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Found 14 results

  1. I started my tamagotchi devil up last night, waited til today to start a log because I didn't know how to properly upload pictures: special thanks to Penguin-keeper for the help Started it up and it hatched into a Zukidebitchi The first night was fairly uneventful, he went to bed at 9pm as per usual. Then the pranks started. I really need to keep him in a different room because he actually woke me up three times during the night: once at 1am, again at 3am and then finally again at 6am. He actually woke up at 9am and needed only one food and one game to fill his hearts. This is him smiling after a game He asked me for a handshake, I wanted to keep his devil power higher to try for different characters but I actually couldn't say no to that. So after the handshake his devil power went down to 25, then later raised back up to 40 over a few hours. The picture below is what Zukidebitchi looks like when he asks for a handshake, precious. almost makes me forget the triple sleep disruption last night lol I was going to check his devil power again now but he does not want to let me. I've tried four times and always get him pranking me. Actually kinda funny lol
  2. Just now Debirokotchi evolved into the twin!!!! It was 14 days old and had a DP of 80 or 90, not sure. They are awesome!!!! Im so happy! I will link a video of their mischieves.
  3. I bought a Devilgotchi and I tried to remove the screws. (I used a little mechanical oil before) (Of course I used the right screwdriver) I thought already I had it, but then both screw heads just broke off!!! (They broke very near the screw head) The screw shafts still remain in the shell and they also don't stick out a little. look for yourselves: I don't need to say, I'm devastated. Still I ask you guys, do you think there is a (destruction free) way to remove the screws?
  4. Hello! I'm having that Devilgotchi for many yeas, it was stored in a drawer. Recently, I reactivated it and somehow it has some LCD like looking stains at the corners of the screen... Luckily these stains are very minimal and are not bothering much, but i still find it a bit sad. Does anybody know what could have caused these? Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance. In the top left corner
  5. Prologue/Day 0: June 16, Sunday I attend Tokyo Toy Show's final public day and check out the Bandai booth, which has all mainline Tamagotchi releases on display, organized chronologically. I see the Devilgotchi, and realize that despite owning an Angel back in the 90's, I know very little about its demonic counterpart. I am intrigued by the package's promise of late night shenanigans, and look it up on Yahoo! Auctions assuming it can't run for much more than any other used classic era Tama. I am horrendously mistaken. This toy is WAY too expensive for frivolous curiosity! Why do I want one, anyway? It's no secret I'm stressed about an upcoming interview, and looking for any way to distract myself from anxiety. Sure, I could just pop some fresh LR-44s in any of my P1s or 2s and call it a day, but if I'm gonna impulsively raise a Tamagotchi for the first time in 5 years or so, I want something new, darn it! Late night, I do more research to try and learn more about the Devilgotchi, see if there's another way to play. Then, I discover the old 2006 Tamagotchi Monster APK... Now, I'm not usually one for installing questionable software on my phone, but if I'm gonna do something weird, what better than a digital devil alien from yesteryear? I install the APK and bridge software that allows me to run the ancient app on my Galaxy S9, and around 2:30 AM, DeviZukitchi is spawned from the depths of the Tamagotchi underworld...and promptly hits the hay. Fair enough.
  6. Hi there! Long time browser, first time poster haha! I have a rather specific question that I haven't been able to find the answer to anywhere else about the Tamagotchi Devil. I was wondering if anybody might know how many of these guys that Bandai put out in their short year of production? I'm just curious to know! Thank you!
  7. Hello. This is my first post here but I've visited the forum for years to get Tamagotchi tips. I hope I'm posting this in the right spot. Anyway, to celebrate a recent accomplishment I want to buy myself something frivolous, so I'm thinking about finally getting a Devilgotchi off eBay. My question is, should I go for a *new* Devilgotchi or used? My gut of course is to go new, but given the age I'm concerned about battery leakage and the screws. On the other hand, used comes with the caveat of being, well, used. Two decades later, is the threat of battery leakage in unopened Tamas very likely? Are the screws likely to have crumbled? I've heard that some people have had success going to jewelers -- do you leave your Tama with them or do they do it while you're there? I've set up eBay email alerts for Devilgotchis but I never see a price below ~$320. Is that pretty much the lowest new price I'll find? Lastly, is the rarest Devilgotchi the black one? That's my preference but it looks like I'll probably go white or pink instead. Thanks for your help!
  8. I'm. So. HAPPY. Here he is before I opened him! A lot of people don't like the pink shell, but I absolutely adore it! Unfortunately, while I was trying to switch the screws BOTH of them snapped :< The case can still be opened thankfully, but a strip of magic tape is holding the back shut for the time being. And here he is up and running! Hatched into a very sneaky Deviltchi! He's already thrown a pie back in my face and eaten chocolate without my say so, naughty devil. His current DP is at 40, gotta get that down with some games and discipline!
  9. Hey, guys! I've been considering getting a Devilgotchi for a while now, and now that I've saved up enough, I want to know how much you guys think is an appropriate amount to pay for a Devil. Are some shells rare and, as a result, more expensive? What about condition? Let me know!
  10. Hi, guys! I'm currently working out a deal with a fellow TamaTalk/TamaZone user for her Devilgotchi. I've already purchased something from her (through eBay), although this time, we've agreed to conduct the transaction directly through PayPal to avoid exorbitant eBay fees. This saves both of us money. However, even after scouring PayPal forums and whatnot for information on buyer protection outside of any PayPal-associated website, I'm still a bit unsure about how well I am protected. If I send the money directly through PayPal as a PAYMENT for goods, am I protected in the case of Item Not Received? It is a lot of money, and though I truly believe the seller is a good person, I am, as anyone would be, still nervous about this. Any personal stories, links, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated.