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Found 10 results

  1. I purchased my Tama-Go used with no figures. I just purchased the Mametchi figure with the rainbow faceplate. When I connected the figure it only has the Game option and one game (cradle). The instructions that came with it (unopened/new) says it has a toy shop and two games, neither is cradle. I purchased this figure for the toy shop. Do I need to unlock these somehow or am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
  2. As you may know, the Tamagotchi Friends line released figures of some of the Dream Town characters Besides the already existing figures, which of these characters would you like to see in figure form? They've already made figures of most of my favorite character (Mametchi, Himespetchi, Spacytchi, Kiraritchi, etc) but I personally would want figures of these characters too: Memetchi (after all, they're making Kuchipatchi) Tropicatchi (she's such a fabulous character!) Wagassiertchi (he'd look cute as a figure and go good with my Patitchi figure) What do you think? I also think there should be figures of Daisy, Dahlia, and Majokkotchi, since they appear in Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town destinations. And maybe Hanafuwatchi too, since she's one of the new raisable characters.
  3. Soo...I hope I put this in the right place, but I know that the figures have already came out in the UK and I wanted to know if there was a figure of Spacytchi and/or his brothers! I haven't seen any, but perhaps I missed it? >__<
  4. Hi there Tamatalk! Recently, I found an amazing listing on eBay selling all 12 of the additional "sold separately" figures that attach to the top of the Tama-Go to unlock games, food and occasionally, items. I haven't seen a lot of discussion about the Tama-Go here on TamaTalk, so I thought it may be helpful if I wrote a complete list of what each figure unlocks once connected to the Tama-Go egg. There are some slight differences between the figures because Bandai released them in 2 separate "waves", much the same as they did with the physical egg. The first wave of eggs was a green egg with Mametchi figure, blue egg with Memetchi and white egg with Kuchipatchi. The first wave of figures are shown in this photo below. The second wave eggs were a black egg with Mametchi figure, purple egg with Memetchi, and pink egg with Kuchipatchi (the one I have). The second wave of gotchi figures is shown below. There are two kinds of gotchi figures that can be attached to the Tama-Go egg. "Lite" figures which are the figures that come packaged with the Tama-Go egg. The figure that came with the first wave, whether it be Mametchi, Memetchi or Kuchipatchi, only unlocked one game; Cradles. Each of the figures from the second wave unlocked coin catch. The "full" figures, shown in the photos above, each unlock 2 games and a shop. The shops each have a total of 9 products on sale, but will only show 4 at a time. For some characters, such as Mametchi, the shop is a shop that sells items. As items weren't built into the original Tama-Go egg, the item menu is also accessed by the character icon in the top right of the Tama-Go egg's screen. The figures also come with an additional faceplate that can be placed under the clear plastic on the front of the Tama-Go egg to change its design. Here's a list of all the "Full" gotchi figures and what they unlock. #101- Mametchi Games: Hip Hop and Speed Runner Shop: Toy Shop #110- Memetchi Games: Hit a Note and Panel Match Shop: Clothes Shop #120- Kuchipatchi Games: Flag Game and Vegetables Shop: Chinese Restaurant #130- Violetchi Games: Bounce Back and Man Hole Shop: Flower Shop #156- Ringotchi Games: Monster Beater and Shape Sorter Shop: Sweet Restaurant #109- Chamametchi Games: Panel Construction and Shuffle Shuffle Shop: Toy Shop #121- Sebiretchi Games: Trampoline and Farmkeeper Shop: Mexican Restaurant #155- Ichigotchi Games: Knock a Note and Candies Shop: Bread Shop #111- Ponytchi Games: Hunting and Manhole Shop: Fashion Shop #105- Kuromametchi Games: Driving and Ball Match Shop: Sports Shop #103- Shimashimatchi Games: Gap and Gap and Hip Hop Shop: Electronics Shop #131- Makiko Games: Sound Block and Shuffle Shuffle Shop: Travel Shop Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to give you guys more information about each game and shop. I've only had the figures for a few days and I'm very busy with work. Hopefully this is informative but if you guys have any questions, comment them here or PM me.
  5. Just want to share some recent progress with my Tamagotchi research! I've done a bit more figure simulation. You can see my hack in action here: (and of course in my avatar) A blog entry with the technical details is here:
  6. hello~ i just wanted to post where i just bought 10 tamago figures for pretty cheap (10 figures for $25 + $10 shipping - so you're paying only $2.50 for each figure! but with shipping it makes it technically $3.50 per figure ) here's the link (on amazon): the figures are new and come in package with their corresponding faceplate! i wanted to post this because having the figures makes such a huge difference in the amount of fun a tama-go is bc of all the extra items/features, etc. enjoy!
  7. So I recently just got a TamaGo, it's black with a yellow face plate and a Mametchi figure on top with a white bottom. The figure came with the game, coin catch. I wanted to purchase a new figure but I don't want to get the same game again, any recommendations on which one to get? Also, i've read that everyone usually get the game Cradles instead of Coin Catch, with the figure that comes with the TamaGo. Is this weird that I got coin catch or...? Here is the picture of the one I bought:
  8. So, I got my Tama-Go figures today, and they seem to work well (had a couple of the usual glitches, but after sliding them on quickly and firmly, they went away). However, my Kuchipatchi figure registers exactly the same as the Mametchi figure. I couldn't find anything about this specific glitch through a search, and it doesn't seem related to the Coin Catch/Cradles glitch. In essence, I have 2 Mametchi figures now functionality-wise, but one has a Kuchipatchi on top. Has anyone else had a problem with a figure being an incorrect clone of another figure?
  9. yeah..thats it lol it's just a video of how were all there for you anyone out there friends will always be there for you in good or bad times to bad its only like 19 secs i took about 100-203 shots for it i think wow. soo uh yeah here's a gift for everyone inspiration:chamametchiandmametchi because i liked her video so i wanted to make one too this is to all the tamatalkers out there thanks for always being there for me and its also a gift for tamatalk's 8th birthday sorry its so short
  10. Hey, so I am going to be getting a Tama-Go soon and was considering buying some figures with it. I don't really know much about Tama-Gos, but I think the figures give you new games, right? Correct me if I'm wrong. And the thing is, there's so many figures that I wouldn't know which one to choose. So what figures do you think have the best games and would have the best value? Are there 2 that you would recommend? Thanks!