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Found 18 results

  1. Hey, I'm new here so I hope I post this right! I have a P2 Japanese Blue Spaceship Tamagotchi, My Zuccitchi died at 14 (days) today but I'm not sure how to get a new Tamagotchi to start over with! Do I need to reset the whole console to start over?
  2. SO I sacrificed my mixes and music stars to run my connection v3s that came in the mail the other day... And I have to tell ya, it wasn't easy. I open my backpack (Which has like 11 tamas in it) Only to find this inevitable fate. Also I have no idea where the tama on the spacy mix came from, that was not my child somehow the buttons were pressed to reset it after the previous one died, and now this one is gonna die too so, rip these tamas and rip their batteries too which were only used for a good week cr2032s aren't very cheap man
  3. So a few weeks ago I somehow managed to "cheat death" on my P2. I had Tongaritchi, and he started to do the dying beeping. Then I did some button pressing (no clue what though), and he stopped beeping, and went back to normal, hopping around the screen without a care in the world. Anyone know what the heck happened here?? Very curious, as I'd like to try this on Kusatchi!
  4. I forgot my V2 and V5 Tamagotchis at home today. They are 2G adults (a Mimitchi and a Sunnytchi respectively). It's currently 8:20 am and I normally get home from my last class 3:30-45 pm. Is it likely they will die if left alone for that long?
  5. Rest in peace, my son. I'm sorry I forgot about you, and I'm sorry I didn't restore your mate sooner... I regret just ignoring your beeps....
  6. My purple tamagotchi friends died. His name was firey, I really miss him. I left him in the computer room, when I came back to put them up,One of them was asleep but firey wasn't, I was devastated. R.T.P Firey 2015-2016
  7. Do you prefer it when a Tamagotchi character on the virtual pet dies (like it shows a ghost or an angel) or leaves (it shows a letter or a spaceship)? Weird question, but I'm just curious.
  8. Hey guys so i recently got my tamagotchi 4u, but didn't realise that nfc connections are required for many functions right now it sucks cuz i only got a few games and characters does anyone know if all nexus 5x works? i'm thinking of getting one later this year. aaaand i was wondering how long does the life of a tamagotchi lasts in 4u if deaths aren't caused by care mistakes? and what happens when a tamagotchi dies in 4u? thanks so much
  9. This morning I woke up to my V4 with a blank screen, I tried to press a button and it made a long noise so I had to take that battery, I put it in and it works for a few seconds then it shuts off again. It's in very good condition (much better than the v3 I'm running aswell) what's happening? P.S I've also tried changing the battery and that didn't work.
  10. Hello Gotchipeople! I need a bit of advice with my new 4u here! It lived and thrived for a while until i got busy and forgot about it for a couple days, so it sadly died xD (or rather left) What i have now is this screen, which i cant figure out. I took out the batteries and tried reseting but nothing worked. Sadly i dont read japanese, so does anyone know what this is about? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello everyone!! Today my poor Flowertchi died (I didn't think she was so in need...), and now I have the winged egg on my screen. I was wondering: do I have to reset everything from the beginning or there is a sort of "going on" option? I noticed that there's a History section on the Book icon and I think I read somewhere that it contains dead tama's datas. But when I first used my V4 (months ago, just bought), it already had the winged egg from the previous owner and when I reset it nothing remained on my History... so I don't think reset is the only option. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey everybody, something weird happenend with my tamagotchi. I used to have a Mimitchi at an age of 11 years. Everything was okay, but when I looked after it two hours later, suddenly a little Babitchi (the white one) jumped around my screen. I neither saw the "death screen" nor pressed the A and C buttons to obtain a new egg. I also did not reset my tamagotchi. But even more weird is that Babitchi still is 11 years old, just like my old Mimitchi (see photo). I did not send it to bed and wake it up again for 11 times. The discipline is at zero again. I'm entertaining Babitchi now for over 2 hours and it still won't evolve to a child! I did not even take a nap as it usually does in the baby stage. Can someone help me? Is this a bug? I own a original Bandai tamagotchi from 1997, made in Malaysia. It must be generation two (have that game with guessing the higher or lower number), it's NOT the Tamagotchi Connexion Version. Hope the photo helps.
  13. This morning I completely forgot about her because of my son's soccer practice and Lily, my toddler on the P1.. died of sickness I'm so sorry Lily.. I promise it will never happen again. ;(
  14. I just got a tamagotchi for the first time in years and I just had a quick, probably really stupid, question. Here goes. After your tamagotchi dies or breeds a new generation, do all the items you have collected go away? Do they stay until you physically reset? Whats the deal?
  15. My version one always dies on me. :| ================ Tamagotchi's Name: Hana Tamagotchi's Age: 4 years Date of Birth: 25 July, 2013 Date of Passing: 29 July, 2013 What Generation? 1 Other Information? A female Ichigotchi Your Comments: I am sorry you magically died. I am sorry I didn't hear your death beep. Perhaps I shall stop running my V1 so no more unlucky Tamagotchis bite the dust. Rest in Piece. ================
  16. This was the worst day of my entire life. My favourite Tama, Petal, passed away at 5:43 AM, just as I was about to feed her her morning scone. I've been dreading this day since I first saw her emerge from that egg. I will be sad for the rest of my life. I am traumatized for life. I really would appreciate any condolences as I am heartbroken over her passing. Thanks Tama lovers, I know I can count on you Love Northie Jones <3
  17. RIP Chris the tsunotchi. He was only six and died for no reason last night in his sleep I woke up to see an angel. He had a wife and twins T.T his wife was heartbroken. I suppose my v3 had a glitch Rest in peace Chris.
  18. Was trying to get a care miss and forgot I had the sound off of my iD L... so upon checking on ☼Rain☼ later on, he had passed on. He was a 7th gen teen as a Bokuhoshitchi, and will be missed terribly my me and my 15th A iD L, Niku. Sorry I didn't pay better attention to you ☼Rain☼