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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, if I breed to get the pure Violet family is it possible to get the violet family again in the next gen by marrying Violetchi to another Sukatchi?
  2. Hello! I'm a new member of this forum. I'm an italian guy, so sorry for the bad english, but I'm trying my best. You can call me Cisco. I had a Tamagotchi Connection V3 when I was a kid, so I bought one a few months ago. I actually like it; it's great, simple and fun. It's a Jungle Camoflage one, it's really cute. Lately, I was thinking of buying a new Tamagotchi. I have enough money, so I'd like to order one online. But I can't decide wich one! I'd love to buy a V6 Music Star, but I have not enough money. So, I found some version wich I can buy. I'm interested in one of these, actually: Tamagotchi Connection V5 Familitchi I think it's a great Tama, I tried it when one of my friend had one. I like it, even if I think it's my leat favourite Connection because there isn't much to do. I like the family system, but it start being boring after a while. Character aren't really different and I'm afraid I'll get the same families every time. Tamagotchi Angel I'd like to buy this one, even if I don't really love the characters. I think they are cute, but really similar. I'll obviously buy a Japanese version, but it isn't such a problem, 'cause I'll watch some video online to see how the Tama works. Tamagotchi Ocean I love the design and the concept: a water Tamagotchi? Awesome, even if the character aren't really a lot. I'd like tu buy this instead of the other two, but I'm afraid 'cause everyone say it's... way too hard. Ok, something challenging isn't such a problem to me (in particoular during boring time), and I can Pause it everytime I want too (I'm not the type of owner who hate to Pause his Tamas). I mean, I like Tamagotchis, but I have lots of other things to do, so I cant't stay 24/7 on it. But everyone started to say this Tama's impossible, too hard and stuff like that. I'd love to buy it, but I don't know, now... is it really so hard? So, can you guys help me? I'd really like any suggestion. Thanks!
  3. Question about how to achieve the Ninja Family on the Tamagotchi Connection v5. I've neglected the happiness hearts on my adult characters, who are a smart-blended family and with about 90% bond, for nearly 2 days straight, and they have yet to transform into the Ninja Family. Am I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to neglect the happiness hearts of the teen characters and let them age into the Ninja Family, or do adult characters transform into the Ninja Family from neglected happiness?
  4. I forgot my V2 and V5 Tamagotchis at home today. They are 2G adults (a Mimitchi and a Sunnytchi respectively). It's currently 8:20 am and I normally get home from my last class 3:30-45 pm. Is it likely they will die if left alone for that long?
  5. Hello everyone!! I was giving an eye on ebay and I found this: The owner says it's a prototype of Tamagotchi V5 familitchi.... but the last pic is different: it has a round rear and its pearl, not totally blank. Do you think Bandai really made blank tamagotchis so you could paint them yourself? I searched on google but I found nothing about this.... However, how could one safely paint his own tamagotchi?
  6. Now, forgive me if this shouldn't be posted here. After all, it is my first post... Anyway, I stopped playing with my tamagotchis about 3-4 years ago (I think). Now I recently fired up my v4 as I'm learning the controls all over again as I'm going to introduce them to my two cousins when I see them again. I chose the V4 as it is more similar to the V2 and V3, the ones I'm temporarily giving to my cousins. It's going great. Memories are coming back and it can get emotional as they made a big part of my childhood. I can even remember where I got each one of my models from and who was there! I however decided to check the news and went onto the tamatown website. It's down! My heart melted. The V3 and V4 and fine thankfully, but the latter two were gone. Now, I'm sure you're aware of this. However, I just wanted your opinions. I was shocked but also came to realise that my V6 would be nowhere near as good as it relied heavily on the music city section online. I hadn't been on this for years but I was one of the first to visit it. Does anyone else think the V5 and V6 will be totally different now? I'm devastated, mainly because I only used the V6 for a short time before finishing using them all. I just wanted to see what you think? Personally I believe that the V6 will be heavily affected and tamatown may never come back. Probably as it cost more to maintain than the others. I was shocked about the V5 familitchi website being down though as it was very similar to the first two. I really, really hope the V3 and V4 website are never took down. I can see it happening though if Bandai decide to announce a new tamagotchi model... Thoughts? Sorry if the post is not organised, I've been feeling ill lately and my mind is messed up
  7. So I recently got a v5.5 and have been trying to connect it with my tama-go. I know it is possible to connect them I just don't know how! On my tama-go I go to the icon and select others, and on the v5.5 I select v5. Then I put them together and push the b buttons. My tama-go then says failed and the v5.5 gives me the option to either download or reset it.. (I select download because I don't want to reset it! ) I have no idea what's going on. Am I doing this wrong, or is the v5.5 glitchy? Thanks in advance!
  8. Alright...I have never owned a V5 Familitchi before, and I just recently got one. I have a few questions: How do you raise the bond between the family? How do you buy more food/snacks? Is it possible to raise them how you want? (EX: On V4.5 if you want Horoyotchi you have to do certain things,etc.) Thank you in advance for your help --tamagotchialice
  9. Ok so I just got my new tamagotchi v5 in the mail. (aquarium design). And I want to know how to get the different family types. Can anyone give me tips and tricks on how to get the different family types??
  10. Hi, I have two tamagotchi V5. When I want to connect them by IrDa they just write stand by...and then I see my tamagotchi again. Only sometimes the connection is right. What should I do?
  11. Hellooo I need help! HOW DO YOU PAUSE THE V5 FAMILITCHI! I'VE GOT SCHOOL AND I NEEDDDD TO PAUSE IT! Can anybody help? :excl: :excl: :excl:
  12. I have a V5 (Familitchi) tama and was on my first generation. I went to the dating show and married my Violetchi and they only had one child! Any reasons as to why? Thanks.
  13. I've got a whole bunch of codes you can enter at the password menu on v5! They will give you an item you can buy! Some of these items are really rare and never in the shops, while others are found in the shops...but they will cost less! I'll have more later. Reportchi DVD (5000p): 31185 90319 Paint (800p): 90073 29055 Toy Train (1440p): 90073 80696 Bubbles (440p): 69736 62030 Magic Hat (520p): 69325 24030 Tennis Racket (1080p): 35092 90961 Ah...I have a heap more but I will post them later...and I'm not sure if these codes were already posted.