. If there is a way, I was planning on putting the bulb where the antenai of the tamagotchi is and possibly surround it with see-through plastic. I'm not so sure yet as this is possibly impossible to do anyways. Either way thanks in advanced TamaFifi27
  9. Dordtchild

    My Personal Tama

    This is my personal Tamagotchi Connection v2, on Generation 4 on upload The blue gotchi lanyard I got in a two pack of a blue and pink (pink one is sold) The Mametchi and Mimitchi bell keychains are my favorites Already had my bro ask me if I would sell him Mimitchi which I happily declined

    © Tamagotchi (c) Bandi -- Owner (c) DordtChild

  10. Dordtchild

    For Sale

    These Tamas and keychains are for sale in cause anyone wants to buy them Green P1 --> asking 20$ Camo P2 --> asking 25$ Connection v1 --> 30$ or best offer Each Tama has been tested and works perfectly Bell keychains --> can be sold with the tamas for 4$ each If interested drop me a message here on TamaTalk

    © Tamagotchi (c) Bandi -- Owner (c) DordtChild

  11. Dordtchild

    Gifts For Bro

    These are a Christmas gift to my bro this coming year. He stated that his favorite version is the v2 connection and said that the ideal collector's item (outside Devil's and Ocean) is the english version of the Tamagotchi Angel. He will be floored when he gets them

    © Tamas (c) Bandi -- Owner (c) DordtChild

  12. Hello! This is my first post here, so please tell me if I need to correct anything. (Picture size, wrong board...) I've been interested in Tamagotchis since I was a kid, and back when it was really popular here, my mom got a couple cheap ones from some dollar stores. Even at the time, all of us at school knew these weren't legit Tamagotchis, but since they were all from the same bootleg "brand", the infrared function worked between them. They used to come in this kind of packaging, and looked mostly like V1 Connexions, with the clear red plastic on the IR part, and the usual giveaways of an unofficial product. (for anyone interested, "Animal Imaginado" means roughly "Imagined Animal", and the packaging came in broken spanish, even though I am from Portugal.) A couple days ago, I decided to go look for my old bootlegs, and found this one! The shell seems to be a pink recolor of a light blue V1 shell, the background has numbers, and it obviously doesn't say Tamagotchi anywhere. I decided to open it up so I could check if the manufacturers based the circuit board on a specific region, and to check if it had debug built in. Well, turns out it doesn't have a debug function at all! So maybe it was based on the European region where it ended up being sold. It also seems way more basic than legit tama circuits. (The pixels seem slightly larger too.) Other than that, it still works pretty well, and it's surprisingly similar to an actual Connexion! I don't believe it has all its functions, but it's a fun little pet anyways, and very different from the "Multi-Pet" type ones you see nowadays on eBay and such. It mostly feels like some kind of clone of a V1/V2, with weird mixed characteristics like some menu names in japanese, others in english, and slightly different sprites from the official ones. If I eventually find my other bootlegs, I'll try to make them connect to see if the IR still works between them. I don't know if anyone is interested in how this works, photos of it running, or if I should make a video, but feel free to ask! One last question: if I wanted to get back into Tamagotchis, which one do you think would be a good start?
  13. So I was searching all over the internet and i can't find anything or if anyone has ever tried it!? Is it possible to connect them over skype? Facetime!? Google hangouts maybe? I was just wondering because it would be so fun to connect other tamas from tamatalk and also when i'm talking about them connecting i am mainly talking about the v1-6 because they use infrared and my favorite Tama of all time is the V4s! Any info will help thanks!
  14. I just got a 20th anniversary white mix to connect with my blue spacey version. I'm trying to reset the 20th anniversary to unlock the mermaid location, but whenever I try to connect the two, I get two blue hearts with an X in the middle. I've tried waiting until they both have two pink hearts showing, and then pressing B on both or just one, but nothing's working. Has anyone else had this problem? Please help!
  15. Perhaps I'm just dumb, but I wouldn't think that giving the tamagotchis bluetooth would be impossible. It certainly would probably be the best option as of now, with basically all computers AND phones using bluetooth but not the old InfraRed. It just confuses me a bit when I think about it. I'm a bit lazy, and don't have much money, so the thought of having to buy an old phone or a dongle, kind of bothers me. Does anyone know why this is? No bluetooth I mean . Perhaps there's a technical reason that I don't understand. I am pretty clueless when it comes to how the tamagotchis are made anyway. But since we are so far ahead now with robots and other cool things I just can't wrap my head around this one.
  16. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew what the Tama-Go could connect with (which tamagotchi versions) other than another Tama-Go.
  17. I recently bought a few of the color Tamas, and wanted to try some of the slightly older ones. As i mentioned in the title, I'm aiming for the Connection series. The only reason i ask is because all of the posts and forums I have read on the topic refer to the usage of Tamatown, which obviously doesn't help any. So my question is; Without Tamatown, which of the Tamagotchi Connections would be the best to buy? I hear that 6 is high maintenance, so I probably won't get that one for now. Really I'm torn between both the 4(and 4.5) and the 5(and 5.5) versions. But i figured i would ask for some opinions first, since I read that 2 and 3 were fairly fun. The Tamas i have now are the P's, IDLe, 4U, 4U+, Friends and Friends Dream Town. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any help/opinions are appreciated. :3
  18. Hi. I was wondering what the last option in the tamagotchi ps connection does. I think it requires Gotchi points. If you need any more info I can tell you. Take your time to answer. I'm in no hurry.
  19. Hi there. I just got my tamagotchi ps, and I want to connect them. I currently can't pass the English patch to my tamagotchi, so I have problems when connecting them. May I know what do the options mean in the tamagotchi ps connecting option? Thank you in advance! Oh and, is it normal for the ps to leaving the connecting screen while connecting? I can't seem to connect my ps properly.
  20. I recently purchased a 4U+ and was surprised to discover it won't do the NFC with my 4U. I have read every thread I could find on here but no matter how many ways or times I try it there's always a failed connection (blue) sign on one of the Tamas, but never both. I find this odd too since my experience has been failed connections are indicated on both Tamas. Am I correct that the 4U and 4U+ should be able to NFC connect? Is this some sort of a technological glitch that can't be fixed or does anyone have tips or advice? I would sincerely appreciate your help. I bought the 4U+ so I could connect it to the 4U and unlock the exclusive 4U+ characters and their post-adult forms. If it doesn't work or won't work I'll be so disappointed.
  21. Hi everyone! So i finally got my self a IrDA device so that I'd be able to download stuff for my P's. After some research and some looking around i found out that the Sony Ericsson Z310i would work. So I bought one online and recieved it today. It has fully working irDA. So i sent some wallpapers, clothing and other stuff to my "new" phone. But when i turn on the IR on my phone and choose "Download" on the P's nothing happends... My P's recognize the IR and the hearts turn red, but after that nothing happens. On the phone a text is just saying "Connecting" and then after a while a get a error message saying "No device found". Does anyone now what the problem is? A thought that crossed my mind was that maybe the IR on my P's is faulty? I hope there's somebody out there that might have some kind off answer
  22. I am waiting for my ID L to arrive in the mail and I was wondering, what versions are it compatible with? Would I be able to connect to an older version like the ID, or a newer version like the 4U? Also, what other versions are compatible with each other, just for curiosity's sake?
  23. Hi guys. I'm really interested in getting one of the Blue home Deka's (The one where you build a house, not the King of Games). I've done some research as best as I can and the most detailed instructions I found where these. Their great and it seems self explanatory enough but a few questions I can't find answers to: *What are the items you can buy to send to the Ketai/Akai? Are they different to the items you can get with codes? *It has a huge point storage but what is the payout for winning games? The link I posted mentions it's dependent on the character you play with but gives no rough idea. It's selling point for me is being able to use it as a shop for my Akai as it takes forever to make money on it. So really I'm wanting to know if it'll be good as a money maker for the Akai, and if it will give more items. Thanks guys.
  24. Hi, I was on eBay and saw some nice tAmas. And I was wondering if they're v1's or v2's please help. 1. Http:// 2. Http:// 3. Http:// Thanks guys
  25. Hey guys This is my first Log ever, I hope you like it! So as you already read, this log will be about my three Connection-Tamas. I am currently raising three girls, Ichigotchi, Ichigotchi and Mohitamatchi. Ichigotchi #1 is on my V2, her name is Laura, Ichigotchi #2 is on my V4, her name is Romy. And the last one is Marie, the Mohitamatchi. So first of all: Romy turned into Ichigotchi while I was aiming for Young Dorotchi or Nikatchi. But I learned that my V4 dislikes the Kuchi-Family. Romy is the 27th Generation and I was able to raise Kuchi-member only one time. Mostly I get a Meme-member. So Romy will be a Meme-adult again, I will raise a Violetchi. I was very disappointed when I heard the evolution sound and saw that my MOHITAMATCHI turned into Ichigotchi. But what should I do... Ichigotchi is cute, though. She really likes her BLDG Block. Laura is my 12th Generation on my V2. She is a healthy little girl. It is my first good-care teen since 5 generations Her hearts never dropped below 1 empty so far. I hope she will turn into a Mimitchi or ChoHimetchi cause I already raised a Marumimitchi and I dislike repetitions. Lauras father was a Mametchi. And then there is Marie, the 5th Mohitamatchi in a row. I really want a Kuchitamatchi again. Anyway, Marie is 16th Generation on the V3 and I am aiming for Hashitamatchi. I've raised too many Hikotchis or Hinatchis, I want something new. In doing so, this is what I mostly get to see: And she got sick for the second time today. Lets cure it back to health! Yay, Marie will always find something to smile about. Since I don't play any games with her she always rolls around. It looks pretty cute when she tries to ruin her cool mohawk style. So thats it for today. I hope you liked it so far, tomorrow two girls will change, Romy and Marie. Shortly the current stats: Romy: Hungry: full Happy: two empty (gosh she is extremly demanding...It feels like she looses a heart every 30 minutes!) Training: 8 Age: 2 years Weight: 5 lb Laura: Marie: Hungry: full Hungry: Full Happy: full Happy: Full Training 8 Training: 2 Age: 2 years Age: 0 years Weight: 20 lb Weight: 37 lb. And in addition: My Tamagotchi L.I.F.E App is also running in the background. Right now I have a 3 years old Marutchi. He will evolve into Tamatchi today. Thanks for reading