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Found 13 results

  1. I finally caved and got a 20th anniv Digimon. I've been curious about Digimon for a good while now, and a lot of threads asking how to get into it recommended trying this one out. Do y'all have any resources for a first-time owner? General guides, growth charts, etc. I figured this topic would be better suited than the general tama help one, but if need be y'all can move it. Fun stuff not entirely related to my question: the only Digimon I remember from when I was a kid is Patamon. He'll probably always be my favorite because of that alone. :] I never even got into it then, I just had a friend who liked it.
  2. Hello! So I just found out that they're rereleasing the original Digimon V-Pet, and looking at how I got into Tamagotchi (The rerelease of the P1/P2 last year) I'm really excited and im getting it ASAP! But what about you guys? Do you have any plans to get it? And if so, will this be your first Digimon V-Pet? Because it'll be my first! (Also sorry to mods if this is in the wrong section, I couldnt find a Digimon section so I thought it'd fit under Tamagotchi Ancestors )
  3. So, in addition to my old tamagotchis, I also had an original digimon. I never got as into it as I did my tama, but I haven't been able to found it as I've scrounged around my house during my return to the fandom. Just curious if there are other digivice fans out there among the tamagotchi fandom, and if so, what do you guys consider the best ones? I've seen a lot of people singing praises of the Burst (IG burst?) but it seems those are either only in Japanese or ludicrously expensive. But yeah, either way, what have I missed in the last 20 years?
  4. Hey, I can't tell if this is a real Dinkie Dino or not? The seller SAYS they were never released and they were given as arcade prizes but like- it's got the digimon like- rectangle casing? Not even the normal Dinkie casing? Here it is and an image for the sake of, if it gets taken down or whatever so others can see it in the future I guess (I see a lot of posts where ppl have linked eBay listings and theyre taken down so I can't tell if what I'm looking at is a fake or not) The seller also has a variety of other colors too. Is it- real? I don't... I mean the PACKAGING looks legit but I don't, know much when it comes to this stuff so... Anyone know if it's legit and what it is compared to a normal Dinkie Dino?
  5. For those of you who know about the classic Tamagotchis, you'll notice that they're not as pink and sparkly and stuff as the current ones. Bandai originally designed Tamagotchi for both genders, then said that Tamagotchi was "more suitable for girls" as a "practice for nurturing children" and designed Digimon for boys. Although I'm a female, I am a dog so I don't really know aboot this, but I think that both of these pets are perfectly fine for both genders, and I'm kind of mad at Nintendo for assuming that only boys play Pokémon (of course the professors asking your gender is pretty weird). Also, don't you think that having something that regularly dies or leaves isn't a very good "practice for nurturing children"? Sorry that this is so long.
  6. For those of you who don't know, DMPC (Digimon PC) is a program that allows you to run a virtual pet in the form of a Digimon on your computer. It is reminiscent of the real Digimon virtual pets, though it isn't quite the same. Features include: -Choosing a specific Digimon family to raise (ex. Deep Savers) -Playing mini-games which also equal as training to raise your Digimon in specific ways that lead to different evolutions -An online battle function that allows you to battle with other users over the internet via a Hamatchi server -Care taking features such as feeding and cleaning after it -And in DMPC Pro, a coliseum mode that serves as sort of an in-game battle function (it isn't that great honestly .-.) So, the reason I am posting about this program is because the number of people who are using the program are fading away. Not many people are still interested in virtual pets, or Digimon for that matter. I am hoping that by posting here, more users will start to use the program and enjoy playing it. I would post links to sites where you could look for information, find downloads to the programs and such, but I don't want to unintentionally advertise and end up getting this topic deleted (it happened on another forum I posted on unfortunately..). So, if you want more info on this virtual pet, you can do a Google search, PM me, or something. There are many YouTube videos that show off the game as well. Now that that is all out of the way, are any of you using DMPC currently? Or are any of you interested in playing it? EDIT: Here are a few things to take note of: -DMPC Pro is the latest version, but not as stable as 3.1.3-3 -The bugs that DMPC Pro has include the new Mood system, that isn't in 3.1.3-3, doesn't work very well, and there are some unknown errors that come up from time to time that cause the program to malfunction. This malfunction can sometimes be cause to download a new program unfortunately. However, you Digimon will be safe as they are saved in special .dpmc files automatically every 5 seconds that can be opened with any DMPC program (depending on if you used 3.1.3-3 or Pro, I am not sure if backwards compatibility is a thing). -DMPC Pro has more Digimon than 3.1.3-3. -You can customize the color of the outer shell of your DMPC 3.1.3-3, but not Pro. Also, here are some pictures. The first two are from DMPC Pro, and the others are DMPC 3.1.3-3
  7. Just figured I'd make a discussion topic about Digimon Unlimited, considering that there's not really one here yet. For those who are wondering what Digimon Unlimited is, it's a free Android app (Available on Google Play) which is basically a souped-up Digimon Pendulum. It's like nine Digimon v-pets in one (There are nine different eggs to pick from right now, possibly more on the way at some point), and features online play for the battle and Jogres (DNA Digivolve) functions. You are also able to scan and battle with barcodes and QR codes if your Android device has a compatible back camera. The number of raisable Digimon is quite incredible, and spans all six anime seasons (Including a couple of Digimon from Fusion / Xros Wars) and then some, including some that haven't appeared in the TV series and a few other obscure and recent Digimon as well. There is even going to be a shop to spend your points earned in battle coming in a later update. Even though it's not an official Bandai app like Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. is, it's still perfect for those who want to raise a Digimon on their Android, and is extremely accurate to the workings of the original Digimon Pendulum v-pets while adding on to it at the same time. If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to post them here. Yes, I know someone will probably ask for a growth chart for the game - I will post it when that question is asked.
  8. Hi, I just recently got my Digimon mini's, the problem is the instructions just show 1 fusion table (for the black colored one actually) and I wonder what's the fusion table for the red one, I googled it but I couldn't find them EDIT: Ok... I found it myself (MAYBE SOMEONE WILL FIND IT USEFUL):
  9. I always wondered whats the difference between version 1 and 3 of the digimon "tamagotchi". Wich one should i get? 30-50€ sounds like a deal? (shipping included) Couldn't found that indo on the pixelmoon section.
  10. Hey, I bought my boyfriend a Digimon Version One for Christmas (a very lucky man!) and we have a question about it. My boyfriend has raised his Digimon (a Greymon) up to its adult stage. It's currently 18 years old, turning 19 this afternoon. We were wondering how long the lifespan of the Digimon actually is? We have searched online but most people say 14 years old - meaning Greymon is getting a bit geriatric. We don't know when he is going to die. A site online said his pixels will start to fade, but we haven't seen this on his Digimon - and maybe that person was talking battery life. In a nutshell - how long will he live for? Has anyone else kept a Digimon alive for that long? Thaaaaaanks
  11. Does anyone here have one of these? I just got a used one and sometimes it sounds like the speaker has static when it beeps. It'll be fine, then sometimes when it makes noise there seems to be some light static behind the beeping. Anyone else have this happen before? Any idea what it could be?
  12. I can't find my old log, but still wanted to log again, so I've made a new one, and hope you guys don't mind that. Now onto the logging part of this wonderful space on the internet I currently am running a P2 and an japanese Angelgotchi: P2 - Currently a TonMarutchi called Jax. Angelgotchi - Currently an Obaketchi 2 called Twitch. They are currently satisfied, and I am hoping to raise an Zukitchi on the P2, and just any other character on the angel I like getting random characters, cause it surprises me alot. Jax and Twitch are fond of each other, they lay side by side! Oh hangon, alot of beeping going on right now - Checks! Obaketchi 2 just went to sleep, good night buddy! This is the post for now, have a nice day!
  13. I've been collecting the 1990s Tamagotchi since they came out... I have a distinct memory of standing in a store around 1998 holding a Transparent Black Digimon Tamagotchi and a Solid Black Digimon Tamagotchi. I only had the money for one, so I chose the transparent, thinking it would be easier to spot a solid one. I'm only interested in the US ones, I know Japan/Europe/Canada had a lot of color combos released. I have NEVER seen a solid black one again. I'm not even sure about the button/screen colors anymore - I think they were white/gray but they may have been black. Has anyone ever seen a solid black Digimon? (Also: if you have one, I'm willing to pay a pretty penny for it.) Here's a Pinterest of most of my collection, the rest are in boxes.