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Found 48 results

  1. Hi 👋 I’ve just remembered something! It might not be 100% Accurated as it was 2 Years ago, but I’ll try my best. (It’s just popped into my head, and I’d like to see if anyone else has one like this!) Back In 2017, I got my first Tamagotchi; being a Pink Gem Friends. But some how, I remember seeing somewhere this message. ”Prototype, Not For Resale” I just do! I can’t remember where.. but it was definitely about that Tamagotchi. Does anyone know how the seller could have gotten a Prototype and sold it legally? It can still do everything, like Bumping and connecting to a computer so it’s really good! But my sister and BFF have one and there Tamagotchis are totally normal..
  2. Hello! I was wondering what tamagotchi friends design is the most popular. I like the pink hearts the most with the colourful leopard being a close second. Take the poll!
  3. I just started up my Tamagotchi Friends again and I was looking at some growth charts to plan out what characters I want. Some charts mention playing the “coin catch” game to get “active” adults. Where would I find this game? It’s not in the game section. Also, for the “social” adults, it says something about sending SMS. What exactly do they mean by this? Is it a special feature I’ve missed out on? Sorry if this is obvious stuff or if there’s another thread I should be looking at, I haven’t been into the Tamagotchi stuff in a little while. Thanks y’all ✌🏻
  4. Ok, So I recently Watched this Tamagotchi Friends Teardown video (In Russian), And it was Really Cool! Here’s the link: I have a Few Similar Questions. 1. With NFC, Can you Patch a Friends, Or Make a Platform that could? So I’m Not an NFC Expert or Anything, But I’ve NEVER Seen an App or platform to Patch a Friends. It’s Wierd, I know there are European versions, but I thought they would make it in Spanish if anything. Can you hack it? If you can make Russian, then can you make it other Languages? I don’t want to mess around with the circuit board, I’m just wondering for simple reasearch and something new to learn!
  5. What are your experiences interacting with Tamagotchi around people you know? I wanted to share this story that happened yesterday. I was on the bus and the friend that knows about my Tamagotchi was scolding me while I was playing with them (in a silly way), saying, "It's just the same thing over and over, how can you enjoy these," and I was trying to compare Tamagotchis to maybe someone's favorite food. It's the same, but you wouldn't mind having it again and again because you love it so much. Soon, my other friend came over and us three were walking to the bus stop while Friend 1 was still ranting about my "Tamagotchi obsession." Friend 2 asked, "What is a Tamagotchi? Can I see it? How many do you have?" Friend 1 laughed and said I had, like, ten.. (I really have six). I told him I had three with me and pulled out one of my M!Xs and let him play with it while we were on the bus. Friend 1 actually wanted to see my other M!X, so I let her, and she was complaining the whole time about how stupid it was. XD Near Friend 2's bus stop, I lean over and ask him how he likes it. Friend 1 abruptly says she doesn't like it and hands it back to me and Friend 2 looks up at me, smiles, and says he likes it. Friend 1 gasped and told him not to fall down into this abyss of Tamagotchi. It was hilarious. He asked me to send him some links to where to buy them online.
  6. Hai! I've been wondering which tama to get next. I'll have to buy from Amazon. Here are my 3 tama choices: A Friends (not the Dream Town version), a 4U, or an original P. So, which tama is the best out of those 3? ONLY those 3. xD The Friends, a 4U or a P1/P2? The P would be the Japanese version. I want games, and... yeah. xD Something to amuse me when I'm bored. xD So, which is the best? The Friends is the most expensive, with the P being the cheapest. I didn't think that the Friends were that popular, but y'know. Thanks! Bai
  7. Hi! I'm looking into getting more Tamagotchi's and I was wondering how much you guys would recommend a Dream Town. What I like in a Tamagotchi is, a lot of, games. Looking at the Dream Town, there's like, 11? But those are hard for me to find... And then I'm not sure how I feel about normal tamagotchi friends, plus I don't really want to buy another one for the BFF stuff just yet. Friends are SUPER easy to find though, I just. Think I would prefer a Dream Town... Idk. I'll figure it out I guess but I wanted y'alls input too. Ty!
  8. Hiya! I'm currently on Series 5 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S! I'm obsessed with it! So... no spoilers, peeps, but... what's your fave episode? Fave chracter? What's your opinion on Gunther? Who do you think is the funniest? IDK what my fave episode is. But Chandler's my fave. xD And I feel kinda sorry for Gunther. He's sorta sweet in a weird, obsessive way. And Chandler's the funniest. xD What about you guys? Oh, and who's your fave girl and who's your fave guy (out of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler)? And do you think Janice is funny, weird or annoying? xD Ah, but no spoilers! Please! Just... chat about F.R.I.E.N.D.S, K? ~Berry
  9. So my tamagotchi Friends was all normal( when I was in my pjs, watching tv ) and I went upstairs to get changed. I came back down only to find there was some sort of crease in my screen! Its gone light purple and blue, so Im a bit concerned. Any help? Thanks, Lucky Cat 🐾
  10. Hey hi, I just powered up my Friends, and I was looking for tutorials on how to play the mini games, and the instruction manual I found, and all the discussions I found had Drop Catch, Select Get, Mimic, Flower Count, and Cake Catch as the games, but my Friends has Driving, Dancing, Find Ice Cream, and ?????. Are the pages I'm finding discussing the Dream Town version? Or is my Friends bootleg or something? O.o xo, Jem-z
  11. Is their any way I can choose the Tama I get on my friends?
  12. So I got a Tamagotchi Friends for Christmas and I have a few questions about it. 1: My Tama keeps calling out to me with an explanation point over his head. What does that mean? He is completely full and happy, so it must mean something other then that. 2: For some reason the sounds are kind of rough compared to my v4.5 (I'm not sure how else I would explain it). Is that normal, of is there something wrong with my speakers? 3: Is jewelry important, or are they just for collecting? Sorry, these are probably pretty obvious to those who've had a Friends for a while. I greatly appreciate the help, and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever other holiday you may celebrate.
  13. So I have a tamagotchi Friends, and my sister and her BFF have ones too. They are all pretty much the same, BUT, mine has different games. Theirs have flower count, cake catch, drop catch, select get and mimick but mine has driving, dancing, find ice cream, flower count and another game I have not unlocked. Is there an explanation for this? If anyone could help I would be a happy cat! Thanks, Lucky cat
  14. Recently, my well loved Pianitchi left me and died, and Im very sad 😢. I am here to remember it and share her interests with fellow Tama fans, who ( hopefully ) feel the same as me. Pianitchi loved playing piano 🎹. Her favourite song to play was the tamagotchi dance. She loved eating corn, and always went to the park. Her mother, cofrietchi was sad when she heard the news ( obviously ). Pianitchis best friend was memetchi and they always exchanged presents. Here is here photo album: 🌽 her first corn on the cob 🎹 her piano 🏡 her house her best friend I am still getting over the grief of losing her. I hope you feel the same way. Lucky Cat
  15. Hello! I'm super new to Tamas again after years of recovering from heartbreak (when I was a kid I had a tama, probably V2, but it was destroyed by bullies :C) I happened to catch a lucky break and get myself a Dream Town Tama, but I don't think I'll get lucky and find another one any time soon at any reasonable price. Can Dream town and Friends bump or is my tama going to be lonely until I can get another DT? Can the IDL P or 4U bump with DTDF?
  16. My tamagotchi friends and my dream town had babies together. right off the bat, the friends' adult left at least an hour before the dream town adult did. but while caring for the baby, i noticed a few things. It didn't call me when the parent left (and i would have heard it, because it was right next to me), and it also didn't call me when it got sick. has anyone else noticed this?
  17. Hello. I reached 16th generation on tamagotchi friends, checked memory when it way a toddler and every previous adult I had was registered as usual, as Well as friends I connection with. After a while, checking on the same memory list to decide which adult to evolve in this time, I found everything was empty. All of my previous adults removed, and only a baby Named AAAAAAA as friend was left. My jewel collection and foods were not affected and are the same as they used to. Now, I got a rightchi but it hasn't been registrered in memory as Well! Why did this happen and how do I fix it? Thanks.
  18. I haven't seen anyone else post about this so I will! How cool is this?? I tested it on my tamagotchi friends and it works fine!!! This is the actual thing, all credit goes to the amazing Mr. Blinky!
  19. Hello I recently bought a tamagotchi friend (eu version) and I linda need some clarification. I read the character evolution charts, But I keep getting Mametchi no Matter how much I play/feed it. Do the Bumps count as Sms/etc to develop a social personality perhaps? Also, having the eu version, I don't have the Coin catch game mentioned in the guide: which game should I play to get an active character? Also, I wasn't able to find a complete jewelry list, to understand where can I get the ones unavailable in the shop. Thanks in advance to those willing to help me!
  20. Hey I have a little question. Can a tama 4u and a friends connect to each other?? I've already tried a few times but without succes.
  21. We both have tamagotchi connects v4.5 but it won't let ours visit each other or anything. Mine is Mukimukitchi and hers is Kometchi. We click on v4/4.5 on the friends thing and both click visit, line our infrared sensors up and nothing happens. Help!
  22. Yay! My first log. Today, at 9:50, I hatched my dreamtown. Surprise, it's a girl! A hungry, crying, Pinkbotchi. I decided to call her AURYN, from the Neverending Story. She pooped, I fed her some bread, and we played Tennis. We then proceeded to Music Cafe for a crepe, which we ate with Charatchi. I don't have much time now, but I'll update this tonight when Auryn is old enough for some roleplay. I will attach pictures later, but I'm doing this from my iPad so I can't do it for this post. Creds to Salad and Rukitchi for the roleplay idea. Oh and Salad inspired me to start this so yeah. :3
  23. The 'Tamagotchi Friends' - Now, I've had my TF for roughly a week now, and my opinions of it have gone up and down, and for many reasons. I was in my local Tesco some time last week, and I decided then I wanted a new Tamagotchi. I had just found my love for the old toys and thought it a great way to restart my Tama family by buying the newest model. This Tesco didn't sell them, so off I drove to the nearest superstore - Argos. Flipping through their hefty catalog, eventually I settled on the page of electronic pets, and right in the corner, tucked away, was the TF. Instantly my heart sunk, but only a little. It warmed my heart that a decade later, this store still sold Tamagotchis, but at the same time I was sad at how much room the pictures didn't take up. It was like they were no longer important. Drilling in its 7 digit number into a small machine, I was relieved to see they had three in stock, probably of various colours. What shocked me the most? It cost £25.00. That's a whole £13.00 more expensive than they were when I was small. Or more, even! Needless to say my drive to own one of these things was crazy, so I went ahead and bought one. I wasn't given a choice of colours, and got given the purple gem one. I opened the velcro cover and stared at it as I walked slowly back to my car. It was ugly. No, seriously. It was massive, thick, with cheap looking colours. Like someone had coloured it in sharpie. It was like the guys who came up with the design forgot their original ideas. These little things were made for pockets, and this thing would never fit into a 10 year olds trousers, shirt or coat. I got home, sat on the sofa with my 14 year old sister, who started talking about Tamagotchi's herself, and how she was 7 when she played with them. (She's four years younger than me) After opening up the garish looking pet, I took the back off, only to discover it no longer took 3v batteries. I suppose it was a good thing, since they were a pain to get hold of in my area. After putting different batteries in (since it didn't come with any) the thing groggily burst to life, and my heart sunk even more. I've never heard such horrid sounds in my life. It's like it's little sound chip was being thrown into a blender over and over and then being force to bleat out some notes. If you compare the sounds this thing made to the v5, it makes the v5 sounds like 1000 singing angels and the TF sound like a dying cat. Literally. I always know when the TF needs me because all I can here is the out of tune, tinny sounds from the depths of my bag, which is where I find myself leaving it most of the time. I don't know if it's just mine that has bad sounds, but it's an earache I'll tell you now. I feel that Bandai had so much possibility, especially with the technology we have these days. They could have made it amazing. There could be so many more features... Anyway; Pros: I'm sure it can take a hit Pixel depth New characters There are some new features Revival of original Tamagotchi games (♫ get) Can change contrast Cons: Poor sound quality Poor paint quality Too big for a normal pocket Too much going on to be able to see Tama (contrast change does not help) Infra-Red is no more, bump connection instead (AKA no backwards compatibility) Now, just because I've slated so much about this device, that it means it's 100% bad, right? Well, not exactly.. I mean, mine evolved into a rather strapping looking Mametchi, who calls me to him just to let me know he loves me, and it makes my heart ache to think he's stuck on such a poorly made bit of tech. Conclusion: Looks ★★☆☆☆ Quality ★★☆☆☆ Content ★★★☆☆ Overall ★★★☆☆ Please don't slate my post/topic too much, I just needed to majorly vent my opinions on the Tamagotchi Friends. [edit- spelling mistakes]
  24. Hey everyone! The old topic "Do your friends and family know you collect" sadly got locked (, so I had the idea to make it again! The title basically says it all, Do your friends and family know you collect? And if they do, what was their reaction? My family know, and don't care, due to the fact Im 13. My mom is a little upset about it, she thinks I shouldve grown out of it already. My friends on the other hand.....don't. If they did, it wouldnt be pretty. I dont have a problem with playing with my tama's in stores and such, but school? No. So what are your guys family/friend reactions? Feel free to post! -MametchiWarrior
  25. I am saving up to get the 4U+ when it comes out, but I just noticed that currently the Dream Town is super cheap on EBay. Should I go ahead and get one? My main concern is the size of it- that I wouldn't be able to take it to work with me, or out on a daily basis. How many of you on here have a Dream Town? What are some of the pros and cons of it that I need to be aware of?