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Found 32 results

  1. Hello fellow tama lovers, I've recently re-discovered my love for tamagotchis, and I've ordered myself 3 of the Japanese versions from Etsy. Now, I've only got experience with the European connections v1 v2 v3 etc etc, and wasn't sure whether the Japanese versions had the feature where characters have their special foods and the foods they hate? I couldn't find charts anywhere so I assumed they didn't, but wanted to check with those who have experience with these models! Thanks all
  2. Hi, I got the job coupons for my Tama but I have no idea how to use them or what they are for. Are they to get your Tama a certain job or raise GUTS? I tried playing with the baker ticket a few times and it didn't seem to do anything.
  3. I was wondering if they could connect because i found one for a low price and i wanted to see if itd work with my english tamagotchi v4.5 since my v6 cant connect to it. if it cant is it still worth the buy if you want a v4 tamagotchi? i did hear the entama had some differences from the english v4 so i was wondering if that alone would be worth it. its also in good quality (atleast for me) for its lower price
  4. Day 1: I received my tamagotchi entama in the mail yesterday, it was the best thing to happen. I inserted the cr2032 in the battery compartment and preformed a reset. I got a sense of childhood from starting it up. Then I received the first egg upon waiting, the egg looked like it had hearts on it. It hatched after waiting for a few minutes. I got a cute female young Mametchi named Aiko, I have never seen anything so adorable in such a long time. I decided to play the card match game with my Aiko, turns out i actually like that mini-game. Hopefully I can achieve something with my Mametchi.
  5. Not sure if this is the exact place for it but I’ve never seen anything about this posted online before. I recently learned that the Entama has an animation when your adult tamagotchi leaves you with a new baby. it happened shortly after midnight, I only noticed because I checked both Tamas I was running had lights out
  6. Does anyone know if the Entama has a sort of soft skill point cap for the certain stages of growth? My child character has gotten around 30~ points in a certain category but now it seems like the amount of points shes getting from the games has dropped to like 1-3 no matter how well I do in the games.
  7. I don’t have a tamasuku, but can anyone give me or direct me to a full list?
  8. So I recently bought a used entama and because I don't read Japanese I'm still figuring it out but anyway I have only had it a couple of weeks and it has kept saying that the battery has run out. But when I press the reset button it's fine! Until a couple of hours later it dose the same thing?!? Is it just my tama? Is that common for old used and beaten up tamas? Thank you for taking the time to read xxx
  9. I don't know if it's just me but is the Enwarehouse on Vpets not working? I'd also like to see other online alternatives to Enwarehouse. . Thank you in advance!
  10. I have spent days online trying to figure out why my kakeibo will not connect to my uratama or entama (including on tamatalk). Does anyone have detailed information on what to select on the kakeibo to get it to connect with my tamagotchis? I've tried everything with the information that I've found online and nothing is working. I'm starting to wonder if my kakeibo is a lemon (though I bought it new from a very reliable website).
  11. I've been looking online, but I can't find a solution: how can I tell which Entamas are CYOI and which aren't? Is there a list somewhere? Thanks!
  12. What is the difference between the Entama and the V4? I came across the Entama, realized what it did, and just simply want to know the differences, aside from the fact that one is in Japanese and one is in English.
  13. Did this blue entama tamagotchi happen to exist in an english version? I used to have one that was in english and connected with my other english tamas, but I thought that entamas only existed in japanese?
  14. Tsuki the Mimitchi and her son, a Memeotchi, were the victims of an accidental reset, as it had been my first time changing the batteries on an Entama and I had no clue what option was download, as I can't read Japanese that well. I'm a fool, and I am very sorry for my mistake. May they rest in peace, and I hope they can forgive me. :'c
  15. My Memetchi met the requirements to turn into Makiko the same day she graduated, and I'm just waiting for her to change. She also currently meets the requirements for the Matchmaker to show up, and on the first visit I turned her down. I suppose my question is (or questions, rather) is there any downside to turning her down while waiting for my character to turn into a secret character, and how long is this expected to take? I've seen a lot of sources say I have to wait three days, but I want to make sure.
  16. So a while back, maybe half a year ago, I was running a couple with my V4 and V4.5. The V4 was a male who eventually ended up an Androtchi, but the V4.5 was a little behind, so she was only an Ura Young Memetchi when this happened... I had connected them all the time, made sure their friendship was to the max, and as soon as they both reached adulthood, I would connect them again to get them married and make babies. However, as I said before, my V4.5 was a bit behind, so when my V4 reached adulthood and turned into an Androtchi, my V4.5 was still a teen (an Ura Young Memetchi to be specific). I connected them again to keep up their friendship, but suddenly they know, they got married anyways. So it was really awkward for me, seeing my teenage Ura Young Memetchi... ...having babies... ...with an adult Androtchi. ._. But yeah, that was my weird experience that I really don't know where to put, category-wise. Has anyone else ever experienced a teen getting pregnant with twins in a Tamagotchi before? If so, leave a comment. I'd love to know if this wasn't just a one time thing for me. XD Anywho, thanks for reading! Adieu~
  17. I got an Entama for Christmas and I love it to death (manufactured in 2004 but never been opened! ) and I'm getting much better at recognizing the symbols and what they mean, but some things still have me stumped-- particularly, my Tama's jobs. I never know what they are. I found a helpful guide ( for the titles but that was AFTER I chose and was approved by the King for my new position. Can someone help me with what job I have? Below is a photo of the item that my Tama uses to go to work. All help appreciated.
  18. Does anyone know where I could purchase a 'Ciao' Tamagotchi Entama? I would really like a Kuchipatchi one but I can't find any
  19. Hi guys! I am thinking of getting a Japanese version connections, but I don't know what to get. I currently only have a uratama and I am enjoying playing with it. Any recommendations? EDIT: Sorry, I also have the Japanese Angel/Morino/Mothra/Ocean/TamaOtch
  20. I wanted to know which Jinsei Tamagotchi all of you decided you liked the best. For example, I really like the Uratama because it's just totally awesome, I really like it. So much that I decided to log it: Which one do you like best?
  21. PART 00. Introduction Welcome to my brand new log! Before today I was running color screens and you're probably wondering: "Do I favour color screens?" The answer to that would be: "Yes, definitely! The colour Tamagotchis are so awesome!" But this time I have something different in mind. I want to run my Entama. Now then, the Entama may not be colour screened, but that doesn't mean I can't love it, right? I mean, I have always and will always love and favour Tamagotchi Friends even more than colour screens as it's my favourite version, even though it's not colour screened. A little bit of topic change there, but anyway, my Entama is the white, sparkly one with no foreground design and a blue aerial. I'm... not sure what's with the adding of the aerial but it looks good though. The Entama has a lot of new features, including GUTS Points (I'm not too sure what's behind that naming), work, mail and character groups. It was made in 2005 and had several variations: the Uratama and the Hanerutchi 2. It's a fun version and much more absorbing than the Akai in my opinion (which I also own). The baby stage is an hour long, the child stage is 2 days long, and the teen stage is 3 days long. Generations will be between 9 and 11 days long. I will try to update as often as possible. Let's get to it, then shall we?
  22. Ok, so recently I bought an Entama off eBay from seller minasayo3735. Now, it finally arrived today and I am very excited but I noticed something that concerns me - I could have sworn that the Cafe De TMGC shell is brown on both sides. This one is blue on the back. The lettering on the back looks legit, but the color has me wondering. Do any of you know if this is a fake? I'm confused and I can't find any pics of the back of a Cafe De TMGC shell. I have not started it up yet, though I suppose that would be the best way to find out. Any help would be much appreciated. I will post pics if needed <3
  23. So I recently got a Kakeibo and I've been playing around with it trying to understand how it works. I've pretty much figured everything out, but I can't seem to transfer gotchi points and items from it to my Entama. I've already read all related posts on it, but none address my particular problem. Can anyone help me out? The more specific, the better. Also, does the age of the Entama affect this in any way?
  24. I recently bought an Entama and a Kakeibo to go along with it, but since I can't read any of the instructions or text within the Entama itself, I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on them, particularly how to use them together/connect them. Also, I bought what I thought was a Keitai (not Akai), but despite the shell design, it seems to be just a regular v3 (none of the Japanese Keitai games, etc.). I'm not mad because I love v3s anyway, but is there some sort of limited edition design for American v3s that I was unaware of? It's cream colored with mint green characters and leaves, with the letters "TMGC" on the top.
  25. Anyone? Are there even any differences? And if so, what are they? Thanks for your help.