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Found 13 results

  1. Whilst looking for an obnoxiously large keyring to stop me losing my radiator keys, I come across a seller on eBay with a genuine 1997 unopened DinkieDino in the same colour that I used to have when I was a kid and I thought I was finally ready to try again. Welcome to my log!
  2. zukmi

    Angry Dino 😤

    Iam forget to check my phone, going to turn on again air conditioner machine, so make he feel hot, thristy, and angry 😂 iam sorry Dinosaurs 😂 (DiNostalgia, playstore)
  3. Hi! New here (I might make an introduction post later). I've been trying to ID an old Virtual pet and thought someone here might be able to shed some light. When I was a kid I was given a Dinosaur virtual pet. I remember the shell being red. I seem to remember it being chunky like a dinky dino, only when I looked into info in the Dinkie Dino it seems like it wasn't the same. I remember my dino would change into different things depending on how you cared for it, like a Pteranodon or a Sauropod (whose sprite was so big you could only see its neck and head) and I don't think Dinkie Dino has those kinds of evolutions so I wonder if maybe I had something different? It would be interesting to know if other people had this vpet.
  4. Hey, I can't tell if this is a real Dinkie Dino or not? The seller SAYS they were never released and they were given as arcade prizes but like- it's got the digimon like- rectangle casing? Not even the normal Dinkie casing? Here it is and an image for the sake of, if it gets taken down or whatever so others can see it in the future I guess (I see a lot of posts where ppl have linked eBay listings and theyre taken down so I can't tell if what I'm looking at is a fake or not) The seller also has a variety of other colors too. Is it- real? I don't... I mean the PACKAGING looks legit but I don't, know much when it comes to this stuff so... Anyone know if it's legit and what it is compared to a normal Dinkie Dino?
  5. Hi! I've recently found my childhood Raku Raku Dino-Kun, I was wondering if it's fake or genuine. It's probably fake, considering that I live in Argentina (country where there's no copyright law and almost all video games and toys are bootlegs). Homewer, mine mets all the criteria for a real one, so, I would like that someone could tell me the definitive answer. Photos: (Sorry for the big size, :S)
  6. I now have 2 Dinkie Dinos--- one aqua one labeled Dinkie Dino I've had since the 1990s, and a new red one labeled Dinky Dino. The new red one is what I'm asking about. The new red one says "Dinky Dino" on the package. The package is brown and more plain, all in English. The buttons are the same, except "enter" is on the bottom left and "esc" is in the bottom middle. The screen size etc. is the exact same as my aqua one from the 1990s, but there are no + = battery labels inside of it. The red one plays like the aqua one if I remember right, but my aqua one's buttons are worn out so I can't test it easily. The red one doesn't have a shower. The left/right buttons on the red one also both do the same thing-- scroll down the menu options, not actually going right/left or up/down. My old aqua one I could make silent by pressing the right and left buttons for 3 seconds. The new red one won't go silent. Does it sound like my new red one is fake, or just a different style? The seller said it was vintage 1990s. Thanks!
  7. There is a dinkie dino widget, which is a free app that I have downloaded. If anyone knows a lot about this, please tell me if it is a widget that is exactly like the handheld version? If you search up DInkie dino android app, you can get pictures on google, you can find pictures of it.
  8. Hello everyone, today I have a question about the dinkie dino. As many of you, I have a website where I posted Information about the Dinkie dino. Someone from Brazil contacted me to ask me what does the "E" and the "T" on the shell design, next to the little dino stands for?. Of course, my first reaction was to tell him that he'd probably purchased a fake one, because the original one does not have those letters. It was a huge surprise for me when he told me that it was, in fact, an original one and sent me these pictures: Of course, I couldn't tell him it was not an original one after this, I mean, it is clearly a 100% original. However, it was not the first time I had seen brazilian pictures of an apparently fake dinkie, that ended up being original. The white version has red buttons, but I've seen one for sale (at a virtual store of Brazil) with yellow buttons, and it was an original one: So my question is... do you know anything about these designs? are there "rare" ones? or maybe special designs from Brazil? do you know what the "E" and the "T" stands for?
  9. Hey guys, I've been searching for a real Dinkie Dino for YEARS. I've bought several of them that ended up being fakes. I can't seem to find any real ones on eBay or anywhere else. Does anyone know where I can find a real one to buy?
  10. I noticed that the Dinkie Dino is a famous virtual pet amoungst collectors. Since I've never owned one I was wondering; what makes it so popular? Is it because of nostalgic reasons or is there more to it?
  11. Hey guys, I know this is a silly question but can someone help me out by posting a picture of a real Dinkie (both languages, or whichever it normally comes in, if possible)? I know many have "Dinkie Dino" on the top... so are the "Raku Raku Dino Kun" dinkie's a Japanese version or... are they just spin-offs? I've been so confused lately and I've never owned a dinkie before. Thank you!
  12. This is my first Dinkie Dino in more than a decade... Anyway, I'm trying to get the sound to turn off (because I work in a very quiet office) and the manual says press both left () buttons at the same time for more than 3 seconds to set the sounds to OFF. However it didn't work when I tried - I'm stuck in the game screen. The only thing happened was one of the icons on either left/right panel got selected and that's it. However pressing Esc and Enter at the same time brings me to the adjust clock, which is exactly how it shows in the manual. Am I missing something? (and yes, the Dinkie Dino I've got is legit)
  13. Some of you might have read the topic about the Dinkie Dino I've bought from Ebay that had a broken screen and the L+R buttons didn't work either. It wasn't a fake, just a broken one. It was supposed to be in new in box condition. After telling him it was broken and that I changed the batteries and opened it up etc he told me to send it back and I got a full refund. Same seller also sold me a MINT Hong Kong Collectors Edition P1, however it was not MINT at all, the box was damaged and it didn't even have the certificate inside. I kept this one because it was cheap afterall (should of send that one back aswel tbh) Now however, the warning, he's selling that same yellow Dinkie Dino again on Ebay, listed as brand new, never opened MINT condition.... Try to avoid this seller, his items aren't MINT and not even in good condition! He's from Spain and you'll recognize his auctions right away, he always has a very low price (like 1 dollar or a few cents) for the Tamagotchi and ask 40 dollar or something shipping. P.S. He is VERY friendly and polite though, can't say anything about that