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Found 10 results

  1. So, now that I've finally solved my problem on the V4.5...I'm having the exact same problem on the V4 For thirteen generations now on my pink stripe V4, I've gotten almost nothing but Meme family teens and I'm just about sick of it (I got lucky once and got Young Kuchipatchi and another time got Obotchi). And I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to influence which teen the child evolves into? Specifically, MizuTamatchi. I know it's able to evolve into a Kuchi family teen, but I've gotten it eleven times now and only ever had it evolve into Meme family teens (excluding Universals; even then it was only once). What influences whether it evolves into a Meme family teen or a Kuchi family teen? I've tried average care, that doesn't work. I've tried high kind/social skill points, that doesn't work. I've tried marrying a Meme family adult to a Kuchi family adult, AND vice-versa, and that doesn't work either. I'm also wondering how MohiTamatchi evolves into Oniontchi and Nikatchi. I haven't tried average or poor care yet, because I'm too worried I'll just end up with HinoTamatchi or the hundredth time in a row. For me, it always evolves into Young Kuchipatchi or Young Dorotchi with absolutely PERFECT care, and HinoTamatchi or Ichigotchi if the happy meter drops to one heart even ONCE, or if it empties from getting a nasty letter, using an item that lowers happy hearts, or giving it a time-out If anyone who has more knowledge about the V4's evolution than I do would be willing to share any tips to help with my situation and answer my questions, that would be great
  2. I couldn't find a solution to this problem so i hope to find it here. When i had 4 gen i wanted to view family history but i couldn't i thought that i maybe need higher generation to view it. But now im on 7 gen and it's still unavailable... I remember that when I played this tamagotchi last year i had another family and i could view family history on 4 gen. Help me please!!
  3. There's already a thread for what you want for Christmas; what do you plan on giving your family and friends? I'm "giving" my parents a Minecraft replica of our house (they asked for this ages ago but I never got around to it), giving my brother a pack of Pokemon cards (he's going through an obsession with them), giving some of my friends DS's and DSi's (my brother and I are getting 3DS's from our parents so we can give away our old ones) and giving money to my boyfriend and those of my friends who already have DS's or 3DS's. I don't usually give anyone stuff so this year is a bit weird, I just happen to have a lot of stuff to give so, what about you guys?
  4. Look at this crappy V5 ripoff my friend bought off from...*drumroll* JD!!! (yet again) Yes, the image is a bit big, but it gets on my nerves when someone thinks they have a real tamagotchi when really it's a fake JD. My friend recieved this two days ago and from what I've seen it's very odd. First, the tamas in the family don't move around like actual Tamagotchi's do, they all move around like a screensaver. Second, the games tend to glitch up a lot and 2 games are rendered unplayable. And finally, a lesson for all of you! DO NOT go on EVER! Most of the tama related stuff is all fakes and other stuff (like pokemon games) are all bootleg!
  5. When a tamagotchi leaves his or hers child, I thought that the child would be in the same family as the parent. This is something that I've heard goes for both v4 and v4.5, and so far, It's been that way for me. I had a Purimatchi of the Ura-Meme family recently, and she leaved a daughter who today evolved into Ura Young Yattatchi, of the Ura-Kuchi family. I didn't think this was possible. Either, the rule about children being in the same group as the parents is wrong, or something is wrong with my tama, which by the way is not glitchy at all otherwise... Anybody knows anything about this?
  6. I couldn't stand trying to search for my posts, so here I am! I will post for morning, edit for afternoon, and re edit for evening. MORNING Ok girls, who wants breakfast? ME! (Sarah) ME! (Morgan) ME! (Darren, Sarah's Husband) Good! Pancakes? *all* YEAH! WE WANNA HELP! Ok! Sarah, Get the eggs! Morgan, get the milk! Darren, get the flour! I'll get the Choc. Chips! *One Hour Later* Delicious! Amazing! Perfect! Yummy! STATS! Morgan 5yrs 70lbs Hungry:OOOO Happy:OOOO Stress: 00 Tone: 525 Rhythm: 576 Original: 514 1G 740530P Sebertchi Band Buckers Classical music Morgan: Singers Jenny: Harp Colleen: Violin Sarah 10yrs 72lbs 4g Hungry:ooooo Happy:OOOOo Train: - - Friendship: 1 light Character:6 166036P Otokitchi AFTERNOON I fed Darren, Morgan, and Sarah hot dogs for lunch. Morgan got married to a Shimashimatchi named Mike and had a baby named Ellis. EVENING BYE! LYSSIE MORGAN SARAH DARREN
  7. I'm 16 years old, and ive always loved tamagotchis. the second i heard of the new tamagotchi ID L that i want a pink one! The problem is not the money, i can just save it. the thing is i'm too embarassed to ask my mum to order it :C what do i do?
  8. Hello tamatalk! I couldn't see a post on this and I'm honestly not sure if I'm in the right section so I do apologize for that in advance. I have the tamagotchi v4.5 and I am on generation 5, and I tried this on generation 4 too. I went onto the family part of the menu and pressed on History but it will not allow me to go onto it and I was wondering why it won't allow this. I was wondering if your tama had to be at a certain age to visit it or you had to be on a certain generation. Please help as I would love to look back at all of the generations of my tamagotchi. Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for your help. -Laura
  9. Title pretty much says it all, can't find any detailed answers with a google search so I got on here to ask
  10. I have a Violetchi at 80% bond on my version 5 and I want to get the Violetchi family. But what characters can my Violetchi marry in order to create Mamavioletchi, Violetchi, Kizatchi, and Papakizatchi? I hope to get 100% bond soon and I want to find out who Violetchi should marry because I REALLY want to have her family.