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Found 21 results

  1. I made this so people can share their favorite music. (Any kind) I love the Hamilton soundtrack. It's almost all that I listen too. It was really cool to see it on disney+. What is your favorite music?
  2. When you look back at your time with the Tamagotchi line, what's your personal all-time favourite moment? For me, it was noticing that the art-style of the Gen 1 Tamagotchi was quite similar to, and shared an oddball sense of humour with, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory's Kirby video game series, which I noticed right after the Tamagotchi line was released in the West. I first noticed this when my first Babytchi evolved into Marutchi, because I felt that Marutchi kind of resembled Kirby, and I continued to notice it throughout my time running the device. Kirby meets Marutchi. Kirby originated on the Game Boy, which had a greyscale display that allowed for four shades of green (which was changed to four shades of grey on the Game Boy Pocket), and the Tamagotchi line originally had monochrome displays, so similar limitations influenced the character-designs of both, which are generally simple, cute, and very expressive. The Kirby series is one of my all-time favourite video game series, and I loved the fact that the Tamagotchi bore similarities to its art-style and sense of humour, so that's why this is my favourite nostalgic Tamagotchi moment. What's yours?
  3. I would like to know your favorite character type/shape and if there are any old characters you want to see return in the future? I personally like all characters above, except the ones who are based on food! I would love to see a return of characters like Togetchi, Tosakatchi, Yattatachi, Ginjirotchi and so many others! I think the return of so many old characters to the new colored versions where you can mix their genes I think we will get so many great looking characters. Let me know what you guys think
  4. This is something think about a lot - how I like features from different tamas and wish they all existed in the same version. At the moment, my Ideal Tamagotchi would have the shape of the v1 and v2, the wide screen of the v5/v6, the "you have to buy food in order to survive" of the v6, the school/jobs of the v4 and 4.5, and the babysitter feature that I think the 4U has (I only have connections). And a mix of all the characters across the versions. That's all I can think of at the moment. What features would you mix?
  5. As in the title, which tama of your collection is your favorite and why? My favorite tamagotchi is my yellow P's. It was modded so badly that it barely looks like its original self. It has a silver holographic paper faceplate and a black ribbon-shaped plug and a black crochet case and a silver lanyard with skulls and... skulls that have pirate bandanas on them and pink polka dots. It gained a pink resin heart keychain and a custom-made photo keychain with a picture of my first avatar on here that came with a snowflake charm. I love my yellow (now silver) P's so much that I never leave the house without it in my jacket's pocket. It was badly damaged (by me of course, which I solemnly regret) and that's why I have a crochet case on it. The case itself was made of yellow yarn and colored black with a black sharpie which made it rotten green and then it was dyed with black fabric dye twice and now it's the way it should have been from the start. This is my first color screen tama ever and I have so, so, so many memories with it plus apart from the moments it ran out of battery it was never turned off purposefully. Here's a picture of it (with all the keychains)
  6. I'm sure this has been done before but I'm very curious to see which generations tend to be favorites! Please comment why you picked what you did as well! I tried including everything but comment if I'm missing anything! Thank you
  7. *casually tries to make TamaTalk more active* Okay, with the regular addition of new Tamagotchi characters, have your top favorites changed from what they used to be? I remember my favorite male was always Mametchi and my favorite female was Violetchi/Flowertchi. But well, when I started watching the anime, I liked Hapihapitchi, Melodytchi, Himespetchi, etc... Mametchi is still my number 1 fave, that will never change, but my favorite female is now Himespetchi followed by various other characters. To be honest I almost forgot about Flowertchi... but now I've been feeling kind of nostalgic, I remember how happy Violetchi always used to make me I think she's back on my list of favorite characters, even though she was replaced with newer characters for a while! What about you? :0 Have your favorites changed, or have you remained loyal to your original favorites?
  8. What are your favorite TV shows, cartoons, animes, etc? My favorite show is Tamagotchi!, but I also like a few other cute animes like JewelPet, Hamtaro, Shizuku-Chan, and Chi's Sweet Home. My favorite non-anime show is Gravity Falls followed by MLP.
  9. I'm sure most of you own your Tamagotchi P's, right? And I'm sure you've got some deco pierces with it, too. I'm wondering, which deco pierce do you think is your favourite? There are a total of seventeen pierces. My favourites personally are the CIAO, Ft. Aikatsu!, 17th Anniversary and Miracrise pierces. Please vote in the poll and if you have anything else you want to say, you can post a reply in the topic. You can find some professionally made growth and character charts for each peirce and the built in growth. You can find them here:
  10. Remaking my old name topic. I don't like most of the names in my old topic anymore. What names do you like? Or, what would you name your kids? I want two daughters and one son, and I have thought of first names and middle names for all three . I think they go good with my boyfriend's last name >3> But I won't post his last name so there Boy: Fabian Adrião Girl: Kira Amke Girl: Stella Monica All the names have Latin origins (but Monica is kinda ambiguous) because Latin names are the best. Fabian means "bean grower", Kira means "light", and Stella means "star". (: I was originally going to call Fabian "Faust" but I changed my mind after I found out that Faust was a character in a classic German legend who made a pact with the Devil. Yay.
  11. From the title itself, which is your favorite tamagotchi version AND why? Let me start it:)) My favorite tamagotchi version is the Entama. It has a lot of features even if its in japanese:))
  12. This is just a random topic and I was curious what everyone thought. What is your favorite TamaGO figure? You can vote for them even if you don't have it, or if you do have it. Mine is probably the Shimashimatchi =figure because it has an Electronic Shop and the items are super cool, and so are the games, and my least favorite is the Memetchi figure because the games are lame, and the clothes that you wear saty on for only like 5 seconds, and all they do is pose in it. So, what's your opinion?
  13. Hey I know this must have been asked a million times but we change all the time, along with our tastes. So, my question; What is your favorite version of Tamagotchi, and why!!
  14. So, we were working on making a TamaTown Tama-Go favorite foods chart pretty near a year ago, and I guess we kind of forgot about it. However, I think it's still a good idea to get this thread up and running again and work on making a chart. Here is the old thread. This was the verdict we reached: (And please note that the Tama-Go has no food dislikes.) Does anyone here know how to make pixels of Tamagotchi stuff? That would really help in making our chart. We'd probably want pixels of the characters and foods. If pictures are necessary to make into pixels, I can take some pictures, too. Any ideas for programs to use, more reconfirmations of or corrections to the current list, please post them here. Thanks, everyone!
  15. What's your favorite shell design? I really like this one!
  16. Hello there fellow tamagotchi owners/users. I have just bought myself an Tamagotchi P'S and i have fallen in love with the little fellow =) I havent played tamagotchi since around 1998-1999 and thought it would be fun to have an Tamagotchi again since i found the App on Android market. But here's the thing, I am thinking on buying myself an other or maybe more Tamagotchi's and i need help your help! ^^ So too the question! Name 1-3 of your favorite Tamagotchi's thru the time and i would be glad if you even have an little explanation or history behind your choices! Kind Regards Snix. Ps: I really hope this is in the right topic
  17. I'm just curious.. But what is your favorite and your least favorite tamagotchi? Just write them down below! Favorite: Kuromametchi! He was my first tama and I love him in the anime!! Least favorite: Tarakotchi.. I don't know why but I'm not really fond of him..
  18. Post your favorite poem here, it can be a poem you made yourself or one made by someone else, (remember to give them credit for their poem though). So here's one my lola (grandmother) used to like: (sorry if the format is wrong or if it's not word for word, this is by memory) "Trees" By: Joyce Kilmer I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree, a tree whose hungry mouth is pressed, against the earth's sweet flowing breast, a tree who looks at God all day, and lifts her leafy arms to pray, a tree who may in summer wear, a nest of robins in her hair, upon whose bosom snow has lain, who intimately lives with rain, poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree. Here's one of my favorites: "The Otter and the Ocelot" (this one is also by memory, the last part is meant to be capitalized) By: Jack Prelutsky, from the book "It's raining pigs and noodles" The otter and the ocelot as fortunate as can be, now sail the seas upon their yacht, they won the OCELOTTERY. Hope you enjoy the poems, get inspired to write your own and read more and stuff. This is my first topic, sorry if I do something wrong, please feel free to say suggestions so I can improve. But don't only post suggestions you should mainly just share your favorite poems. (sorry if I have wrong grammar)
  19. Alright, everyone. Please chip in! I'm sure this question has been asked here time and time again, but I'm sure as we all collect and play with our Tamas more and more, our favorites may change as well, so It's always a good question to ask! My question is What is your favorite Tamagotchi Version? And Why? Also, if your favorite version happens to be one of the few color versions out, could you please also share which version is your favorite out of the black and white ones? ---------------------------------- I'll go first, I guess! My favorite so far is the Tama-go. I've only owned a V5, V6, and the Tama-go, but the Tama-go is my favorite because I really enjoy the interchangeable figures and all the fun games and shops that come with them. On some of the other versions, I have gotten a little bit tired of playing the same few games over and over, so I like that this one has so many to choose from if you purchase additional figures. Also, the four tone grayscale screen makes the animations so much more detailed and fun. I love that there are so many cute animations in this version and that your Tama can leave the house to visit friends and go on trips. It really makes the experience feel a lot more adventurous and less like your Tama is just sitting in one room by himself all the time. I can't wait to collect a few more of the figures I haven't picked up yet. :3
  20. What's your favorite restaurant? Mine is The Cheesecake Factory, I love their orange chicken and Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake.
  21. What's your favorite dessert? My favorite dessert is ice cream! =)