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  1. I saw a video on youtube where a girl made a song using a song lyric generator for hilarious results. I wanted to try the same thing and when I found the website's poem generator, I instantly wanted to generate a Tamagotchi poem. The major problem was that the generator doesn't recognize non-standard words and thus couldn't really use "Tamagotchi" because it couldn't match it up with anything. And it also didn't do well with my standard, insane phrases - like "Grandma's teeth" - and instead replaced them with more sensible equivalents. So, having some literary talent, I decided I would modify them myself to be closer to what I actually wanted to create while still partially following the generator's formula. I made two of them and the words in [square brackets] are my modifications, while the rest are the generator and the selections it accepted. They even generated automatic reviews! Just a note about the first, it references the "Penguin-keeper's got a network of penguin minions monitoring the Mod Break topic, ready to squawk and send us back to square one" in-joke. ("Squawk" is such a hard word to spell.) [Tamagotchis] by K. Ballad I cannot help but stop and look at the Monochrome screen [subculture]. Does the [subculture] make you shiver? does it? Pay attention to the fact, the fact is the most made in 1996 realness of all. Does the fact make you shiver? does it? Just like a penguin minion squawking, is the failure. Failure - the true source of squawk. The yellow [beeping] sings like an abundance of cheap knock-offs Never forget the chromatic and colored [beeping]. And time to see the critic reviews: Oh boy, wait till they read my next masterpiece! I actually put some effort into the modifications as it practically rejected all of my choices so I had to add them back and make them work. The Glitched Stranger At Japanese Nonsense - A Narrative Poem by K. Ballad One day at a Japan You Want shop, I met a man selling [leveled gotchis, extra flat], For money he wanted to swap, But I really wanted some [Devilgotchis, extra matte]. "Got any [Devilgotchis]?" asked I. "For that's how I'll spend my money." "No [Devilgotchis] here!" said the guy. He seemed to find it quite funny. "We've got some lovely [weird stuff], I'll give you a very fine price." "I'd rather have some [geared stuff]." The man blinked rapidly thrice. The man seemed exceptionally [Kuchipatchi, kissy face and all], And his manner was strangely [Tamatchi-d, like a smiling ball]. He wasn't what I would call [Kusatchi, no leaves squiggled], Great disdain he noticeably [Zatchi-d, arms constantly wriggled]. Like others, he thought I was odd, Some say I'm a bit [switched]. Still he gave me a courteous nod, As if he thought I was plenty [glitched]. So in search of my goal I departed, But before the Japan You Want shop could I leave, The man came running full-hearted, "I can help you I believe." "[Leveled gotchis, Devilgotchis], you shall find. [Grandma’s teeth, penguins beneath], you can get. You must now open your mind, And get down to Japanese Nonsense Market. So to Japanese Nonsense Market I decided to go, In search of the [Devilgotchis] I craved. The winds it did eerily blow. But I felt that the day could be saved. There were stalls selling rings, TamaTalkers in many shades. There were even stalls selling wings People were scattered from many trades I was greeted by a peculiar lady, She seemed to be rather [switched] I couldn't help thinking she might be quite shady. I wondered if she was at all [glitched]. Before I could open my mouth, She shouted, "For you, I have some [Devilgotchis]!" I headed towards her, to the south, Past some [Granny teeth and leveled gotchis]. "But how did you know?" I asked, "Do you want them or not?" she did say. Silently, the [Devilgotchis] she passed. Then vanished before I could pay. As I walked away I [heard] a crackle Or was it, perhaps, a hushed cackle? And the critics loved it: I have a feeling these people have little subcultural relevance as Enid Kibbler seems to be oblivious to the value of a Devilgotchi. And to that I demande, "Go educate yourself, normie!" If this entertained you, why not rig up a poem yourself? Or maybe even a song or other form of writing from one of the other generators?
  2. So guys. I came across a list of "rarest tamagotchis" while browsing and I had to know because of the title being like "We're concerned if you paid this much for a tamagotchi" or something or other. Anyways heres the image. What do you all think? I can't stop laughing and genuinely being concerned of who listed this as well as wrote the article, which if you google "Rarest tamagotchi" google makes it the first link. Have fun!
  3. ☆ Hello! I can't do new paragraphs as I'm on a nintendo, so sorry for any errors! xD OK... let's get started! ☆ // Hannuki - Female / 13 / Long brown hair / Blue eyes / Friendly / Funny // Ani - Female / 13 / Short blonde hair / Green eyes / Friendly / Funny // ☆ Picture this scene: A normal, standard classroom. Desks. Chewing gum underneath the drawers and chairs. Well, gum everywhere, actually. And bored pupils. Really bored. Girls twirling their hair, boys playing hand football with a really dry, round blob of blu tac. So let's begin. ☆ // Hannuki - or Ki, as people call her - glances around the room cautiously. As nobody was looking, she slowly wriggled her right hand into her pocket, feeling the cool plastic under her fingers. Ki carefully pulled the tamagotchi out of her pocket. Just as she was about to feed Mametchi, Anabelle, the kid sat next to her, kicked Ki's chair. Ki gasped as the tamagotchi flew to the other side of her table. Anabelle smirked. // The teacher turned around, about to ask who made the thumping sound (she presumed it was the boys playing with the blu tac), as Ani coughed loudly. She was at the other end of the room to Ki, so the teacher didn't see the tiny little pink gotchi. // "Do you have something in your throat?" the teacher asked sarcastically, even giving an eye roll. // "Sorry miss," apologised Ani, quickly glancing in Ki's direction. The tamagotchi was back in Ki's pocket, fed and only with a tiny scratch mark. // The grumpy, and kinda old teacher waddled back to her desk. (Yeah, the teacher's the sort of person who wears old lady shoes and buys things from TV books.) // Ki smiled an "OMG YOU JUST SAVED MY LIFE AND MY TAMA'S LIFE!!!" smile at Ani. Ani grinned back. // "So... what was that?" Ani asked Ki when class was over. // "It's a tamagotchi," Ki replied, pulling her pink tama mini out of her pocket. // "Cool!" Ani exclaimed. "And whaddoes it do?" ☆ Writing this as a skit. xP ☆ Ki: It's like a virtual... pet... thing. Ani: Oh. Ki: Yeah. Ani: I like the colour. Ki: Thanks! Ani: So... whaddoes it do again? Ki: You feed it, look after it... *discovers that Mametchi just pooped* and clean up after it's... Ani: Pooped? Ki: Yeah! *presses A* Ani: Wanna hang out in the park later? ☆ And back to a story again. ☆ Ki smiles, before replying, "Sure! Wanna get milkshakes?" // "I'd love to!" Ani jumps, nodding her head enthusiastically. "Bring Smol' Dude?" // "You mean Mametchi?" asks Ki, holding up her mini. // "Wut? But yeah. IT'S CALLED MITCHY SOMETHIN' OR OTHER?!" Ani screeches. // "MAMETCHI." Ki says firmly. // "K... you bring... Itchy, I'll bring money." Ani says uncertainly. // "Ooh, bring £10 and drink money!" Ki exclaims. // "Why?" // "Haha, you'll see!" ☆ Annnd dere. The next chap is when *SPOILER*! See ya... next... chapter? Welp, bai! ☆
  4. 😂🤣I just wanted to know your most embarrassing moments in school and if everyone laughed or just stayed quiet. Or if the teacher got mad or something like that. An embarrassing moment in school with Tamagotchi had never happend to me but i think the story's are really funny, im not trying to make someone feel bad, if you dont want to share the story thats ok, but if you want to you can.😂🤣
  5. Mametchi stood in the kitchen for the first time. He had never been in one before! Can you make a pop tart bruh. Said tired Kutchipatchi from downstairs. It cant be that hard! You just put one IN the toaster and then take it OUT, right? He carefully did what he thought he should do, and pulled the bouncy lever thingy down. He waited for a few seconds before the pop tart came FLYING out. You could almost see it as a superhero. WAAAAAAAAAAH! Screamed Mametchi as he fell to the floor. KUTCHIPATCHI! YOU NEVER TOLD ME IT FLEW OUT!
  6. Hello there traveler.... Would you like to sit down and have your fortune told? I'm a little bit misty in the head these sometimes all I can see is that time you tried to put your shoes on and were chased by a miniature snapping turtle...wait...what was I saying again? Oh yes, sometimes all I see is snapping turtles, and tales of hilarity...but at others...I get a glimpse of some POWERFUL TAMAGOTCHI-MATION that will help you pursue your dreams. I want to help the community in my old age, so please keep your Gotchi points in your pocket and spend them elsewhere. Simply state your desire for a fortune below, and do not ask any specific question! Wait patiently and you will get a fortune! Do not post twice in a row asking for your fortune.
  7. So yesterday I was at the solon getting my hair done. I brought all five of my tamagotchis because I knew it would take a long time before I was at there. One of the tamagotchis I brought was my new 1996 tamagotchi, which I had wanted since I had started playing Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. I few hours later I lady who looked like she was in about her twenties or so came in and noticed me playing with my tamagotchi. She asked me about and I told her about my little tamagotchi collection while she told me about stories of her giga pet. At one point she told me this funny story about how in 1996 you couldn't play certain games unless you owned a tamagocthi or other virtual pet. Was that really true about tamagocthis? Does anyone have a similar story?
  8. 1. I am not allowed to refer to me, Ruby, and Rachel as the Lookalike Trio. 2.The Bad Touch Trio is not appropriate either. 3. When I am walking with Rachel or Ruby, I am not allowed to introduce us as Gred and Forge. 4. I should not yell "HI Gred and Forge!" if I see Rachel and Ruby walking together. 5. I will get severe injuries. 6.I am not allowed to call Kaye "senpai-chan" 7. I am not allowed to call the guy in my orchestra class "Rainbow". 8. I shouldn't mock Serena. 9. I already got reported to the counselor because of that. 10. I am not allowed to call Kaye a man-whore. 11. I can't call him the school boy toy either. 12. When someone swears, I am not allowed to yell "For God's sake Harry, what is with this language!? Yer a f$*#**$g wizard!" 13. I am not allowed to call The Ultimate Doomer the lovechild of Sirius Black and Serverus Snape. 14. I am not allowed to challenge The Ultimate Doomer to a duel on Pottermore. 15, It will end up with me sulking. 16. I should not try to contact J.K Rowling to ask her to add the Avada Kedavra/Unforgivable Curses to Pottermore. 17. I will get banned. 18.I am not allowed to play Ebola-tag. 19. Ruby will cry. 20. I am not allowed to make Ruby or The Ultimate Doomer cry. 21. Drama will ensue. 22. The Ultimate Doomer X Ruby is not a ship. 23. I am not allowed to make the above thing my otp. 24.I am not allowed to ship TT members. 25. I am definitely not allowed to create fanfics about the ships. 26. Foxy the Pirate Fox is not my spirit animal. 27. I am not allowed to eat fried chicken while playing FNAF. 28.I am not allowed play my violin at my dad's restaurant. 29. My dad will have to pay for the medical bills and eardrum replacements. 30. i am not allowed to shout "OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE" whenever someone asks about Korean culture. 31. I should not shout this in Korea. 32. I am not allowed to bring my baby cousin back from Korea as a "souvenir" . 33. My baby cousin's English name will not be Shrek. 34. His name will not be Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber either. 35. The comment-on-everything-in-Doomer's-profile-feed-challenge is not an actual challenge. 36. I am not allowed to make fun of The Ultimate Doomer's username. 37. I am not allowed to call him Domer either. 38. I should not tell those new to TT that The Ultimate Doomer is a girl. 39. Even is he looks like one. 40. I am not allowed to say The Ultimate Doomer looks like a girl. 41. My bow is not a wand. 42, I should not attempt to cast spells with it, as my violin would be taken away. 43. I am not allowed to call the guy in my math class "selfie". 44. Flipping each other off constantly is not a "lost language" 45.I am not allowed to skip the mile run. 46. I am not allowed to do the mile run with a scooter/bicycle/my mom's car. 47. I am not allowed to scream "I DON'T GOT NO BAE NO MORE" to people after a breakup. 48.When the group leaders are raising their hand for us to be quiet at After School Care, I am not allowed to walk up to them and high-five them. 49. I will not refer to After School Care as Concentration Camps Inc, 50. The bathrooms at ASC are not to be referred to as "the gas chambers" 51. I should not gasp and cry with relief whenever someone walks out of the bathrooms unharmed. 52. I am not allowed to send my teachers the link to so they can see what students say about them. 53. I should especially avoid doing this to my orchestra teacher. 54. I am not allowed to laugh when my orchestra teacher calls himself an idiot/stupid man. 55. I have to laugh at my orchestra teacher's jokes. 56. Even if they're not funny, 57. The orchestra teacher's jokes are always funny. 58. I am not allowed to make inappropriate comments about getting "the D" in a subject. 59. Grades are serious. 60. I am not allowed to tell my dad that I'm going to get a D at one point or another, whether in a report card or in bed. 61. I am not allowed to swear in front of my little brother. 62. Yanking my brother's hair is not "stress-relief". 63. I should not repeat the incident with the plastic recorder. 64. This time I might blind him. 65. I am not allowed to go to Great Britain just to visit King's Cross Station. 66. I am not allowed to walk around the station quoting Dumbledore from Deathly Hallows. 67. I am not allowed to reenact Harry Potter Puppet Pals at school. 68. Especially with Dumbledore. 69. I will not spent 20 minutes trying to explain 69 to The Ultimate Doomer. 70. I am not allowed to say "boing" 71. I am not allowed to say "do you even shrek" 72, This topic will probably get deleted. 73. I am not allowed to follow Storyteller's guide to mourning your favorite topic that was locked. 74. I don't have ADHD anyways. 75. I am not allowed to sing my Let it Go parody in public. 76. I am not allowed to touch Ruby's hair. 77. I might get a broken arm. 78. I am not allowed to say that Ruby's broken arm was caused by a fat guy crushing it at Ice Palace. 79. It was a tall guy who bumped into it the wrong way. 80. I am not allowed to accuse Kaye of breaking Ruby's arm. 81. I am not allowed to go to the Oahu Club just to see Kaye shirtless. 82. I was just trying to see if he really does have a 6-pack. 83. It is almost impossible for a 12-year old to have a 6-pack. 84, I am not allowed to request that the orchestra play Happy Happy Harmony. 85. Hattafutte Parade is not to be requested either. 86. #bringbackTbay will not be accepted because #conpeople. 87. I will not ask Admin to rename TamaCHAT! as DramaCHAT! 88.My Patronus is not Freddy Fazbear. 89. I do not have a Patronus. 90. SkydoesMinecraft is not the next President. 91. I should not create #SkyforPresident 92. #ShrekforPresident is not acceptable either. 93. YOLO is not an appropriate response when asked why homework was not done. 94. Neither is singing "Too Cool For School" From Harry Potter Puppet Pals. 95. I am not allowed to use the Wizard Swears. 96. I am not allowed to use the Elder swear. 97. I shouldn't memorize the Elder Swear. 98. I not allowed to yell "Swiggity Swooty, I'm comin' fo dat booty!" whenever I see Kaye. 99. I am not allowed to make Harry Potter jokes/puns. 100. I am not allowed to make another topic like this one.
  9. Hello Guys! Here's a game I remember from Tamatalk about 7 years ago! It's called~ •The Quote Game• The aim of the game is to quote the post, or some of the post above you, change a bit of what it says so it's funny (within reason) then leave your own thoughts, comments or opinions of the game below it! I'll give an example~ Person 1: This should be fun Person 2:
  10. This is a topic for you to post funny,cute or intresting images of the anime! such as this one! "Roar!" you can post them in this topic! I'll post some in spoilers! now you can too by posting in this topic!
  11. Well when I went through my phase of being SUPER OBSESSED with tamagotchis I had a lot of tama-related dreams. For example: The ones I can remember are, being at a festival in Tamatown and I looked down and the streets were paved with gold tamagotchis and then Kuchipatchi hugged me so hard I couldn't breathe and then I woke up (I was sick and had a blocked nose haha.) Once I went into a thrift shop and I found all these awesome vintage tamas, (angel, morino, umino, devil and santa) and some newer ones, like a TMGC + C, a home deka and an akai, and a whole bunch of Connections. I was so excited and asked how much they were and the guy at the counter wanted to get rid of them and gave me the lot for $5. I woke up stoked and then sad. I also had a nightmare in which I had my lanyard on which had 6 tamas on it including my brand new Music Star and my Akai, and my dad pushed me into a pool. I still, to this day, check around my neck and in my pockets for tamas before I get in a bath shower or pool. Weird, right? I also dreamed that I could summon the "power" of different tamas, like Mametchi's brains, Gozarutchi's speed, and Ichigotchi's dance moves and could use them to my advantage. It was pretty cool because I had a ring that would change to which character I was using. So those are my weird dreams. I want to hear about yours!
  12. While mass mayhem ensued on Tamatalk, we tried to make the best of the situation. And a great situation it was.
  13. So while we were all hiding out from the mass mayhem that ensued last night, we made the best of the situation. And a great situation it was.
  14. Hey, everyone. It's been FOREVER since I BLOGGED ANYTHING. I know, I know. Most of you probably don't even remember me, but not that that bothers me all that much Oh, and since I don't know how to change my screen name, I'm just going to refer to myself as IchigoHanabi (strawberry fireworks in Japanese) in my blogs till someone either lets me know how to change the screen name and such! Sooooo, today, was a VERY GOOD DAY. For one, my tamagotchi that I have been waiting for for AGES (8 days) showed up. Butttt, I had to walk all the way to the post office to pick it up because the amazon sender didn't put my apartment number on the box...So I called right BEFORE they posted a little "return to sender" sticker thingy on it and shipped it back. Thank goodness I called when I did. Otherwise I would be tamagotchi-less right now. And I would have cried. Also, the post office isn't all that far. I live in a fairly small town in Oregon called Shady Cove. You can see where the town ends, and where the town begins. That's literally how small it is. I love it though. Anywho-dy-who, I got a v4.5 tamagotchi PC pack! Pretty shweet, huh? It's got a neat little globe designed shell, with yellow buttons and a yellow star antenae. And, let me say, I AM IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. Bahaha. I also have the microphone/tamagotchi cradle thingy that you plug in your computer so you can speak to your desktop tamagotchi. ANYONE KNOW HOW IT WORKS? Bc I don't have a clue. PM me if you know, thank ya! Sooo, to get to the basics about my tama. My first egg ever on this brand new tama hatched out to be a bouncing baby boy. I was filled with joy seeing a little black blob dance around the screen. His (!) thingy showed up and I quickly fed him, played "Climb" and gave him a snack or two. He was content. He poo'd and I cleaned it up. Other than that he was a pretty well behaved baby! Then he took a little nap while I cleaned the kitchen, then woke up and EVOLVED. He's that little cookie, turd, cupcake looking thing? I don't know. I promise I will brush up on my tama-nology quickly after I post this. In my next post I will say what he exactly is (or was, if he evolves by then.) After he evolved, he was even more laid back. He only needed fed/played with a few times. He was a pretty chill dude today. I haven't had tamas in forever now, so I don't quite remember what and what it all means but, like I said, I'll brush up. I had bought him a few things today, too. Bc I played so many dang games with him just for the heck of it. He had quite a few gotchi points, so I bought him a mirror and a shovel and a few food items. When he used the shovel, poor thing dug up a snake. The snake was like "BWAHH" And he was like, "NO, NO PLEASE!" Then he was kinda frustrated so I had to play more games with him. And I really have no clue as to why I bought a mirror since he's a boy....But you never know, maybe he will dig that kinda stuff. Well, anyways, I've made this post long enough SO, I'll end it with some stats from today. Hunger: 4/4 Smarts: 10 Age: 0 Happy: 4/4 Beauty: 18 Weight: 12 Training: 2 Strength: 32 GP: 190 Gen 1, Name Liam. Well! That's it. Rate it if ya wanna. PM if you wanna talk too! Buh-bye.
  15. Uhm so the old topic died (, well at least I think it did ._. So ok whatever I'll just start Today in math this guy was looking at me so I said "Stop looking at me" and then he looked at me again and made this weird chicken noise xD And today In English this girl saw bananas on the back table and then said "I want a banana" and then I said "that depends, which kind do you want?" Today there was a sub in English and then this guy told the sub "I eat raccoons" and the sub said "You need counseling" xD
  16. So sometimes we save things from the internet, and those files sit there for a long time. Then one day, you come across that file and you wonder why in the world you even have this. I found this beauty on my desktop, titled "what happens when I'm sleepy". I truly, TRULY do not know why the heck I made this. Yes, I recall getting a picture of a sleeping seal off the internet and captioning it with "Oh, look. A narcoleptic seal." But I do NOT know why I even did that. All I know is that I was obviously sleepy at the time, so that's probably why I forgot. I JUST WANT TO REMEMBER THE REASON BEHIND MY RANDOMNESS. IT'S NOT FAIR, MAN. So, my little Tamatalkers: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to venture through the vast jungles of your hard drive, and search for the strangest file you can discover! Mission control, out.
  17. Ok, title pretty much says it all. Describe the poster above you using only one word! I'll start- 'Non-existent'
  18. In this game, you have to tell me what your avatar on the threads and chat is laughing at. like: my Apple avatar is laughing at a cat. etc. Let me start you off. My Rayman avatar is laughing at Sora doing his funny face from KH2!
  19. All you have to do is say something about yourself that's makes you different from most people you know. For example, a girl could say "Pink is such a lame colour" and a boy could say "Hot Wheels cars suck." Or you could say, "I love Smurfs so, so much!" Stuff like that!
  20. I have a challenge. For all of you. Create a Tamagotchi-themed meme! It's pretty self-explanatory. The only thing is, if you are a brainwashed true Tamagotchi fan, you would totally get it. Ya'll know what I'm saying? So go forth into the creative universe-and create the TAMAGOTCHI MEME!