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Found 9 results

  1. Help! I keep getting this error when I connect, travel to a town, or go to the park. Anyone know what it means and how to stop it? I keep resetting but it comes back when I try again.
  2. I have spent days online trying to figure out why my kakeibo will not connect to my uratama or entama (including on tamatalk). Does anyone have detailed information on what to select on the kakeibo to get it to connect with my tamagotchis? I've tried everything with the information that I've found online and nothing is working. I'm starting to wonder if my kakeibo is a lemon (though I bought it new from a very reliable website).
  3. My friend and I recently got the tamagotchi friends and we're so close to getting ours married, but now my friends hearts are not returning. We bumped last saturday and haven't been able to get the hearts back since. We have set the time forward but nothing happened we have also left it and still got nothing, does anyone know what the problem is?
  4. Driver error has been annoying members for almost a year now. For those who do not already know, there are a few workarounds to view topics, unfortunately none of them enable you to post topics. I have yet to find a workaround for that. I suggest creating a new account for that. There are three workarounds: Search for a topic with the search function, and hover on the title. An arrow will appear next to it. Click it and it drops down to reveal the first post, last post, and the post that most matches your search. Go to a member's profile and click 'topics'. Probably the easiest way, but the first shows more content. Of course, there is always the option to create a new account, like I did. These methods do not let you create a topic, apart from the last one. More possibly coming soon so follow this topic.
  5. I revived my old tamagotchi v3 the other day and today I tried to log in and use tamatown. But every time I tried to use a password, it kept saying "error". My tama is a child, could that be the problem? Or is it outdated? I have had it for many years now, the tamagotchi. I really hope you can help
  6. Hi, when trying to access tamatown v5, i get an error in Firefox: Not Found The requested URL /pc/index_en.html was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Could anyone help? Thanks
  7. Hi, I bought a black 2nd wave tama-go and I got a Mametchi figure with it, and it gave me the 'Coin catch' game which I expected. I also bought a seperate Kuchipatchi figure. I read the instructions and it said that there should be games 'Flag game', 'Vegetables' and a shop, 'Chinese Restaurant.' I also checked online. However, when connected the Kuchipatchi figure, there was only one game: 'Pattern shoot' and nothing else, no shop or 2 games like the instructions suggested. I don't know if this is a glitch, error or due to me having a 2nd wave tama-go, but I didn't think this would change anything. Are the games/shops different for wave 1 and wave 2? Oh and the kuchipatchi is sitting on a yellow glittery see-through base, in case there is more than one type of kuchipatchi figure. I connected the kuchipatchi figure BEFORE connecting the mametchi figure which the toy came with, maybe this confused the toy somehow? :s -ChocoKuchi p.s I have tried re-connecting the figure many many times, but nothing changes, still only 'Pattern shoot.' Am I doing something wrong here?
  8. I've read up on this website. The errors when signing in come up saying that the user ID and password don't match, and when I try to make a new account it won't continue from the print your info screen. I've recently got my brother's tamagotchi new batteries so that he can play it on his tama and online, but the site is apparently not working? This is really odd since I've read it's been down since June 4th I think. It's August 15th and still it's not fixed or completely down? Any new , news on the issue? Please reply back! Thanks so much!
  9. I read through the entire thread here. I would have simply responded to it instead of creating a new thread, but that topic has been locked. I've been trying to get onto tamatown for the last hour or so now. After every attempt, I received the "connection lost" popup. Never did the progress rise above 0% and never did more than 20 seconds pass between page refresh and popup. I use Firefox. I tried the following fixes: * Clearing history and cache through CCleaner. * Turning off Avast! Antivirus for one attempt. * Using Internet Explorer for an attempt. * Downloading Safari for use in an attempt. * Updating my Flash. * Double checking that I have Macromedia. * Refreshing so many times I'm not even going to try to count.