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Found 14 results

  1. So a while back I made a topic about furbies, and how I found them so terrifying. But I've recently discoverd... they're not so bad! A few weeks ago my dad took us to a flea market and my sister found a white 2012 furby, just like the one she had for a short period of time. She decided to buy it (it was only 3$, how could she not?), even after I tried so hard to convince her not to. We got home, cleaned it up, and put new batteries in it, all while I was cowering in the corner. When the furby woke up, I looked over at it and realized that I WASN'T scared! I was amazed, something that for my whole life, I found so absolutely horrifying, didn't scare me! I somehow LIKED it, and it made me wonder why I was even scared of them in the first place. After that, my sister and I messed around with it for the rest of the evening, seeing if we could get all the different types of personalities. It was so cute! I know it doesn't seem all that amazing that I'm not scared of furbies anymore (and kinda stupid that I was even scared of them in the first place), but to me, it's a pretty big accomplishment. As I said, I've been scared of furbies pretty much my entire life, and they were my worst fear too, so getting over that is big. I actually really enjoy furbies now, and I'm glad I do. I'm actually considering getting a 2005 furby. Although I like them now, one thing will stay the same... furless furbies are still creepy as heck!
  2. So I picked up a Furby for cheap at a garage sale today and I was wondering if anyone knows exactly which model it is. It looks like this (the eyes are LCD screens): It didn't come with any instructions so I'd like to track those down once I figure out which model it is. I used to have the old mid-2000s Furbies when I was younger but this is my first of the newer models. Also I remember the old ones coming with plastic spoons to "feed" them, was that a feature of the new ones as well?
  3. For some reason ever since I was little I've been TERRIFIED of Furbies. Don't ask me why, I just am. And I'm not talking about I find them a little creepy, I'm talking about I-can't-even-go-into-a-room-that-has-a-batteryless-Furby-hidden-in-the-closet-without-almost-peeing-myself terrified. Most of my friends know this, and they'll occasionally tease me about it. Let's just hope that none of them are heartless enough to buy me one as a surprise gift... I know that they're harmless, it's just a robot with fur after all. I love most robots, and I took a robotics class last year. I've even tried looking pictures of furless Furbies, hoping that once I saw how these things work I wouldn't be so mortified of them. That was a very... VERY... bad idea... If you haven't seen a de-furred Furby before, consider yourself lucky. In my opinion, they look like evil spawns of the underworld. If you find Furbies fun and cute, good for you. I'm glad you find enjoyment out of them. My question is... Does anyone else find those little guys scary, or is it just overreacting about a children's toy?
  4. I haven't had a Furby since I was a kid in the 90's. I had the original Furby & original Tamagotchi. My younger brother had a couple of the Furby babies. I am happy to announce that tomorrow I am picking up my first Furby since the 90's - a Furby connection! I'm extremely excited and get so much joy from all these digital friends/pets/babies. With Tamagotchi I love both the old & new. With Furbies I felt like the newer version would be better, and I'm excited to try the games on my pad and discover all the new features. It's like I've taken the kid version of me and speed her forward in time.
  5. jadenblah

    New FUrbies

    Did anyone see the new Furby Connect?
  6. Codi

    Furby HELP!

    I have one of those fluffy Furbys from 2005 (the large ones with the silicone mouth). I changed the batteries and it won't wake up! I tried both "try me" and "on" mode and nothing. The battery compartment looks fine and overall there is no wear or tear on the Furby itself. Any suggestions? I am gonna be REALLY sad if I can't fix him.
  7. is the Furby forum the right place to post questions for Shelby? They are a spin off of the original '98 ones. Anyway, I was curious if the Shelbys have different voice pitches. Furbys have three, one high, one low and another in between. All the videos I watched featuring Shelbys have all had the same voice, but I wanted to double check.
  8. I've been adding new members to my Furby family which has lead me to getting my older ones out of storage. They operate fine and for the most part they look great, but they have some dirt/dust around their eyes or on their beaks. It's subtle, but it's enough where it's starting to bug me a little. Do you have any ideas on how I should clean this? I was thinking of gently putting some all-purpose cleaners on a cotton swab and going over the stains that way. I don't want to go overboard since the beaks and eyelids are so close to the machine that operates them.
  9. Some Furbies look very pretty and cute! What are your favorite designs and colors? They can be from any year or wave.
  10. As anyone who's ever owned a furby knows, the little fluffballs are considered, ah... notorious for their malfunctions, when combined with their ability to learn phrases and such. Does anyone have stories about times their furby said or did something that was unexpected, odd, or scary? I'd love to hear what other furby owners have experienced.
  11. So i was looking online and i found this! LOOOKS SO COOOOOOOL Anyway planning to buy one some time to add to my collection of 2012 and 2013 furbys Here are my furbys (Stock images) 2012 2013 1998- Furby Buddie plush(Not talking) So thats all! "When choosing between being right and being kind, choose kind" ~Wonder Ciao!
  12. Hi! My name is Catherine Caudwell and I am a researcher in the School of Design at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. I would like to invite Tamatalk community members to participate in my PhD research project. The Stories Tell Objects Project aims to understand the role that storytelling plays in people's interactions with electronic companions - such as Hasbro’s Furby - and the relationships we form with them. Participation includes responding in writing to various images and videos, and/or completing 2 short questionnaires. It should hopefully be a fun and creative exercise! If you would like to learn more, or are interested in participating in this study, please visit: I would greatly appreciate any input from fans of electronic companions and virtual pets. Thank you for your attention and consideration. Kind regards, Catherine Caudwell PhD Candidate School of Design Victoria University Wellington 6011 New Zealand
  13. Do you have any fond memories of your Furby like when did you get it and why? and did you take it places with you? I will always remember my Furby its name was May-may and i got it for christmas the year they came out. I was a little be disappointed because I wanted the Gizmo one and had never even seen the Furbys on TV, but I as soon as the batteries went in I loved it and it was my new best friend. May-may came almost everywhere with me, he used to be strapped into the doll seat I had on the back of my little pink bike and come on adventures with me. The scariest memory I have of May-may was the first time the batteries ran out I thought he was broken/ dieing and I ran home crying, his speech had slurred and he was making noises like there was a bee inside him. I was so relieved when my dad brought him back to life again. I remember how much my Grandparents used to hate my Furby they would call him an evil penguin like the one out of Wallis and Grommet. Then around this time last year I got my Furby out the cupboard for the last time, I had decided to put him into storage. I turned him upside down and he says "Me scared" then I began to un-do the screws and he goes "Ah bright light"just before I removed the batteries. I still love my Furby and will never sell him and I still think about maybe taking him out of storage.
  14. Hello, I am too old for Furbies but I still want to know how many you have, what color, and what kind. I have two white Furby Babies and one standard green Furby. My little brothers like them. One of the white ones is utterly filthy, and the other doesn't work. Anyway, what about YOUR Furbies?