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Found 10 results

  1. When I try to log into Dream Town it says it can't connect to Tamagotchi Planet. I've completed the game multiple times but it's really nostalgic and I wanted to see it again! Can someone give me some answers?
  2. So I'm in the states but I recently got a European v Tamagotchi Friends and tried to go onto the Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town, it let me play but wouldn't let me sign in or register or anything. Is that site totally defunct? I'm completely out of the loop tbh but I know obviously the old tama DreamTown is gone and and has been for a while, but I thought maybe at least the Friends one might be up and running bc it's newer. Is that not the case?
  3. Hello! I'm super new to Tamas again after years of recovering from heartbreak (when I was a kid I had a tama, probably V2, but it was destroyed by bullies :C) I happened to catch a lucky break and get myself a Dream Town Tama, but I don't think I'll get lucky and find another one any time soon at any reasonable price. Can Dream town and Friends bump or is my tama going to be lonely until I can get another DT? Can the IDL P or 4U bump with DTDF?
  4. Hi there! We have created Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town Class charts that you might find very useful! Enjoy!
  5. Hi pals! I'm new here so lmk if I do anything wrong haha I just got a Tamagotchi Friends (not even Dream Town...) and I've been spending a lot of time on the online Dream Town racking up fortune tickets and getting prizes. Since I couldn't find a list on Google or anything, I thought it'd be cool to make a list of prizes you can get from the fortune teller and from which tiers (1 ticket, 3 tickets, 5 tickets). I've noticed some are super common and some are super rare, so I noted that, but it's not definite and only based on my experience please take it with a grain of salt! Here's my list so far (as you can see I don't go for the 1 ticket prizes much haha) Feel free to add...! (I've noticed some repeat a lot and some I've only gotten once/twice, so I noted that, but it's not definite and only based on my experience please take it with a grain of salt!) Common Rare 1 Ticket Hamburger Steak 3 Tickets Waffle Sausage Melon Pancake Pudding Crown of Stars Cherry Blossom Angelic Bracelet 5 Tickets Cheesecake Meatball Cotton Candy Baguette Pasta Noodles Clam Chowder Yogurt Angel Wings Beauty Charm Queen's Crown Bracelet of Pearls Diamond Ring Ring of Power
  6. So I just recently got this Dreamtown Tama and I'm interested in knowing how to evolve my tama into more specific ones. It came with a chart of sorts but it's not really specific as to how you can get certain tamas within a specific class (and I think it adds others you can't even get so I'm a little confused as to which I can or can't obtain). For example, I know if I focus on robots, I'll get a himespetchi but how do I get hoshigirltchi? Do I only have to get a certain amount of 'excellent' or 'good' grades in order to get certain characters? Is it just random? Is there a list of characters you can get for the DT? Thanks!
  7. So I keep trying to to Dreamtown on the PC, however it only lets me start a new game. When I try to login it freezes up. I want to keep playing it online, but I can only take the tutorial so many times. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I fix it?
  8. Yay! My first log. Today, at 9:50, I hatched my dreamtown. Surprise, it's a girl! A hungry, crying, Pinkbotchi. I decided to call her AURYN, from the Neverending Story. She pooped, I fed her some bread, and we played Tennis. We then proceeded to Music Cafe for a crepe, which we ate with Charatchi. I don't have much time now, but I'll update this tonight when Auryn is old enough for some roleplay. I will attach pictures later, but I'm doing this from my iPad so I can't do it for this post. Creds to Salad and Rukitchi for the roleplay idea. Oh and Salad inspired me to start this so yeah. :3
  9. Hi guys! I just recently got my Tamagotchi Dream Town, and recently joined TamaTalk! I noticed fingerprints on the screen of my Tama when I opened it, and at first thought it was because I had touched it. They wouldn't come off after cleaning it though, and I realized that they were UNDER the screen. I also wanted to change the faceplate and so here's a little explanation/ tutorial for if you have a similar issue or want to change your faceplate too! Here is my Tamagotichi - you can see the fingerprints on the screen, on the top and bottom. (be careful to avoid scratches) To remove the plastic plate, I used a thin needle tool and slipped it under the plate from the corner of the screen (here its a dentist tool - but any thin object will do. Some people have been successful with their fingernails or cards, but those were a bit too thick for me). After getting the tool underneath, apply a little bit of pressure to lift the BOTTOM of the plate up - the top has two small tabs that keep the plate in place and you want to make sure not to break these off! After removing the plate and the paper faceplate, you see four small screws - remove them and you can open up the Tamagotchi. Be careful when lifting off the top section, the three buttons are all loose in there so they may fall out if you pull it off too quickly. When replacing the top screen, put the buttons back in their little slots and hold it upside down and push the backing back on. I had to wipe off the inside of the top screen to remove the fingerprints. (no more smudges!!) And there you have it!! Replace the screws and plates and you're ready to go! To make the customized face plates I traced the one that came with my tamagotchi and messed around with some markers and stickers - I'll make better ones later but for now this will do!
  10. I haven't used a Tamagotchi in a while, and I decided to put batteries in my P's last week. I forgot how much I love it! It's my only color Tamagotchi and all of the features are so great. I really wanted to buy another P's to connect with mine until I saw the new TMGC Friends Dream Town.... I can't really afford to buy both right now, so I thought I'd post here since I know some of you own Dream Town and could tell me a little more about it. side note: I never bothered to buy the original Friends. I feel like the Dream Town would be more worth it than the original because of the new features and stuff. Thanks!