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Found 8 results

  1. I've been making some cases for my tamas and there aren't a lot of free patterns out there so I thought I'd share. Basic principle, crochet a circle until if fits the back, make the sides, then finish off with a slip stitch. You may want to randomise your increases to get more of a circle shape or stagger them i.e. instead of starting with a 2sc followed by 4 x sc, do 2 x sc first, then continue the (2sc, sc, sc, sc, sc) pattern because if you increase in the same spot, you’ll get a hexagon shape. I recommend using a cotton type wool and I used a 3.25 mm hook. Connection models (half double crochet) (Pictured on the left) Magic loop with 10 starting sc (10) 2hdc in every stitch (20) (2hc, hdc) repeat (30) (2hdc, hdc, hdc) repeat (40) Hdc around (36) You want to work 4 decreases in at the points marked in the diagram For a keychain hole - ch 2, skip one stich and hdc in the next stitch For an antenna hole just chain 3 (or more) and skip 2 Slip stitch around to finish (36) Bunny ears Magic circle (6) 2sc in every stitch (12) 2sc, sc (18) Sc (18) for 6 rounds Dec, 4 x sc and repeat until there are 6 stitches left Bind off leaving a long tail for sewing. You'll have to join with a couple of stitches to support the weight of the ears. Vintage models (single crochet) (Pictured in the centre) Magic loop (6) 2sc in every stitch (12) (2sc, sc) repeat (18) (2sc, sc, sc) repeat (24) (2sc, sc, sc, sc) repeat (30) (2sc, sc, sc, sc, sc) repeat (36) (2sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc) repeat (42) 4 hdc, dc, 4 hdc, dc, 2 hdc, dc, 4 hdc, dc, hdc to finish the row (38) 6sc, dc, 4 sc, ch 3, skip 1, 4 sc, dc, 6 sc, dc, sc to finish the row Slip stitch around to finish
  2. I have two different pieces of Tamagotchi fabric. Each piece is one meter x half a meter. I love sewing and I want to make something using this fabric but I'm not sure what to make! Does anyone have any ideas and suggestions?
  3. I bought some super light weight air-dying clay in lots of different colors! ouo!!! This is special clay. Even after it dries, it stays a bit squishy, so I can make my own Tamagotchi squishies >w< Here are the colors I got... ...As well as black, and white. I'm such an IDIOT....I was meant to get red as well but I order already shipped uhuhuhuuuu //cry forever I guess I'll have to use dark pink... but Kikitchi would look stupid with a dark pink bandana...and Ringotchi would look stupid dark pink... Oh well ;_; Anyway I want to make Nanotchi and Kurosantchi (Tamagotchi OCs)... Orenetchi, Neenetchi, Tropicatchi, Kikitchi, Flowertchi, Makiko, Smartotchi, Spacytchi, Akaspetchi (Dark-pink-spetchi...), Pipospetchi, Ringotchi, Ichigotchi, Pekopekotchi, Hanafuwatchi, Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, Moriritchi, Miraitchi and/or Clulutchi, Candy Pakupaku, Hapihapitchi... I don't want make characters there are already Tamagotchi Friends figures of. I don't think I have enough clay to make all those characters! They're only small packs. So which characters do you think I should make? I'm not sure how big to make them... I also don't know how to make them stand up; maybe I could make some sort of stand at the base? Or I could give them big feet like the Tamagotchi Friends figures lol <3 And does anyone have any tips?; I'm not good at molding clay
  4. Here are some Tama templates.
  5. Does anyone else make their own accessories for their Tamagotchi? If you do, please share some ideas and pics here! I sit at my computer desk a lot during the day, so I wanted some sort of stand that could hold up my Tamas so that they are at a good viewing angle. I can't view them well when they are laying flat, so I decided to design this stand for them. It's made using the clear plastic from the blister pack they come sealed in. All you need is that and a pair of scissors, though you could probably just as easily make these out of note cards or card stock, or some thin cardboard like a cereal box. Just cut out a square of the plastic, fold it in half and use something to press the crease tight (I run a pencil along the crease while pressing it against the desk). Then you just cut the folded piece into sort of a hook or J shape with a flat base like you see below. Unfold it and you've got a little stand. If you are a kid or are making this for a kid, you'll want to round off the top point. It's a little sharp. I wish I could give you a pattern, but I don't really have one. I just do it by eye. -Lion
  6. Here are templates for some Tamagotchi characters. These are characters I have raised on my Tama-Go! this month. Note- Some look better than others