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Found 10 results

  1. Ok earthlings, I just found out of how to debug your Pixel Pet, Keep on pressing the tick button repeatedly until you see cobwebs, some black thing that has thease smell mark stuff and you see your Hamster \ Puppy have a mad face. Try it, it is really fun!
  2. Okay, so I was kinda bored using my iPad today (usually never happens, lol). So I decided to try and debug my V3. I know you think I'm terrible, someone debugging their very first tamagotchi! But I don't use it anymore, and it is a bit boring anymore (now you think I'm horrible). I found a topic on how to do it on TamaTalk, but after several attempts and following the directions exactly, it never worked for me. So I googled some videos unders YouTube, watched one, and it worked! I won't list any names here, though I just thought it might be good to make an accurate topic on how to debug a V3 --- First, you will need a small screwdriver, a graphite pencil, and tape (probably). Step 1: Flip your tama over. Step 2: Unscrew the panel and remove the battery. Step 3: You will then see four, very tiny screws, one in each corner. Unscrew those (and don't loose them)! Step 4: Now, this is the tricky part. Carefully, oh so carefully, take apart the tamagotchi so it is split in half. Do it very slowy, or you will tear apart the two, white sound wires (that is actually the thing I did on my second try ). If you do tear them, just put a piece of tape to secure them (though that may not work either, and now my tama won't make any noises ). As you open your tama, the red top that covers the IR port may come off. You can just pop it back on later. Step 4: Interesting isn't it! Next, take the pencil and rub on the button under the words "DEBUG." Make sure you get a lot of graphite on there. Step 5: Next, put the other half back on and screw it tight. Place the battery where it was before, then screw the top panel back on. Flip your tamagotchi back over, and there will be a glitching egg (sorta bouncing up and down at hyperspeed). Step 6: Press the "B" button, and choose "RESET." Set the date and your birthday (you'll notice that the numbers are glitching also). Sadly, you can't choose a username, so just keep pressing "B" until that screen changes. When it does, an egg will flash for a second, and then it will choose a random gender. Next, press "A" to scroll through all the characters (which are all the same gender). Once you select a character, you will be prompted to name it. I named mine "Debug." Lol! Finally, you can pause, look at the time, and take care of your tama as you normally do. Also, you can ever speed up its growth! Just press "C," and your character will grow (along with the time) until it does something (poop, take a bath, get sick, etc.)! To reverse it, just follow Steps 1 through 3 again, but when you get to the debug button, just try to wipe off the graphite. The TamaTalk tips and tricks forum has other topics about debugging. This links to a topic by Box for V3 Debug FAQs:
  3. "If you have questions, you can PM me." —Captain Obvious Here are the Tamagotchi I'll be running and rambling about: V3: view of case: V2: This morning, I set the username WITTY on the V3 (so that whenever I feel like undebugging it and using the souvenir codes, I can), and sped through to the matchmaker. After I hit full training*, I repeatedly set it to bedtime and sped up sleep cycle after sleep cycle until I was at the right age to meet the matchmaker. Before all this, I had chosen a boy with the intention of waiting (matchmaker breeding) until another boy came along in the family on an odd generation. When this child came along, I would raise it into old age and pair it with my V2 to have a boy who would evolve into Oyajitchi. (By the way, Mametchi, generation one, had a girl.) On the V2, I have just done the opposite in choosing a girl. I'll wait until another comes along as an even-numbered generation somewhere down the line and pair it with this V3. (I chose odd and even respectively because I like the others' characters more, and so I feel like there ought to be more of those other generations in my family history.) notes: and, as you can see, the V2 is on Young Mametchi. It, too, is generation one. Also, did you guys know Mametchi backpacks, as part of his idle-time animation? I didn't. I wonder if I actually paid attention before, heh.
  4. This is part of a "complete" V3 guide I'm working on, and I thought I'd share it while I was working on the rest of it. I bought a V3 way back when it was still in stores. One day, I opened it up, and saw a couple of semi-circles with "DEBUG" written over them. I put two and two together and used some pencil graphite to connect them. Put the battery back in, thought the hyperspeed was neat, and opened it back up again to remove the pencil markings.. Later, I read about others who had done this, and there were so many questions I had that went unanswered. I didn't have a V3 anymore, so I bought another one. I did some more experimenting, and answered pretty much all of the questions I'd been asking. Today, I'll be posting some of those questions and answers. Q: Will it break my Tamagotchi? A: No. Just make sure you don't rip off the sound wires (they're to the left, the side where the keychain loop is, so unless you're ripping through it like a barbarian, you're very unlikely to break anything). Q: Can I use a mechanical pencil? A: Yes. I usually prefer using a regular pencil, but that's just me. Q: Will I be able to select a character after running through a generation debugged? You know, when the parents leave? A: No. qq Q: Do the NPCs turn into Oldies? A: Yep! They do turn into Oldies at age 7, though. Matchmaker visits start at age 3. Q: How fast is hyperspee-- A: 15 minutes a second, though it feels much longer than that =P Q: How do I stop hyperspeed? A: C button (button to the right). Q: What if I press the C button (when on the homescreen) by accident? Will it continue running (and die)? A: No. Actually, it stops whenever your Tamagotchi does something (those cute animations, brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, taking baths, attention calls, et cetera). Q: How do I reverse it? A: Gently use an eraser (or rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip--whatever floats your boat) to rub off the graphite. Q: What are all the characters available through a debug (on the V3)? How do I select one? A: You scroll through by pressing select. You can find a picture of each character here:
  5. I debugged my tamagotchi connection a few days ago, I screwed it back together and put it away to fix later after I accidentally detached the speaker wires. This glitch kept happening, even after multiple resets: I put the battery in, then it makes the normal beep noise and shows the egg bouncing at normal speed. I press B and the clock screen shows up and it's making me set it. I set the time, date and birthday to random numbers. It goes back to the egg like normal. I wait a few minutes and it hasn't hatched. I press B and it's asking me to set the clock again, but it has the numbers I input last time. Repeat X infinity including resets and taking the battery out. Any advice on how to fix it would be great. I did debug it and un-debug it 2 or 3 times in hope of fixing it. I also tried coloring and erasing the J1 and J2 buttons too, but I don't think that would have done anything anyway.
  6. Is there any way to debug a tamagotchi tamago? I have been tampering with the device and can't seem to find a switch or anything that has a debug like mode.
  7. Okay, so I've got a version 4.5 that's been ruined for years. It uses up all the power in a brand new battery in just one day. So it's pretty much useless, and I've decided it would be fun to debug it. I took it apart and found the word "debug" on the chip but I don't know what to do. @_@ So I'm basically asking how to debug a Tamagotchi, and what exactly happens when it's in debug mode. I'm not quite sure what goes on as this will be my first attempt as debugging, but any help is appreciated.
  8. can anyone tell me how i debug this tamagotchi, i think its a connection version 1 (or so i have been told) UNKNOWNPLAYA
  9. Has anyone tried performing a ROM Test while debug is enabled? Does it really damage the ROM?
  10. Will it do any of these things: 1. turn into a glitchy egg 2. use hyperspeed 3. allows you to choose a character