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Found 3 results

  1. When I was younger, I got a Littlest Petshop Digital Pet that was a cat. I later got a butterfly one, but this cat was all I had at first. Basically, it wants you to find 10 pets that escaped (Which all happen to be clones of the pet you're playing with) and you have to travel to different places and play games to find them. When the battery started dying, I experienced weird glitches at times that sound played. I later found out I could do these glitches whenever I wanted without the need of a dying battery. What I did was I quickly took the battery out and put it back in at any time it was playing music. (It doesn't sound very safe to keep touching the battery like that, so only do this if you're really that curious.) Most of the time it would reset or freeze (Pressing the reset button is required if it freezes) but sometimes I would get interesting glitches. I even began to realize 4 pets were programmed into these even though they were all sold separately! Here is a list of glitches I can remember getting: -Pet becomes one of the other 3 pets from this series (Cat, dalmatian, turtle, and butterfly are the 4 in this set and all were sold separately) -Pet becomes one of the other pets but the escaped pets you need to find do not match. (Example: Turtle searching for dogs) -Screen goes blank but it seems to still be working (Requires resetting to fix) -Sound gets softer (Requires resetting to fix) -Pet moves at hyper speed (Requires resetting to fix) -Pet gets stuck in a place I want to call Glitch City (Resetting while holding the two main buttons is required to get out) -A random scene (or scenes) play -Loud sound and then meowing happens (Always scares me) -Garbled pixel mess covers the screen (May or may not be animated) -Slideshow of all the different sprites plays with most of them broken (Starts at a random part most of time and doesn't always play to the end. Very rarely will it show everything) -All the sounds and music play, including an unused song! (Extremely rare to occur) -Something strange happens, then it resets. (Hard to explain this one. Usually there is a strange glitch animation) -Pet has glitch animations (Example: Pressing the toy button has the butterfly in a boat instead of playing with its leaf) -Part of the screen goes missing (Requires resetting to fix) -Thick black lines get stuck on the screen (Requires resetting to fix) -Random music or sound plays (Often happens with the screen blank) -Gets you into a random game that may or may not be glitched (Rare to occur) -A glitch mess is seen walking past the screen (Usually resets afterwards) -Pet ends up in a random area -Pet loses the ability to connect with another (Resetting is required to fix) -Pet stops turning off to save battery power (Requires resetting to fix) -Pet doesn't respond to groom, food, and toy buttons (Requires resetting to fix) That is all I can remember for now. I'm not sure if anyone is actually interested in Littlest Petshop glitches, but I wanted to share it.
  2. Hello! When I was about 10 years old, maybe younger, I saw a digital virtual pet/device in Target for pretty cheap... I think it was $10 or less. But anyway, I only saw it ONCE and the next time I went to Target, it wasn't there. I've never seen or heard about it since then, and I even looked through some of those oddpet websites but I don't think I found it... I'm not sure if it was even a pet, maybe just some other random animal-related device. But anyway, I remember the toy or packaging being mostly red. It was rectangle-shaped, with only two buttons, and it was at a 45-degree angle in the packaging. I thought it was called "My Pet Shop" or something similar, but I googled that and couldn't find anything accurate. I think there was a building on the packaging, presumably a pet shop, and there were some pixelated animals including a bat. Does this pet ring any bells? I doubt it, but it's worth a shot asking.
  3. I saw the commercial of this virtual pet a few weeks ago and since then I've been looking all over the place. I finally found an online site that sells them and bought it right away . It still has to arrive in the mail though. Does anyone have experience with it? The description says it had a touchsceen and backlight (which is a BIG plus!). The shape of it is a little head of a cat, dog or a pony (I got the dog since it looked the most adorable but too girly). You can also talk to it, apparently, and it comes with a little pedestal-thingy. All in all it sounds promising and fun and that's why I wanted to know if others know about it already and what they think.