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Found 7 results

  1. This is my first time making a poll. I hope it works! I went nuts and collected a few secondhand colour versions at once! When I joined this forum I was gifted a P2. I bought a V3 & 4.5 for my boyfriend and I. I got them second hand at a good price. Then I bought myself a P's because the P2 bored me after a while and I'd never tried the colour ones before. I need a new pair of jeans, and other unnecessary things around the place...but you know when that collector bug bites! (I'm not rich, I'm just spending all my money on rent--food--bills---Tamagotchis!) This makes me happy. I'm the type of person who still uses an old phone and a beat-up tower fancy things...but when it comes to my hobbies that is different. I have no interest in the latest fashions or expensive make-up my friends seem to like. They may think "wow aren't Tamagotchis ollld" but hey, I think their lipstick is overpriced! So I ordered a few colour ones and they finally came in the mail---all at the same time. I also had an Angel Gotch, but the screw are stuck in the back. I'm keen to try them all, but I know that will result in a Tama-Extinction. All I know is that I am keen to connect the P's at least once, but I'm also getting sick of it because of the mini games. With everything happening in my "real' life right now, I wish this was the only "dilemma" I ever had to face. I think that would be a very happy life indeed!
  2. Hello I have a question,I think many wondered this. Do used deco pierces work on the Tamagotchi p´s? I would like to buy new pierces of course, but some of them are really expensive. So I think used ones would be cheaper. What do you guys think. Do they work ?
  3. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> I have a pink Tamagotchi P and it came with a "love and melody" deco pierce. However, I cannot get it to work. I saw somewhere else have this same problem with a pink tamagotchi P's, andI am wondering if I should fix it or ask for my money back. Also, I did a full reset but that didn't work and the chip isn't dirty. Your help would be very much appreciated!
  4. I want to know what your favorite Pierce is! Also, if you want, tell me what your least favorite is, or one you're wanting to get. My favorite is Melody Land, because that's the only one I have. I want to get the Yumemiru Ribbon, or the Sanrio one. (If I do get another pierce..)
  5. Hi everyone! i'm new to TamaTalk and I have a couple questions about my Tamagotchi P's. I just received my first Deco Pierce (more specifically the Tama Circus one) and have some questions about using it: 1) After attaching the Deco Pierce I noticed my background changed. Not the wallpaper of the Tamagotchi's house but the background behind the different icons. But now it has reverted back to the original background and I'm wondering if anybody knows how I can get the Circus one back? 2) I cannot for the life of me figure out how to play the new game that comes with the Circus Deco Pierce (the plate spinning one). Can anyone explain how to play this game? 3) To get the background to return (Question #1), I unattached my Deco Pierce and reattached it. I noticed when it wasn't attached that I could still access the games and items that are exclusive to the Deco Pierce. Is that normal? Would those features just go away when I plugged in a different Deco Pierce (I know you cannot have more than one Deco Pierce in play at one time). I appreciate any help you can give me in regards to these three questions. Thanks so much!
  6. Under the book icon the first option shows the characters raised so far on the Tamagotchi. I you have records of Tamagotchi characters recorded there from one pierce and you disconnect that piece and connect a different one; will you lose the record of having those Tamas from the book? Been planning on buying a new pierce soon. Just wanted to know what to expect where that was concerned. Thank you
  7. I know I'm new Ive used this forum since i got my IDL in June last year but Ive only just made an account. (maybe I'm just shy?) But now I'm having problems. In February i got my first Tamagotchi-P which will be known as PINK. with it i got circus and royal deco. I have used BOTH with Pink for last few months. Last month i got another Tamagotchi-P known as BLUE. i shuffled the deco pierces around just to see how they looked. I currently have the circus one on BLUE. But i cant seem to get royal to work on PINK. its been days (over a week) and it wont show up anything on the tamagotchi. I have checked that there is no circus deco information on the PINK ( i didn't use circus much until i got BLUE). on Pink when i go through the book which shows previous tamas it shows the royal henshin tamas Ive had before on there. Is there a way to reset/refresh the deco reading? I have searched as long as i could through this forum regarding my problem and it just made me more confused should my used decos NOT work on my BLUE at all? i don't know if royal works on blue but circus is and HAS been used ONCE on PINK.