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Found 23 results

  1. I hope my question is in the right place on these forums. Please let me know if I need to post somewhere else. So I just got back into my Tamagotchi P after I found out all it needed was 2 AAA batteries and not those hard to find circular ones that were common for small hand held games. I learned that there are plenty of wonderful downloads that you can get, you just need a way to transfer them using IRDA. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 which if I read correctly has IR capabilities, but not IRDA so it would not work. I was fine with needed to buy a USB to IRDA device, but everywhere, and I mean everywhere they are discontinued. I guess people just don't use them? Is there any other way to get files onto my Tamagotchi P? It would be so cool to have new games, wallpaper, food etc. I run windows 10 and have blue tooth capability if that helps. Thanks in advance for your help. PS: I do not live in the USA, I am in Europe, so Walmart and other stores based in the US that don't ship internationally won't do me any good sadly. P.S.S. Did more digging into what irDA means and if anyone here is tech savvy, can you tell me if something says is it IR transmitting and receiving and not just transmitting that it's an irda? Or are they different?
  2. If I reset, does that de-patch/erase transferred items sent via irda? Also, how many of each item games, clothes etc can be held? I'm working on getting Yukinkochi and I may have to reset in the future if I don't get the right evolution. It'd be a shame considering how finicky my irda setup is to transfer things, so I'd like to know if I reset if it will erase anything I downloaded via irda. Finally found a device (an old Thinkpad by IBM with irda which I know there is a phone list to help people, but is there a computer or other device one?) to transfer a lot of additional content. I've got two games, some clothes and the English patch, but I wanted to know, since I've been slightly neglecting my tamagotchi doing all this and getting it to work today. I also learned that the system only holds x amount of items, IE two games you can download only or it will say it is full. Unfortunately you can not delete any of the main 3 available, catch, jumprope and decorating a cupcake. So you'll need to pick two games. Same goes with destinations. Dunno yet how many foods, wallpapers, etc it can hold I think I hit around 5 different clothings and it said to delete one. If there is a master list of how many of X downloadable items there are, that would be appreciated so I can filter the ones I want. Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. Very noob to tamatalk.
  3. So I'm using a Palm Centro to send downloads to my tamas, which has been going fine until I try to send stamp cards to it. It says on the centro that it sent but the tama says "failed" when it tried to connect. I am using Mr. Blinky's englishifed stamp cards if that makes any difference.
  4. So I want to download a mister blinky Virtual deco pierce. The Sanrio one to be exact. When I get tired of the pierce how will I delete it if I already have the decopierce patch that keeps the pierces from uninstalling themselves if they aren't plugged in?
  5. Hello, I just bought a Palm Centro and I'm trying to transfer an english patch to my tamagotchi p's, but no matter how many times I try it just doesn't work. Can someone please help me? I resorted to buying a Palm Centro after fiddling with an IrDa usb dongle for hours and that didn't work for me either.
  6. Guys! Please help. I just got this new idl and people say you can only store certain amount of games. What happens if I want to change the game? How will I delete it?
  7. I heard of something called "ezgotchi points" and that it's a fast way to get coins in P's. But I tried googling it and nothing came out. Could anybody give me a link to downloading it?
  8. I have an infrared phone and I already patched it to English and deleted the destinations so I have free space in my P's. But I downloaded games and wallpapers as images on my smartphone and sent it to the phone with bluetooth and they failed to be sent by that phone by infrared. How do I download the wallpapers aND games otherwise? Note that I can't go on the page I downloaded the images from with my smartphone using my new phone because its internet connection doesn't work from the SIM card and it's too old to connect to wifi.
  9. Like the title says, I need step by step instructions on this as every time I try to get the info I get very confused. I have a galaxy note 2014 with infared, not sure if it will work but I can order something to use if needed...I just need fool proof instructions on how to get this to work as I am not the sharpest pencil in the box, thanks!
  10. Hi guys! I just changed the bateries of my iD, but when I replaced them and tried to play with it, I realized all downloadable games/locations didn't appear properly and when I selected them my tamagotchi got frozen! Is this normal? do I have to send the downloads back to the iD in order to fix this? It's not really cool the downloads get glitchy when you change the batteries :/ Also the Tamagotchi randomly performed a rom test when I placed the batteries, I don't know why it did so neither if it had something to do with the downloads getting glitchy, but if you know if they have something to do please tell me
  11. Hi all! I'm new here and to Tamagotchi. I've recently gotten myself a Tamagotchi P's and wanted to get some downloads. But I was wondering, can we transfer downloads using the infrared that comes with smartphones that most people are using as a universal remote? Or are they actually different things?
  12. I'm so so so so so so mad because for the past two hours I've been trying to download a game to my Tamagotchi iD L because Bandai Japan is too lazy to put more than two freaking games on their Tamagotchis =.= I'm using an infra red USB because I have no mobile phone and I DO NOT want one I have a windows 64-bit laptop. But the problem I have is different from everyone else's... it's not transferring the file that's the problem, it's getting the cursed file transfer WINDOW to appear! When I first got this USB it worked and transferred fine, but I only transferred one file. Now it's being a pain in the pelvis and the little infrared icon hardly ever appears on my computer! And when it does, nothing happens when I click on it! I've tried clicking, double clicking, and right clicking to select "transfer files". But nooo it won't work! I've reinserted the USB, reinstalled it, held my P's in front of it on the download connection screen, and the hearts turn red but of course it soon fails since there's nothing transferring... why won't the stupid icon show up on my computer? And on the rare occassion it does, why won't it show the file transfer window? I'm so mad I could explode ;-; Please heeellp I really want more stuff on my Tamagotchis. I never run my color Tamagotchis anymore because they don't have enough built-in content.
  13. So random question from me which just occurred to me last night. Despite being semi-fluent in Japanese (and therefore playing the P's is a piece of cake) I decided to download the English patches to try it out and since I only just made it to generation 2 on my current run I was thinking of perhaps resetting it so I can input my name and everything else in English as well. (I will probably not do it, but in any case and for future reference). So here's my question: If you reset the P's does it automatically delete all your downloads or are they kept in normally? I'd guess it's the first option but I'd like someone to confirm with me so I'm not just speculating. Thank you for your time~
  14. Does anyone know of a way to convert (wallpapers, accessories, clothes, games, etc) online downloads for the id l to make them compatible for the p's? The id l wallpapers and clothes are just too cute but I just have a p's. Please help
  15. Hi! I was wondering what the downloading limit was for the ID L. How many Games, Food, Clothes, Backgrounds, etc. can you have?
  16. So i've just ordered my Tamagotchi P's and I've been reading about them and what not. This is my first Tamagotchi apart from originals and the TamaGo so i'm very excited. I keep reading things about 'Downloads'. I'm just wondering if someone can give me all the information about them. I found a list with downloads on Tamazone ( but I don't understand what to do with them.. Do you download them onto your PC and then somehow connect your TamaP's and put them on? I don't understand how to get the things you download onto your TamaP's. I apologise if this is really obvious once you have the Tama but i'm struggling to understand without it being here. I'd really appreciate the help, sorry for the silly question. Thank you.
  17. Hi! My USB iRDA just arrived and I was really excited to try out downloads with it! I installed the driver software and everything, then tried to connect to it. I have not been able to connect at all, although the USB's status is "ready to use". Would getting a more up to date driver software help? Or will it just take a while? I wondered if maybe it works better depending on position. My computer's USB ports are where it just sticks out, so I have to hold my iDL at a kind of odd angle to line it up. Would it help if I connected it to a hub or something? Please help!!!
  18. Hi! c: I'm going to be starting a little collection of downloads I have created, or edited. You can feel free to request any if you'd like! I'm currently working on a few. There will be ones for the P's, the iD L, and the iD. Edited version of the Bunny hat: iD L I haven't released the P's version, as the download I make it doesn't have a white background. I will test the download on the P's and the iD L when I get it.
  19. I've been going nuts downloading different things for my iD L-E since I got my USB to IrDA adapter yesterday. Most everything works, with the exception of most custom-made things like wallpapers, toys, etc. (Ra's Gryffindor Common Room wallpaper worked fine though, for some reason.) It's always successful on the computer's end of things, but on the Tamagotchi, the screen immediately goes from 'CONNECT' to 'FAILED'. When things fail normally, the computer always matches up with the Tamagotchi's reaction. But this time the computer appears to succeed in transferring the files while the Tamagotchi immediately fails. Does anyone know how to fix this? Am I the only one experiencing this problem...?
  20. Hi guys, I just recently got my ID L, got a Kuishinbotchi now I tried to connect my phone to my tama to send some stuff. It reads my tama and sends the items but then my Tama just says "FAIL" it happens every time, I align them properly. I don't know what's wrong
  21. So i have another question and i hope you people can help me XD I have a tamagotchi ID L, the normal ID L...and i downloaded EVERY SINGLE download from this page of Tama Zone My question is...i don't understand very well how the downloads work on the tamas ID L...i want to know if all these things, games, wallpapers, toys etc...i downloaded will work on my normal ID L version. Since i see that there's new ones like Princess Space and 15th Anniversary, i don't know if these downloads work on every single version. And the new toys, and stuff from tama depa will have animations and all like the items that come included with the Tamagotchi ID L?
  22. hola... soy de argentina y necesito ayuda para descargar los juegos, fondos y mas....
  23. ...Well...I want to download for my iD L but I have no clue whatsoever. What sort of USB cable thingamabob do I need to download it from my computer (not mobile phone)? I would like a pic of one and I would like to know if you can get them from electronic stores instead of online... I also need to know what site to download from and what to click on and WHAT you can download--I know you can download house models but can you download clothes and stuff? Sorry I'm so clueless. ~ EMF