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Found 4 results

  1. So I recently traded for a Tama IDL, 15th anniversary edition. And it isn't in the best cosmetic shape. It isn't incredibly horrible, no marks on the actual screen and the purple shell is not "sun burned" which I never even knew was possible until I aquired this Tama lol... but the "15" symbol is very scratched off, and the clear plastic surrounding the screen is very scratched. I am wondering if displex (which I know is for fixing scratches on screens) could work if I tried to use it to fix some of the scratches on the clear plastic around the screen? I do not want to attempt if it will make the plastic cloudy. So, anyone who has attempted this, or knows anything about displex at all (I've never used it) I appreciate any suggestions ^-^
  2. Well, I love the design of my TMGC+C and TamaGo, but the way the screen was made so round makes them EXTREMELY EASY TO SCRACTH, I mean, I've been taking the carefully inside a sock all the time I take them with me, and the screen gets scratched I don't know why. My Music Star doesn't have a SINGLE srcatch and I've taken it everywhere in my bag without a single protection, so I'm guessing is the round shape and the materials what makes them so scratchy. I recently bought some displex for mobiles with regular screen (non touch), I'm guessing that's the right one for the Tamagotchi's right? I heard it can help a lot to make the screens look like new, and I don't know anyone who has screwed their Tamagotchi's by doing so, so I guess it works? o3o Also bought some iphone protectors for my uncle (the pack of 6 was cheaper than just 1 lol) and I'm keeping 3 of them, could I cut them and put them into my Tamagotchi's after applying the displex on them? or will it do something weird? it doesn't matter if it's a protector for a touchable screen right? I hope you can help me guys, because I'm trying to keep my tama's in good condition as well as I can
  3. I have a tube of Displex, and I was wondering if anyone knows if it would help remove scratches from the shiny part of my iD L shell. Not the screen, but the part surrounding it. (The iD L I have is an iD L-E, so I'm wary of trying anything that might ruin it!) Has anyone tried this with Displex and had positive results?
  4. Using Displex is the best way to remove scratches from a tamagotchi screen. -False or True?