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Found 10 results

  1. It looks like Gudetama Tamagotchis are coming to the USA and will only be available at GameStop. These awesome eggs are set to crack on December 15 2018 and are now available for preorder on the GameStop website(link below). The packaging is in English so I'm thinking the game will be also?? link to gamestop,28zu0
  2. I dunno if anyone has come across one of these or not, but there's a new sort of Furby-like toy called a Hatchimal. This is like a Furby in the fact it is a furry animal that you can teach to talk, walk, and dance. However, there is an additional step involved. As the name implies, a Hatchimal comes inside a soft plastic egg, and it has to hatch from this egg. You have to tap and rub the shell to interact with the egg, and make the Hatchimal tap from the inside, to break the shell and be born. It looks so amazingly cute! I reserved one from Amazon, but I need to warn you up front that these toys are not cheap. It cost just under $60 to reserve one, and it won't ship out for another week or so cos supplies ran out. I'm not sure if anyone here is even aware of these new Hatchimals, but there are clips on Youtube and from what I can see, these things are just adorable! Plus, like Tamagotchis, once the Hatchimal has hatched, there is a baby, toddler, and kid stage. Each stage unlocks a new activity the Hatchimal can do with you. I can't wait to receive mine and review it!
  3. Egg is finally up and runnin' again. Sure, it was hard, but I haxxed the device... now stop before you call PETT, the only ill effect that this had on Egg was that... he was younger. I meant to rewind the device back to the last save point, like the last time I downloaded it, but it glitched and now Egg is a Cosmotchi again and at age zero. Weird. Digits crossed that he'll grow back into Righttchi again!
  4. Egg turned ten today (in Tamagotchi years)! No, I still haven't let him marry yet.
  5. Hello everyone, so I currently own Tamagotchi Connection v3, and v4 and I notice, when they hatch you name them. I'm currently ordering the Japanese Angel and Garden Tamagotchis, and I want to know, do you get the option to name them?
  6. A long time ago, I made a new egg on my V3, but oddly enough it hatched into another egg! This tamagotchi had never been debugged before; I didn't even know what de-bugging was back then! When the character jumped out of happiness, a crack would appear on the egg and you are able to see a male tsubutchi inside the crack. Has anybody else ever experienced this? (-:
  7. I debugged my tamagotchi connection a few days ago, I screwed it back together and put it away to fix later after I accidentally detached the speaker wires. This glitch kept happening, even after multiple resets: I put the battery in, then it makes the normal beep noise and shows the egg bouncing at normal speed. I press B and the clock screen shows up and it's making me set it. I set the time, date and birthday to random numbers. It goes back to the egg like normal. I wait a few minutes and it hasn't hatched. I press B and it's asking me to set the clock again, but it has the numbers I input last time. Repeat X infinity including resets and taking the battery out. Any advice on how to fix it would be great. I did debug it and un-debug it 2 or 3 times in hope of fixing it. I also tried coloring and erasing the J1 and J2 buttons too, but I don't think that would have done anything anyway.
  8. Hi, I heard that if you have an oldie on v4, and it is about to die, if you use the pen or pencil (i cant remember! ) It will draw an egg and start a new generation. Is this true?
  9. My sister has a V2 and when we put a new battery in it, it shows the egg screen as it normally does, but, no matter which button we press it will not show the download/reset screen or let us set the time. We tried reset button, B button (which worked on my V2), A+C... but none worked. Please help.
  10. This is weird... my P2 suddenly blanked out, and then showed the animation it usually shows when your Tama evolves. Then I had to set the time, so I guess it reset itself... It was the usual time Tamas sleep, and when I went to the main screen, it had a sleeping "Z" symbol... next to a UFO??? So I set the time to day time to see what would happen, and it wasn't a UFO anymore... it was an egg--a 5-year-old egg that weighed 20lb and could eat and play games! It never hatched... what on Earth happened??? ~ EMF ♥