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Found 42 results

  1. This was originally a game on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia that I have finally brought to TamaTalk. The object of this game is simple. Somebody posts an attached image and somebody has to state the opposite of it. Unlike Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, the user can also choose to additionally put what the picture actually is in parentheses. For example, if someone posts an image of a dog, the other user calls it a cat. That user can choose to add onto their response by adding (actually a dog). Anyways, let's do this!
  2. 😂🤣I just wanted to know your most embarrassing moments in school and if everyone laughed or just stayed quiet. Or if the teacher got mad or something like that. An embarrassing moment in school with Tamagotchi had never happend to me but i think the story's are really funny, im not trying to make someone feel bad, if you dont want to share the story thats ok, but if you want to you can.😂🤣
  3. Ok earthlings, I just found out of how to debug your Pixel Pet, Keep on pressing the tick button repeatedly until you see cobwebs, some black thing that has thease smell mark stuff and you see your Hamster \ Puppy have a mad face. Try it, it is really fun!
  4. Hello little earthing, I was just wondering if there were any Undertale fans out in TamaTalk, Look, I like Tamagotchi, but the thing I am trying to say is Are there any people who Like Pixel Chix or Undertale... I like both... Both of them are great... The diffrence beetween them is Pixel Chix is old Still like it though. And Undertale is new. Who is your Favorite Undertale Charater? Mines is Sans The Skeleton, Why you may ask? Cause he makes funny puns! Sans: hey kiddo, how are you doing? Gozaruchi is my favorite Tamagotchi, why you may ask? Cause he is a ninja and sort of reminds me of Kakashi from Naruto! Sans: what do you call a dog that has been out in the cold? a pupsicle BADUM TSS!
  5. 20 ways to have fun with your Tamagotchi Play games give it snacks have a tea party start a gang (motorcycle gangs are the most fun) go swimming have a pie eating contest share an ice cream cone take it on a walk (with or without a leash) get matching tattoos talk about your feelings do each others makeup get an apartment together do the cinnamon challenge together do some crafts go shopping for prom dresses gossip get matching outfits prank your enemies have a burping contest make friendship bracelets this is a joke, do not actually do this with your tamagotchi feel free to add any ways to have fun that i might have missed.
  6. Hello! This is just a little thing I found online but I changed it a bit and used Tamagotchi characters To make this, I wrote a list of events and a list of characters and used to put them in random order and assign numbers/months to them in order. Here's how to determine what would happen if you met a Tamagotchi Note: It's just for fun! Find the event that matches your birth month. Find the character with the number that's the same as your birth day. If you visited Tamagotchi Planet, you would... January - Become mortal enemies with February - Become best friends with March - Escape to another planet with April - Fall in love with May - Go back to Earth with June - Go to jail with July - Go on a picnic with August - Spend the rest of your life with September - Have a sleepover with October - Go to a restaurant with November - Take over the world with December - Have a party with Coffretchi Kiraritchi Candy Pakupaku Yumemitchi Makiko Miraitchi Lovesoratchi Kuromametchi Pianitchi Himespetchi Clulutchi Violetchi Kikitchi Ringotchi Chamametchi Togetchi Moriritchi Melodytchi Kuchipatchi Gozarutchi Orenetchi Mimitchi Chantotchi Memetchi Ichigotchi Mametchi Spacytchi Neenetchi Lovelitchi Shimashimatchi Smartotchi Because my birth month is August and my birth date is the 15th of that month, then I would spend the rest of my life with Chamametchi. O_o What do you get?
  7. Hello Guys! Here's a game I remember from Tamatalk about 7 years ago! It's called~ •The Quote Game• The aim of the game is to quote the post, or some of the post above you, change a bit of what it says so it's funny (within reason) then leave your own thoughts, comments or opinions of the game below it! I'll give an example~ Person 1: This should be fun Person 2:
  8. Ever wondered what type(s) you would be if you were a Pokémon? I found this little birthday-scenario game which determines your primary and secondary types! (: According to this chart, I'm a Grass/Flying type (my birthday is May 30th), which means I could be Sky Shaymin! ^u^ What kind of Pokémon are you? Post your type here!
  9. Here's an interesting!...we can discuss. Do you have a Tamagotchi who has the same birthday as you? In my belief, it might help you choose your potential favorite Tama, since both you and them have in common. As for me, I don't have any Tamagotchi characters who has the same birth date as me... But, there are a few characters who has the same birth month as me: Pianitchi Kiraritchi Spacytchi Shirimotchi So that means I have an equal share of potential favored boys and girls... So, do you have a Tamagotchi who has the same birth date or month as you? It would be so epic if they have the same birthday as you. Keh heh...
  10. Hi everyone. On tuesday of next weekthe 27, lets start thing, with 5 weeks of school left, when we get back to school lets start this. requirements: Have any tamagotchi be a thing that can log about it thats it. Just have the time to log and take care of it. You dont have to post everyday, but that would be nice. Well just post in the comments if you wanna join. if you have any qeustions or anything at all just ask in comments below.
  11. OK, well, I made up dis game... So it's where you say a type of food. the next person that replies says if they like the food or not. Then they would say a type of food and so on! EG. Person 1: Apple. Person 2: Like it Brussel sprouts. Person 3: Yuck! Etc... WELL... I'll start first! Chocolate cake
  12. So I've been busy lately, and so I haven't been running Tamagotchis or anything. And I miss it a lot. Thus, I've decided to try and make a log on here just for fun. *gets up from computer* *returns* So I've decided to start up my snazzy silver V3. When I put in the battery, I see that I have a fourth-generation, five-year-old girl Mimitchi named Zia. She has a baby girl with her. Until I mess with the clock, the date says October. Jeeeeez, that must be October 2012. The last time I ran this thing. Evidently, it's been a while. Zia is asleep But this looks like fun. I'll try to post pictures later! Signing off! Amat
  13. Hi so is the Tama-go worth getting now? is it fun ? do people still play it ? have u enjoyed it ?
  14. Hi guys So whats ur favorite tamagotchi's? pick ur favorite 3 and say why u love it (just for fun ) My top 3 are : 3.Tamagotchi Music star 2. Tama- Go 1.AND TAMAGOTCHI V4/v4.5!!!!
  15. Heya! Anyone ever tried making homemade stickers (with student/everyday glue and vinegar)? This website explains how in a very detailed guide: *It's the kind of stickers you lick or spray water on.* I made the special glue and my first layer is finishing drying. I printed out some characters, it's going to be adorable!
  16. This topic is from another forum site, so I suppose there can be a topic about it here, too. Ookla speed test is for measuring your download and upload speeds, and ping, and rating your ISP. It is at The upload/download is measured in megabits (Mb). 1 Mb = 0.125 megabytes (MB), so 1 MB = 8 Mb. The ping is in milliseconds. 1,000 milliseconds = 1 second. Then you paste the image url here and compare speeds, for fun. (: If for privacy reasons you don't want your country or cities or ISP to be shown, you can just type the download, upload, ping and grade results. here's mine:
  17. This is a game where someone simply posts a drawing that they have drawn and the person that posts next rates it and so they post another picture that they drew and so on. If you don't get it, here's an example: Person 1: *posts drawing of donkey with sunglasses* Person 2: 7/10 *posts drawing of Elvis* Person 3: 10/10 *posts drawing of a pickle in a hat* That's pretty much how it works. I'll start.
  18. In case you weren't aware, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before your dying day. So far, mine is: Buy an iPhone 8 Get all the Tamagotchi versions that exist Travel to every country (especially Zambia) Fly an airplane Go rock climbing What things are on your bucket list? Post them here! Keep it appropriate!
  19. Hey I know this must have been asked a million times but we change all the time, along with our tastes. So, my question; What is your favorite version of Tamagotchi, and why!!
  20. Hey! Just curious what other people out there play. :excl: :excl: Computer games are fun, and so why not? They can be basically anything (including paint) so long as it's on the computer! Tell me whatcha guys like!!
  21. This is a fun game where you tell someone to google somethin' on Google images, then they have to post an image they get and make a request for the next person to Google. FOR EXAMPLE: Person 1: Google "hedgehog"! Person 2: Google "Himespetchi"! And so on. Easy as pie. There are a few things you should know: 1. When searching for images have safe search on. 2. Don't make naughty requests. 3. It is recommended you check the results before making the request in case there are inappropriate pictures. For example, DO NOT tell someone to Google for a picture of a guinea pig if you know there will be pics of guinea pigs cooked up... 4. You CAN request stuff in other languages! 5. Don't post inappropraite pictures. I'll start. Google "vorticon"!
  22. Tamakology! Kokology \ ko ko l o je\ n [Japanese, kokoro, mind, spirit, feelings + Greek -logia, the study of ] 1. A series of psychological games designed to uncover emotional and behavioral traits of the players 2. A popular term for the interpretation of the hidden meanings of human behavior and situational responses So I decided to make a Tamakology based from the famous quiz game Kokology. I placed it here cause it is a game but more on a serious side. I suggest you take a pen and paper and write down your answers. This game is a self-discovery game and really fun if you do it with someone else. The answer keys are on the next post. I will update this randomly. Place your comments and suggestions here and if the answers are accurate or not! Let's start! 1.Your favorite Tamagotchi of all time fell on a hard concrete floor. You look below and what do you see? a. It landed on it's back safely. b. It has a few scratches and it's back broke but still functioning well. c.The screen has cracked and is beyond repair. d. Oddly enough, it's not there at all. 2.You have won $1000 from a random sweepstakes! What will you do with the money? a. Save it until you think of something you really want. b. Bid on a Devilgotchi, Yasashii and Santagotchi all at the same time. c. Buy a variety of Tamagotchis. d.Buy the things you always dreamt of. 3. You fell in love with this tamagotchi on a thrift shop. On impulse, you bought it and took it home with you. It works perfectly and surpassed your expectations. One day, it stopped working. You changed the batteries hundreds of times and yet still nothing. a.How long did that Tamagotchi last before it broke? b.What did you feel when you looked at that perfect Tamagotchi of yours broken? 4.You have decided to buy a new Tamagotchi to add to your collection. Regardless of what version, what shell do you want? a.Simple, plain colored shell. b.Warm color with little to no design. c.Cool, cutely patterned shell. d.Bright, decorative and lively shell. 5.Your younger cousin also loves Tamagotchis. One day, he approached you crying and said," I lost my very first Tamagotchi!" and continued crying. What will you say to your cousin? Have you written your answers? Scroll down and look at the answer key!
  23. So hey guys ! A couple years ago I started a tama log. As school started becoming very stressful I have up tamas for a bit but now since things are back on track I'm here to start my log again ! For now I'm going to start up 2 v3's and an idl. I'll be back with pictures stats and such very soon so just hand tight (: - Kody
  24. hello!! its me! anyways i am still waiting for my tamagotchi p's to get here. it has been 12 days since it shipped. so, when you guys were waiting for your tamas what did you do to pass the time? i listen to music and surf the web and ofcouse i come here! i was just wondering what you guys do to pass the time thats all! thank you so much for your comments!
  25. Tamagotchi Light - Tamagotchi idea. Icons: Stats Icon (Black and grey Box) - Shows the general stats as other Tamagotchis. Food Icon (Pizza) - Has Meal, Snack and Starter. Can also show the Tamagotchi's weight (The weight is can also be seen in the stats screen). Bathroom Icon (Bath Tub) - Here your Tamagotchi can brush its teeth, go to the toilet, and take a bath. Happy Icon (Smiling Face) - You can access Praise, Toys and Favourite Things (Shows list of favourite food, places to visit etc.) Sad Icon (Sad Face) - You can access Scold and Dislikes. Games (Football/Soccer ball) - You can play Games. Shopping Icon (Shopping Basket) - You can access the Shop and your items. Connecting Icon (Door) - You can connect to all English Tamagotchi versions and send and recieve items and Gotchi Points. Chat Icon (Speech Bubble) - You can take your Tamagotchi somewhere and it will chat with someone by choosing options like "Yes" and "No". Pink Circle - You can spin a wheel to get Gotchi Points! (Only one time per day) Jobs/Vacations (Paper) - You can try sign up for a job, and if you have enough money you can go on vacation! Simple Options (Black Box) - You can pause, reset, or send your Tamagotchi to the adoption centre! You can even look at your past Tamagotchis in the Memory Book. Each design has only stars. The price would be $38.99 because it has WAY more features which I will include soon. Look at this video for pictures.