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Found 17 results

  1. I’ll start off by saying, I LOVE cleaning tamagotchi’s. 🧽 I’ve bought a few where people have claimed the buttons don’t work, I’ll take a risk, and purchase them. Once receiving them, I delicately take them apart and see what could possibly be wrong. So far I’ve been lucky that all it is, is that they’ve been taken everywhere by their previous owners/owner, collecting dirt, hair, you name it, and with that collecting around/under the buttons is what makes them not work as well as they should. After giving them a “bath” and piecing them back together, they work good as new! ☺️ I know these photos aren’t the best in quality, but I had to resize them to be able to upload on here. These two are my most recent ones that I’ve worked on. I wonder who use to own these before they ran into the person I purchased them from? With that all said, I’ve been on the hunt now for tamagotchi lots/sets that are “broken” and was hoping that people here might be able to point me in the right direction of sellers who do that. I know there were a few on eBay who did, but at the moment I can’t seem to find them selling any.
  2. Hi All, Please can i ask for someones help!!! I have been saving for months to buy my daughter a tamagotchi connection v3 for her birthday.... im from south africa and have been looking on ebay. One of my daughters friends have the v3 thats why my daughter has wanted one for so long already... its her birthday coming up and im looking to order one from ebay but i have been reserching and see there is fakes ... i have no idea how to see what is the fakes i have read people advise but im at a loss.... please please can someone help me could you send me a link to ebay with one that is real? It needs to be a v3 but colour doesnt matter... the most i can afford is $40-$45 for a second hand one and hopefull one in good condition. Here is a few links of ones i saw ... are there any here that are real ?: I was also looking at this one.... if i cut back a bit i can get her this one ... but is it real or fake please please help
  3. So, something was off when I opened my 4U. There were a bunch of scratches on the screen, and the bottom looked like it was opened. (Box) It had original tape, but it had either been taken off or the stickiness weared off. However, the original batterys were there.. I dont know yet, but if its not new, what should I do in this case? Should I ask for a (partial) refund off of false advertising?
  4. So Ive been looking for new Tamas on the internet and I found that a LOOOT of people buy tamagotchis that are FAKE and I also noticed that the fakes cost wayyyy to much. I thought I would point out the main features of fake Tamas for confused collectors so they dont buy fakes, and here they are: The amount of buttons- most that have over three are not real, although some reals have over three The name- usually if they are just called plainly virtual pet or something like that they will be knock-offs The brand on the back- some brands will put Bandai on the back, but still make sure Hope this helped some of you Tama fans! If you need any help with this, talk to KidRetro64, she knows her stuff. Thank you for reading, Lucky Cat
  5. Hi, this is my first time posting on tamatalk, so if this is in the wrong forum I apologise! Basically - I have a tamagotchi ID L english version that I want to sell on ebay, and I have no idea what to put as the price. (I prefer to do a set 'buy it now' price rather than an auction.) I know they are pretty rare and valuable but I just don't know how much. I can't even find any others for sale anywhere to judge how much mine should be! It's used, has some tiny scratches on it, and I don't have the original box but I think I might have the manual somewhere. It's purple if that makes a difference. How much do you think I should put it up for?
  6. So. I decided earlier today I'd jump back into the Tama world and start playing again! I also want to collect them as well because, well why not! Ebay has plenty of them for sale so it's just a matter of which one I want to get first to start my collection. Any Tama masters that have been doing this for a while are more then welcome to give me some tips on where to buy/ which ones. Thanks in advance~
  7. Hi, I was on eBay and saw some nice tAmas. And I was wondering if they're v1's or v2's please help. 1. Http:// 2. Http:// 3. Http:// Thanks guys
  8. Sorry for being such a noob, but I've never bought a Tamagotchi from eBay before, so yeah... Can someone who knows eBay better help me determine whether my order has shipped yet or not? I don't think it says it has been shipped out... Also, my most recent email from eBay says these things: "Hi Amelia - Order confirmed. eBay will update you when your order ships" and "Confirmed. ETA: Fri. 24 Apr. - Thu. 30 Apr.. eBay will update the estimate when it sends to (insert my address here)" But well, the estimate hasn't been updated and eBay hasn't sent another email saying my order shipped... Does that mean the seller hasn't shipped my order yet? If that's the case, I'll be sad because I placed the order on the 13th and I want the Tamagotchi ASAP! ;-;
  9. Hello all, I come in search of answers about EMS (aka Express Mail Service). I'm considering purchasing a Tamagotchi P's from Japan, but I'm worried about taxes from having it imported. I live in the Western side of the United States. Does anyone have experience with receiving a tama that was shipped through EMS? How much was import duty? Thanks a ton!
  10. I'm not sure, this one doesn't look right to me because of the logo. That logo was only used on Music Stars (and only the later ones, that I'm aware of,) and that design on the tama is a US design iirc. Anyone know for sure?
  11. OKay i dont know if this is the right place for this but okay. Im in Europe and i really want to play some games not in Europe like Rune Factory 4. But i cant. But now i have a solution i am importing a NTSC 3ds or 2ds for these games. So what are your opinions on this? I alredy have an 3ds. And does anyone know a american store who ships to Europe? I am alredy considering ebay.
  12. Hi! Post here if you want to know if something you found on ebay is legit or worth the price shown. Please include a link so others can read the description and judge it for themselves rather than having it described to them.
  13. I was browsing eBay to maybe find something cool to order for the holidays, and I came across this: It has the bandai logo on it, so I*'m not sure whether it's fake or not. Can anyone help? Thanks in anvance.
  14. My dad and I snagged up a Tamagotchi P's melody land set really cheap, which I am ecstatic about, But I still wanna make sure the seller is legitimate. The seller is edkano5, and here is the item: He or she has a lot of positive reviews but as said before I still wanna make sure they're legitimate. Anyone bought from this seller before?
  15. I just bought an angelgotchi on ebay, it was 27 dollars, and I couldn't resist. The listing was "tomagotchi Angel Gotchi (japanese version) new". I wasn't sure at first because they listed it as "tomagotchi"....but I went ahead anyway. I didn't want it to miss out on it, because other than that it seems totally legitimate. The picture shows it in original packaging. what do you think? If that doesn't show up, try this link.... I'm hoping it's true to the picture, because I had a bad experience with a knockoff before, and even though this is covered by eBay buyer protection, I would rather have a happy purchase than not.
  16. Being a frequent shopper on Ebay. I believe I have come across some fake tamagotchi connections. A few are ending soon but I figured I would give fair warning to those who come across them as well. A Fake v3/v4. There is no Bandai or Tamagotchi logo in sight. Copies of Mametchi and Mimitchi are clearly used on the packaging and the tama itself. And the antenna is different. I feel bad for the 2 people bidding on it. Unless they know it's a fake? Writing on the package says "The Original Fights Each Other". It's like a digimon tamagotchi I guess. Fake v4 in Austrailia. Says they have 10 available. I wonder why, lol. No Bandai logo. Copies of Mametchi, Memetchi and Mimitchi used on packaging. Logo says "Animal Imagination". Three Fake v5's. All 3 have different DVDs other than the Tamagotchi Familitchi Movie DVD. 2 have Transformers DVDs. Not sure what the other one is. No Bandai logo in sight. Screens have hearts on them. These are pretty good knock offs. The packaging is identical to the Chinese Tamagotchi Familitchi. Wow, those fakes sure are pricey. And look, they're on sale for $74.96 from original $99.95. Say no to fakes. Don't support the frauds. I wish you all a happy and safe shopping spree on Ebay! ~MagicMimitchi~ Edit: Here's another pair of fakes They use Tamagotchi in the name and it's on the packaging.
  17. proof that it's a fake: - the shape and size of the screen - the amount of buttons - not based off of a real version - has bloated bandai symbol, making it a fake and not just a different type of toy etc. edit: my mistake, it is a real version, apparently c: link erased!