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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I'm brand new to Tamagotchi collecting and I'm not sure what tamas to get! I currently have a pink anniversary M!X with everything unlocked and a V5 Tamagotchi Connection that I got in the mail two days ago. I just made my tamatalk account today and I read through everything, but if I'm in the wrong place please let me know and I'll be sure to look at things more carefully in the future. My question is, what kind of Tamagotchi is best for being on vacation? We always travel by car and I can't drive, so I'd like a Tamagotchi that has really good mini games, or maybe just a variety of mini games/things to do. Since we're in the car I also need one that has decent battery life. I would like one that isn't too well needy, as once we're actually at our vacation spot I likely won't be able to spend too too much time with it, though checking it every once in a while or pausing it I have no issue with. I'll be in the car with other people so the ability to mute it would be highly appreciated. I know there's one Tamagotchi that you can get an app for and download content onto? I'm not certain it'll work on my phone (iPhone 6+), or if it needs the internet to do so, but I'm open to getting something cheap that may work with it. I have a fair amount of money I can spend though I'd prefer not to spend over $100, and honestly $50 is where I start to get iffy. I will and can gladly research different Tamagotchis and see which ones I like the most, not to mention my birthday is here in just a few days and I've asked for some Tamas from that too, though the most likely gift will be cash, and that only gives me more room to figure out my car entertainment plans. I'm open to looking at non-Tamagotchi virtual pets as well, though since I know how to get better information on Tamagotchi's I'd prefer those! I'm open to any suggestions, thank you so much and have a nice day! TLDR; I go on a lot of summer car trips and would like a virtual pet (Tamagotchi preference) to play with on the road. I need something with plenty to do and a good battery life that isn't too needy/can be paused and can be muted as well. A point in the right direction or any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. So for either my son or girlfriend, I was thinking of picking up a Tamagotchi. I was expecting ~£5 like when I was younger, and when I was younger I've owned a couple tamagotchi and a couple digimon-tamagotchi, but I'm 22 and this was years ago. I remember it used to be just a feed, praise etc. and there wasn't mutch to it other than just keep checking on it so it doesn't die, clean up, feed etc. as prompted. Now I look on these forums and theres all of the v5, Tamagotchi go, and other talk about new features that I'm not really understanding? So, if you can, can you answer a few questions for me, to somebody who might as well have never owned a tamagotchi. Firstly, is there anything to "do" other than care for your tamagotchi, I'm reading these posts as a collectors twist, new characters, wallpapers?, trades, and working through generations to get preffered characters. Will getting these things "unlock" anything, or will I be able to see a track record/bestiary of collected "things"? Are these supposed to connect to a computer? Can these trade or otherwise interact with other tamagotchi? What's a decent price? Is Tama-go the "latest and greatest"? If I buy a new tama, will I have to worry about getting an "old version"? I've seen this on amazon, and that's basically what I'm seeing as "the thing to buy", but I've seen a few with supposed colour screens or better graphics.: Or do I want the newer tamagotchi friends? If I were to grab that, do I need to worry about buying more physical tamagotchi physcial character toys? In other words, I want to get a tamagotchi and ~£10 - ~£15 isn't a big deal, but if I get one and they're basically exactly the same as when I was young, I'll be dissapointed because I expect something with more... depth from this. I want to know if I'll be able to actually play with these and often have something new to look forward to instead of just the same game I knew that is the same over and over after 5 minutes. (I'm thinking like Animal Crossing, that games a grind, but it's just a nice and steady pace to enjoy, right?) tl;dr If this was too long, just shoot me to the best run-down of what these actually DO nowadays, because I need to know what I'm buying before I buy and I don't just want three options to interact with the little dude or lass. (Oh, also, does it matter which colour/character tama you buy, or is it just a physical aesthetic)
  3. On June, I'll go to Japan and decide to buy Tama Profy. Before I buy Tama Profy, I searched some features about Tama Profy. But its kinda hard. So, who knows or who had a Tama Profy, can you tell me about some features in Tama Profy?