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Found 10 results

  1. This is a team story in which Tamagotchi characters share a journal together and write in it. You can make any character write a journal entry, including characters that have made previous journal entries! Also, multiple characters are allowed to write in the same day. I'll start! 22 April, 2015 Hey, Lovelitchi here! This is our brand new group journal. Mametchi came up with the idea so that we could share our experiences with all our Tama-Friends! Today started off with me helping my mom at Tama Cafe, followed by a busy day of acting and performing. I'm glad I have some time off for now, but it's not over just yet! Tonight, Melodytchi and I are going to perform a Happy Happy Harmony concert. I can't wait! ~ Lovelitchi
  2. Welcome to The Tamagical Log of Bella6328's Tamagotchis! (V4.5 edition) Please NO replying on here. I welcome PMs though! On this blog I'll be logging about my Stained Glass V4.5 Tamagotchi Connection! I'd love PMs about Group Hatching! --- So, I had a blog a while back but I was young and terrible at staying with it. I sadly had to pause my Tama V4.5 for a long time because I wasn't ready since my life was busy. BUT I'M BACK after guiltily passing the paused tama by my nightstand for like 5 months... Apparently, as I picked it up in the palm of my hand and tenderly pressed the un-pause button, I had last paused it on my Generation 3 female Horoyotchi named Akia right when her baby boy hatched. I stayed home from school today with a raging fever and cold, so I had plenty of time to hang and care for my Akia and her boy. I'm kind of annoyed with her being a Horoyotchi, so I have to admit I won't be crying or sad when she leaves. It'll be nice to have a fresh, knew start and carry on the generations to come. I don't QUITE remember when I paused it, whether it was right after the egg hacthed or if I waited, so I really have no idea when to expect her departure. If it doesn't come before I have to go to bed, I pay have to pause it. I don't want to wake up to a gone Akia and a dead boy. I'm probably going to be stuck going to school tomorrow, so I may or may not have a chance to sneak the occasionally peak at him to check up on him. I wouldn't want it to be "taken away for being caught." They'd probably think I had a phone or something. I'd love to see the look on their face when and if they ever realize it is just an addictiive tamagotchi. I'd have it on silent of course. Eh, I don't know what I'll do... I'm probably going to have to get new batteries soon. I had it on pause for like I said, about 5 months and I batteries still aren't dead. I lost the paper tab a while back so I have no way of shutting it off for a bit so it can be tabbed. So anyways, it's started up again! Today has been pretty uneventful. However, I kind of forgot how needy they are, even as adults. I must have been a suckish parent because Akia only has one bar of training! She keeps crapping all over the place, leaving little Hershey Kisses all over the screen. I don't know what I want to name her boy yet...I still have time, though. We opened the mail a few minutes ago to find a snake! Akia then only had one heart left, poor thing We played a quick game of Tug of Rope that I won and she was all better. Anyways, that's all for today. I hope once Akia leaves things will start getting exciting. She's 7 years old right now. Let's just say the boy will have a big inheritance with a whopping 17,000 Points ^^ My only Tamagotchi is my Stained Glass V4.5 because it's the only one I've been able to find at a Walgreens a few years ago. It's probably the only amount I can handle. However, I'd really love a Tama Go. Maybe on Amazon...
  3. Hey guys^^ yesterday, i got the notification that my Tamagotchi ID L are at the custom office. I was very mad, because the seller wrote the declaration wrong and thats why i had to go to the custom office today. After work, my dad drove me and my sister to the custom office - an one hour drive through hell. because there is really bad weather at the moment (hurricane Xaver) and unfortunately am i car sick. after the first 20 minutes i felt reeeeeeally really queasy. anyway, at the custom office, i had to open the package that the customs official could check the content. it was really cool that he knew what a tamagotchi is ^^ everything was all right, so i just had to pay the import vat and now i'm a proud owner of an blue ID L. at the ride home, i started to unbox the tmgc. it was quite hard, because i was so excited and it was really good packaged. but it has distracted me from my car sick ^^' after i have inserted the batteries, the tama was ready and after another minute hatched my cute new baby tamagotchi - a Momoirotchi *.* during the first hour until she evolves to a toddler, i have poked a round a little bit in the menu, bought some stuff and played with her. i was a bit scared because it's my first japanese tama, but like the most of you say, it's really no problem when you know how to take care about the older tamagotchis in the meanwhile i arrived at home and 10 minutes later, momoirotchi evolved into paletchi ^____^ here you can see paletchi in the garden with her first planted seed: it's hard to see, but it's snowing ♥ later i went shopping and was suprised to see that paletchi fell asleep during i bought some christmas-chocolate it was a rough day and now, my sweet little paletchi is sleeping in her bed and i put my lovely new tmgc in it's crochet cover for the night and placed it next to my pillow. thanks again to Carol_tama now it's time for me to say good night: good night everyone ^____^
  4. So this is TamaMama here, getting ready to start my log. I got my ID L on Christmas, and admittedly i haven't played them in a while. but I'm starting up again! Ill start with some pictures of it- so here is with and without the case(made by oddsandendswithlove) ">http:// ">http:// What about me? Me: i was just giving them pictures of your house first. ​don't they care about me? Course they care about you its just- Sniff sniff oh come on. Lip starts to tremble Ok ok! il post some pictures! Really! Yes! sheesh. The is my Emotionally unstable delicate but cute Cream Puff. shes a Perotchi. Why did you name me Cream Puff? Im not that Puffy am I?Is it my head? I alway thought it was a little thick…. sniff siff Well when you were little you were a Rorutchi, and you looked like a little dessert. Still. Anyway………. Here she is, very pretty in her blue dress and, is that a seashell? ">http:// It was on sale. Wait your doing THAT picture? NOOOO!!!
  5. Hey everyone! I've been reading a couple tamagotchi logs lately, and thought that they looked like fun. So here I am. I suppose I should have started this when I began a new generation, but obviously I didn't. Oh well! I guess I'm just going to jump in and make this log. Right now I will be logging the 3 tamas I'm running which are: A p's,v5.5 and tama-go. Let's get started! On my P's a lot happened! My little guy evolved from Maimaitchi into Raitotchi. So cute! ^-^ Then he went to school for a little bit. When he came home, he wrote a diary entry. Too bad I can't read Japanese... (Can anyone translate for me?) I then bought him a computer, where he sent a rocket off into space and received his first puzzle piece! Yay! I plan to get the rest over the next couple days. Next, my v5.5! I currently have Mousetchi. He played with the Dollhouse and the Home Theater to gain bonds with his family. Finally, my Tama-go! I have Ahirukutchi. (Sorry for how dusty the first picture is! I don't even know where all that dust came from. Also, ignore the pixel leak in the top right corner...) Anyways, I brought him to the park where he met Mametchi. The played on the teeter-totter together. So cute! That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed my log! Thanks for reading!
  6. Well, you may think Kuromametchi is way too cool for Diary. That's a fact, he is! But does that mean he hasn't got one? Nope. Guess what? He has got one! A SUPER SECRET one, he hides it in a different place every day, so no one can find it. Rules? • He only writes in grey,bold or pink. (For Lovelitchi!) He also loves writing in italics! • Kuromametchi dosen't just sign his name at the bottom, but he signs it like this: ~ Kuromametchi - The coolest kid around • Sometimes, Kuromametchi puts pictures of him at school in the diary. • On some pages he writes: Super Secret Diary! That's it I guess! I'll start you off. 8/11/12 Super Secret Diary! Dear Diary, Wow, today was a blast. I won a race against Mametchi, HA! I'm so glad I got the trophy. Well..when I wrote it was a blast, I didn't mean it was all a blast. Memetchi and her friends were writing in their diaries, then Memetchi randomly came up to me and said "Hey, Kuro, do you have a diary?" I knew that I would say "No," right away but then this guilty feeling came inside of me. So, I pushed her and walked away. I bet that's what cool people do, anyway. When I was about to go to the Maths Classroom to get my book, I saw..Mametchi? Whut? Maths Class was yesterday, so why was he there? I WILL TELL YOU, THE FUNNY PART COMES NOW! HE WAS WRITING IN HIS...DIARY, LOLOL! Why does he have a diary? LOL! Only strange people have diaries. Wait..I have a diary..but I am still the coolest Tama ~ Kuromametchi - The coolest kid around
  7. I'm not sure if someone already made this but... Ya. This is Lovelin's diary! There aren't really any rules just no violence!! Usually Lovelin writes in VIOLET or in TURQUOISE!! I'll start it off! 11-22-12 Dear Diary, Today I shot an amazing movie for the TV. It was a super sweet romance... So dreamy! I really wish I could have a romance like that in the real world! But I haven't really found anyone who likes me for ME! Everyone just wants to be my famous couple!! It makes me kind of angry... And a little sad! I think that I'm just going to relax by making myself a new batch of chocolates! Mmm.. Chocolate is so delicious!! Oh and I forgot to mention!! Tomorrow I'm having a concert! I am super excited!! Concerts make me feel so pumped!! I can't wait! ~Lovelin
  8. Welcome to my first ever Tamagotchi log~! Here I will be keeping tabs on the tamas I'm currently running/raising. Lets begin with my iD L 15th Anniversary. Meet my lovely Moriritchi and her pet Sopratchi. Moriritchi is sporting her Fairy Accessory and Angel Dress, they match her style so well. The time had come for Moriritchi to find love and start a family, so she and Sopratchi walked to the Dating Place. Moriritchi was so excited. She was presented with 3 handsome bachelors, but it was love at first sight with Rudy the RedNosetchi. I think they make the cutest little couple ever. They shared their first kiss and a date. Rudy was such a gentleman. Then Moriritchi proposed to Rudy with a huge rock, a lovely pink diamond. It sure was shiny~ I wish the iD L was like the Tama-Go with the aspect of the husband/wife coming to live with your character and then staying two more days with the baby. That would've been so cute. Oh well. When Moriritchi came home, she was greeted by an egg in her living room. I wonder what would hatch from it, she wondered. A boy or a girl? She would love it no matter what that's for sure.
  9. .Hi everyone this is my first diary post so here I go. Today I reset my music star, I got a little girl who sings!(she's so cute). I feed her and played with her and then she fell asleep. They say when a baby tama sleeps when it wakes up it will change. So I walked to my room for a second and when I returned she was awake. Still a baby why I thought. Then all of the sudden she changed to a Hitode-tchi. Oh by the way her names Cece! So now I'm playing with her and waiting for her to change. .I hope I did well on my first diary post! Comment me all you want! Bye!
  10. DAHAR I MADE A LOG happy fun time! -i have nooooo idea what to do its like diary thing right about your tamagotchi it seems fun so i'll try it out - im new at this soo uh yeah lol??? - ONE MORE THING!!!! im not gonna start today because my tama's are sleeping so i'll start tomorow -WAIIITT again!! you guys should check out my youtube channel i have a bunch of cool tama videos!!: so yeah i'll write something up tomorow!!