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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! New here (I might make an introduction post later). I've been trying to ID an old Virtual pet and thought someone here might be able to shed some light. When I was a kid I was given a Dinosaur virtual pet. I remember the shell being red. I seem to remember it being chunky like a dinky dino, only when I looked into info in the Dinkie Dino it seems like it wasn't the same. I remember my dino would change into different things depending on how you cared for it, like a Pteranodon or a Sauropod (whose sprite was so big you could only see its neck and head) and I don't think Dinkie Dino has those kinds of evolutions so I wonder if maybe I had something different? It would be interesting to know if other people had this vpet.
  2. Alright, this is going to be an incredibly vague thread. There has been this toy I have been looking for and I remember it being some kind of virtual pet, but it had more in common with a Digimon or a Nano Fighter. Sometime in the 2000's my family bought toys and donated them to Toys for Tots (a charity organization). One of them was this dinosaur toy. The shell of it was rectangular and it had a screen, with several buttons. On the top of it had some dome with a dinosaur in it, much like an Aqua Pet. I only got to interact with it temporarily but I remember pressing certain buttons would make the dinosaur on top move around and roar. Does anyone know what this is?! I've been trying to find it for years, but with my description of it I can't find any information online.
  3. I have ordered this V-pet from Japan and does wondering does anyone have English instructions for it or if they currently have one? thanks =)
  4. Has anyone seen this before? It has a unique shape and oval-shaped buttons with dinosaurs on top. I found it on Yahoo Japan Auctions.
  5. While I was researching about the Gyoppis Dino pets since I'm ordering one, I came across this growth chart. Is this the growth chart for a gyoppi? Because these are all super cute characters. If it's not a Gyoppi growth chart, what is it? Thanks. I don't own this image
  6. I used to have this pet many many years ago but I don't remember what happened to it or anything. I don't even remember if I liked it. I saw some on Tamenagerie ( I vaguely remember having it, but that's about it. Anyone have one they could review? Were they like the Dinkies? Easy to care for? Hard? Could they be 'paused'? Also, do any exist that are in different shells/have different names?