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Found 19 results

  1. Tinkalila

    Rainbow Panda!

    I think this actually came out pretty good. Let me know what you think!
  2. If anyone here who plays Nintendogs+Cats?Maybe we can have a small chit-chat about it! My dog's name is Goldie and she's a Golden Retriever!Also,I'm a bit poor (;-
  3. Hi Doctor Who fans and Tama nerds! There was already a thread for custom Tamagotchis, but as it is now locked I decided to start a new one. Apologies if this already exists as something current, but I could not find it so here we are. Anywho, I just wanted to show off this picture of the custom paint job I just did to my see through yellow V3. It's far from the most elegant thing in the world as it is all done by hand and finished with several layers of clear nail polish, but I still think it's cute and since it took me the whole day I thought it worth posting in case anyone was interested. This is what it looked like before (image not mine): And this is it now, warts and all: That's a little pouch beside it - you know, so the TARDIS doesn't get damaged :* It works perfectly and makes me smile whenever I see it, because it combines my two great loves in one fabulous - if scruffy - little mutant creation. Anyway, thanks for reading, and please feel free to post any of your own customs, if people still do that, haha. Peace. -Nokogiritchi
  4. I worked really hard on it and i love it
  5. Hello friends. Who here knows about the Chinese virtual pet called Nana Moon? It's original name is 梦月精灵, which means 'Dream of the Wizards' or something like that. I don't know much about these pets but the characters look ULTRA CUTE. There are two videos on Youtube about them. Video of the Mini version Video of the Maxi version I don't know much about them but I still want one so badly because of the characters. There's also a cartoon based on these pets; unfortunately it's Chinese, while only two episodes are dubbed in English. Here's one of them - [Amy's in her fully evolved form in the OP, but she doesn't actually evolve in the anime until season 2] It's about a girl called Cocoa who gets transported by her virtual pet to a magical world called Nana Moon. She befriends Princess Amy and must save Nana Moon and all its Moon Genies from upcoming disaster, but meanwhile, Liza and her minions are jealous of Amy and because they want to rule the kingdom instead. It looks a lot like anime and the characters remind me of Tamagotchi. X3 You can find the Nana Moon virtual pets on Tamagotchishop, Aliexpress, or Taobao. I wish there was a full sub/dub of the cartoon. ;3;
  6. For the Tamagotchi kawaii lovers out there, check out this character: Her name is "Miya-chan." She's a small flower fairy of the Miyama Kirishima flowers. Small, adorable, she really caught my eye. Her design is remarkable that I had to add her to my inspirations list! At first, I thought it was owned by this user. But when I saw the official website, I don't know if it is a merchandise. But in the end, it almost looked like it is an official kawaii merchandise. The official website is right here: So, what do you think of this adorable character? I think I like her. The design is so unique. EDIT: Made a mistake on her flower type. It's not "Kokonoe," which was the mispelling of "Kokone," she's actually a "Miyama Kirishima" flower! Now I can't edit the thread title... But I can edit this first post. Hmm.
  7. This thread idea is from another forum... This is a topic for cute stuff. You can post nice cute things like pictures or videos. Here is a video by Zooniversity of a porcupine who likes pumpkin and "talks" by making funny gibberish sounds.
  8. This is a topic for you to post funny,cute or intresting images of the anime! such as this one! "Roar!" you can post them in this topic! I'll post some in spoilers! now you can too by posting in this topic!
  9. Melodytchi waited. The lights above her blinked and sparkled out of the air. There were cute Tamas in the school. She didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. Her warnings to Kiraritchi were not listened to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. Melodytchi was a Tama for fourteen years. When she was young she watched her classmates being cute and said to them "I want to be cute." Her classmates said "No! You will NOT BE CUTE! WE ARE THE CUTE TAMAS!" There was a time when she believed them. Then as she got older she stopped. But now in the school she knew there were cute Tamas. "This is Kiraritchi" the phone said. "You must be cuter than the cute tamas!" So Melodytchi got her hat and violin, to look cute. "SHE'S GOING TO BE CUTER THAN US" said the cute Tamas. "I will be cuter than her" said Coffretchi and she was putting on make-up. Melodytchi smirked at Coffretchi and tried to be cuter than her. But then they ran out of make-up, and they were not able to be cute. "No! I must be cuter than the cute Tamas" Melodytchi shouted. The phone said "No, Melodytchi. YOU are the cutest Tama." And then Melodytchi was a cute Tama.
  10. Uh-oh, I think Betilla mixed the four Ender Pearls in with the mix...but he can be dangerous if you provoke him. He will screech like an Enderman, and send out 5 Enderman with his Ender Rattle. But he cries like a normal baby for some odd reason.

    © Rayman (Ubisoft), Enderman (Mojang)

  11. Okay so I got a tama profy and it's a lot more complicated than I expected D; Don't get me wrong, it's still super cute, but I don't really know what's going on! I read in some forums about tama hearts and all that and getting mail and stuff. I have like a ton of letters and idk what to do! And I've been playing games to get items and stuff but it's only helped a few times. I have like 6 of these violin heart thingies and idk what to do And then what is HP?? ; A ; HALP
  12. Hi! This Youtube video is one of my favorites for this week :3 It's about a funny pup really cute! :3 tell me what you think and what else I should watch Thx bye
  13. BabyFirst's Nighttime Programs are cute! It features a colorful picture-changing mobile with soft original lullabies, various color shows with classical piano pieces, and more! Have you watched the nighttime programs? If so, what do you think?
  14. BabyFirst's Nighttime Programs are cute! It features a colorful picture-changing mobile with soft original lullabies, various color shows with classical piano pieces, and more! Have you watched the nighttime programs? If so, what do you think?
  15. O...M... G! I made a gorgeous plush of the newest Tamagotchi character, Himespetchi! I used pipecleaners for her arms and legs so she can MOVE! I made it in one day and I haven't even told my mama about it yet. Here's a pic: When she saw my Mametchi plush, it was love at first sight! ♥ (Um... Mametchi's a little filthy. I'm a bit reluctant to put him in the washing machine for the second time. I can't bare to be away from him for an instant!) Isn't that cute? Now both Himespetchi and I are married to Mametchi. XD Lol, no, this plush is NOT for sale! MWAHAHAHAAAA!
  16. Who's the cutest male Tama? Please vote! Mine's Mametchi.
  17. Who do you think is the cutest female Tama? Mine is Violetchi. Please vote!
  18. I really miss tamagotchi's being in stores. Is there any stores that could have any version? or any online sites that sell them for under $30?