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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! I was wondering what tamagotchi friends design is the most popular. I like the pink hearts the most with the colourful leopard being a close second. Take the poll!
  2. Hi Doctor Who fans and Tama nerds! There was already a thread for custom Tamagotchis, but as it is now locked I decided to start a new one. Apologies if this already exists as something current, but I could not find it so here we are. Anywho, I just wanted to show off this picture of the custom paint job I just did to my see through yellow V3. It's far from the most elegant thing in the world as it is all done by hand and finished with several layers of clear nail polish, but I still think it's cute and since it took me the whole day I thought it worth posting in case anyone was interested. This is what it looked like before (image not mine): And this is it now, warts and all: That's a little pouch beside it - you know, so the TARDIS doesn't get damaged :* It works perfectly and makes me smile whenever I see it, because it combines my two great loves in one fabulous - if scruffy - little mutant creation. Anyway, thanks for reading, and please feel free to post any of your own customs, if people still do that, haha. Peace. -Nokogiritchi
  3. Does anybody know how to change your shell's background design without too many complicated tools?
  4. I'm thinking of buying these two but I don't know if they're fake? they look original to me but I don't know please help!!
  5. What do you think of translucent Tamagotchis? I think they look really awesome! Some people think they are ugly though. Translucent Tamagotchis with patterns on are pretty cool too, such as this one: Anyway, I wish they would make translucent Tamagotchis sometime again! You know what I really want to see? A translucent color-screen Tamagotchi in Japan. It would be weird if the whole thing was translucent, so maybe only a certain section, e.g. the metallic body on the 4U part could be translucent.
  6. First of all, I hope this in the right forum! If not, well could someone please be kind to change it? Or PM me? Anyway. On to the topic itself: If you were a Tamagotchi, what would you look like, what versions would you appear in, etc. Now, I was inspired by Eternal Mametchi Fan's 'If Tamagotchis were human' topic... so I switched stuff up a bit. I'll go first: If I were a Tamagotchi, I'd be a female (obv) Tama. I'd have black hair with blue highlights. I'd have a red cap on my head. Probably tan skin with big gray eyes. Punk rocker dress with black lace. Black boots with gray buttons. I'd like to have chunks of colorful bracelets on my arms. My name'd be Punkitchi! I'd appear in all color Tamas, have my own Pierce and touch card. Maybe I would also appear in the v6 and the v5.5. What about you guys? What'd you be?
  7. I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on how Bandai does their releases of Tamagotchi products. I have seen shell designs that were only available in one area or another, but I was wondering what the breakdown is. In North America, do the United States and Canada always get the same things, or are they considered separate? How about Europe? Do the United Kingdom and Spain (for example) get the same things, or is the breakdown more specific by country? And is Australia (and surrounding areas) its own region release-wise, or do they share releases with the European regions? Clearly Japan is it's own thing, but that's about all I know for certain! I hope this question makes sense. I basically want to know how regions are grouped when it comes to how releases (be they product lines or simply shell designs) are done. Thank you!
  8. Hey, I'm addicting to buying Tama's and recently brought this one from good old Ebay: Can anyone tell me if this is a V2 or V1 Tamagotchi Connection. The seller didn't know, wondered if anyone recognized the color as belonging to a particular version. Thank you very much.
  9. I am trying to figured out what all of the shell designs are for the Tamago Chu currently in existence! So, I've found pics on the web showing theses: ↓ These come in a Black square box: • King/Queen - Black/Pink • Checkerd - Black/White • Moon/Flowers - Both white outer shell, Blue/Pink ↓ This one comes in a Pink bus shaped box: • Pink Bus Box - White/Pink shells, and some indiscernible design Then on Tama Wikia, they described the designs as the 3 that come in the Black box and a rare set as being a Silver/Pink one..... problem is, I see no mention or pics of this "rare" set anywhere. Seems a bit odd that no one would have ever taken a photo of a rare Tamago Chu set if they had it?! I suppose my question is, can someone please give me the comprehensive list of the designs, does the said Silver/Pink one exist, and also what is up with the cheap looking Pink Bus Box design? *Hoping maybe Binary or Ra might shed some light on this, or anyone who is familiar with these... thanks HF☼
  10. Hiya TamaTalkers! Well now that we have had the upgraded TamaTalk for a bit of time now I wanted to ask for your opinions on one of the changes... I am talking specifically about the menu bar that sits at the top of the screen when you scroll down and has links to different things. See this attached image if you aren't sure what I mean. Please vote in the poll. I would also love it if you can reply with some details relating to the poll questions. I know changes always take some getting used to. I like to introduce the changes and then go about working to make them better/more useful. Your ideas really do matter to this community! Your thoughts are important to making this place better. Have some ideas on how the menu bar could be made better? PLEASE POST YOUR IDEAS!!!