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Found 61 results

  1. This is a forum game that's on another fansite that I absolutely adore. You basically say the alphabet, but.. it doesn't start over. Like counting, it goes on! For example... User1: A User2: B Several posts later... User3: Z User4: AA User5: AB Get it? The user below me begins! Let's all make it to ZZZ,ZZZ!
  2. Oh boy, do I have a strange story for TamaTalk for once. It centers on this: While I was connecting Sotilde, my Hanerutchi, to my Akai using the same-version connection, suddenly this weird flashing image pops up before the usual connection seeking animation. It flashed between black and white or negative colours and positive colours. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a positive coloured image but I can tell you it looked like a weird Kusatchi creature leaning out of its pot and crying, or possibly just being super anxious. After the flashing was over, it then transitioned to a screen displaying an empty meter at the top with a timer counting down from 9 seconds. It turned out I had to mash the A button in order to fill up the meter before the time ran out. The B button would make a noise but wouldn't fill up the meter and I didn't get to try the C button. Of course, button mashing is hard enough and I failed the first time and was then abruptly transitioned to the usual connection seeking screen. I exited out of the connection but was still in the connection menu so I selected same version connection again. The game reappeared! I tried my best to fill up the meter now that I had effectively unlimited retries unless I exited the menu altogether, as I did later. My button mashing skills were not good enough and at best I was two blocks away from completion. I was also getting nervous about harming Sotilde's device, considering she is a long-living oldie being 3 human years old. That's why I wouldn't have given her to my brother who's got excellent button mashing skills 'cause he'd probably total her. Now this isn't the first time this event has happened. I know for certain it happened twice on my Akai while I was unfortunately completely flabbergasted and unable to get any pictures because it ended so fast. The first time it happened, I thought I was hallucinating because such a weird, unexplained things started happening to my Tamagotchi for a few, brief confusing seconds and then it was just gone. And of course, the whole line of Japanese at the top made me even more confused. I tried rendering it in romaji using my Japanese connection chart but it looks like some of the characters are either truncated or completely unique. It would have helped if I got the normal picture of it but I can't so I'll have to wait for my next opportunity. I have a feeling this minigame might not be as uncommon as it appeared since I don't do that many connections to begin with, and most people probably don't. I wonder if this minigame actually requires prior connections or if it might be some special Easter egg intended to be stumbled upon by a bored kid messing around with the connection feature even though they didn't have another tama. Does anybody have any info on this?
  3. We’re going to play a game; how many tamas on Tamagotchi Planet are there?
  4. Hello community! I'm a fan of tamatalk game, now i have been playing tamatalk game for 3 months now. Does anyone like me?
  5. This was originally a game on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia that I have finally brought to TamaTalk. The object of this game is simple. Somebody posts an attached image and somebody has to state the opposite of it. Unlike Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, the user can also choose to additionally put what the picture actually is in parentheses. For example, if someone posts an image of a dog, the other user calls it a cat. That user can choose to add onto their response by adding (actually a dog). Anyways, let's do this!
  6. Side Note~ Recently, I’ve found a screenshot of a game that claims to have been released for the iPod 3rd and 4th generations. I am good when it comes to iPhones, but I know little about the iPods. Luckily, my sister has an older one and so does my grandad. Now, I doubt they would be able to be downloaded ( I don’t really know, but its a guess ) but if anyone has any information I’d love to get a hold of it. Now, in to the real point! Here is the only piece of evidence I could find on the whole internet. Seriosly! This is it along with a single article here~ It says 2008. That’s when it was most likely released. And there’s a pretty neat picture, too. If anyone knows anything else- please let me know!
  7. So I play this game sometimes on another forum, and noticing all the previous games about avatars on here, I thought this might catch on. Basically you look at the avatar of the person above you and post what it might be saying or thinking. Just have fun owo
  8. Hello! Alright, so I thought this would be a fun idea and create a little game. Where I can see Tamatalk's favorite Tamagotchi! OK, here are the rules. You must vote a character on this poll for who you dislike the most. The Tamagotchi with the most dislikes is out of the game. The tamagotchis who didn't get the most stay for another round. What does the winner get you ask? I have no idea. I will figure it out. The characters you people can vote are characters from 4U+ Because I feel like they are all very different and deserve some attention. Characters - Mametchi Kuchipatchi Spacytchi Kuromametchi Lovesolatchi Orenetchi Lovelitchi/Lavulitchi Melodytchi Himespetchi Memetchi Neenetchi Candy Pakupaku Alright! those are the characters! Vote here! Remember! vote who you DISLIKE. Ok. Bye Bye, Jaketazm
  9. 𝓗𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓸, So as the tittle says look at the person above you (first person to reply- your person would be me, Fae!) and guess, read their profile, logs, posts etc to figure out which Tamagotchi you think they would be! Use as little or as much research/gut feeling that you want. Get creative! ***Be genuine, and don't try to insult other users!*** - (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Fae ♥
  10. On a scale of 1-10 rate, how annoying are these things you? 1. A piece of popcorn stuck between your teeth. 2. Someone running a red light, when you stopped on the yellow light. 3. A clock ticking in a quiet room. 4. Waiting in a long check-out line. 5. Telemarketers that keep calling. The next person that posts will have to come up with new material for rating. Please remember the Tamatalk rules and guidelines when commenting! Example: Person one. 1. 10 2. 5 3. 2 4. 1 5. 6 6. Getting sick on a holiday 7. melting ice cream Person two. Number 6- that's a 10 for me! No. 7 ew, gross soupy ice cream! 7 8. sharing a pen/pencil and not getting it back
  11. Don't really know much about it but lots of my friends like it, so... Discuss Undertale here and maybe say why you like it to convince me to get it too. XD
  12. As I have a Japanese 3DS and some Tamagotchi 3DS games, I have decided to review them, starting with Ouchi Mainichi Tamagotchi or 'Everyday House Tamagotchi'. The game is kind of a house simulation game with mini-games and goals. You start with a rather empty house with only a couple of rooms/mini-games available [each room has its own mini-game]. Play the mini-games a lot to unlock more stuff such as more rooms/games, colors for your house, and furniture and characters to buy. I wish there were more mini-games available at the start of the game because having to play them so many times to unlock more is a bit off-putting but the fun really kicks off once you unlock more rooms. Each mini-game involves a household chore such as vacuuming, cleaning the toilet, or hanging out the laundry, but the mini-games are a lot more fun than they sound. You earn money which you can use to buy furniture, characters, wallpapers, carpets, etc. Then, you can decorate your house to your heart's content [or rather, to the limit of how much stuff you can have in one room]. It's very fun to put characters where-ever you want in various scenarios. You can sit Lovelitchi and Melodytchi on a couch in front of the TV, or you can make Himespetchi watch Mametchi sleep, or you can even make Kuchipatchi look as if he's raiding the fridge. The characters don't walk around [although they do change their pose/face expression and talk via speech balloons], so it's entirely up to you where you want them to be. You can change the arrangement of your house and characters whenever you like. The games are easy at first but when you play a game a certain number of times, it will change to a higher difficulty. Higher difficulties also means you get more Gotchi if you win. But even so, you have to play games lots and lots to afford some pieces of furniture, which is one flaw in this game since it can take forever to get all the furniture you want. My favorite mini-game is the barbeque one where you have to cook food on the barbeque for the characters without burning it. It's a bit hard on the highest difficulty because the characters are impatient and sometimes try to steal the food, and you have to blow into the microphone every so often to keep the heat going. But it's still super enjoyable. A nifty feature of this game is that you can choose whatever music you want to hear as you play. You just go to the radio and it will have a list of songs with their radio frequencies. You use the 3DS's circle pad to change the frequency number to find the song. As you progress you get to unlock more songs. Quite a few of the songs sound really great. There are some Tamagotchi songs with singing in the mix, as well as songs of various genres like classical and heavy metal haha. There are lots of characters to unlock, including some we haven't seen much of. The way you unlock stuff is by achieving stuff in your goal list; goals are usually things like 'play the sewing game 15 times' or 'collect every member of the Mame family'. The goals add play value to the game as something to aim for. The game is one that'll last a long time if you want to accomplish all the goals and unlock/buy all the stuff. You can also customize the colors of your house by choosing the main color, accent color, roof color, and door color. Here are miscellaneous minor features I'd like to tell you about - You can open and close the window curtains using the L and R buttons; sometimes the characters will comment on the scariness of the dark if you close the curtains. Sometimes the rooms get dusty and you have to blow in the microphone to clean them. There's a koi pond where you can go fishing and name the fish if you catch one. Sometimes you get money if you catch a fish. Sometimes the doorbell will ring; answer it and there might be a gift from the Gotchi King. That's about it for now. In conclusion, it's great for Tamagotchi fans and recommended to those who also enjoy Animal Crossing. There is a nice array of mini-games and all the goals make it a game that can last a long time, and again, it's super fun to decorate your house and put the characters where ever you'd like. Next time, I'll review Tamagotchi Sessions of Dream School.
  13. So yesterday, Rhythm Heaven Megamix spontaneously came out on the Nintendo eShop for 30$. And lemme tell you, they did a pretty good job surprising us like this. 0: Since I'm currently saving up my money, I have to wait to buy it, sadly. But in the meantime, what are your thoughts on the release? Did any of you buy it? Talk away in the comments!
  14. Hi! If you have an account on Dragon Friends: Green Witch, please tell me your nickname! Mine is: starspirit
  15. Hey guys, this is my first post to this website so please be lenient on my usage. I came to say that I am starting to work on a Tamagotchi v5 game for iOS. Tamagotchi's were a really big part in my childhood and I would stress over them more than anyone could believe. I really liked the v5 personally because of the family type lifestyle and the wide range of characters.This app will not be available on the app store, but it will be open sourced on Github. All you need to do is download it, and upload it to your phone or play it using Xcode. I need feedback on what this app should be and if this is even an idea someone may like. Do not be stingy with ideas!!! Right now, I am currently making sprites (in color) and after I finish the important sprites, I will start the programming. Some ideas I had were: More characters + families New, more fun games More cheat codes Debugger options More interaction with Tamas (need specific ideas) Marry through bluetooth (similar to infared connection) Feel free to comment and I will add it to the list of ideas. Thanks! Best regards, Quawood
  16. so I came up with this new game: Do You Think That... (DYTT) it is a game that you ask a question to the next person, and the questions have to start with Do You Think That... (or you can use DYTT for short) and then you ask your question. after the question has been answered by someone, that "someone" will go a few spaces down in their response, and ask THEIR question starting with Do You Think That... (also DYTT) AND IT KEEPS GOING AND GOING SO ARE YOU READY? LET'S START! Here is mine (it is also an example, But still answer it!) : Do you think that dragons are real?
  17. What do you have on your copy-and-paste? This is just a game where you have to press CTRL+V and post what you have X3 (If CTRL+V doesn't work, just right click and paste) I'll start -- I want to touch his cute little face and hold his gentle little hand and tickle his soft little belly and kiss his sweet little mouth <3 -- ...ಠ_ಠ Anyway, your turn! Remember to comply with TamaTalk rules! If the content on your clipboard happens to be inappropriate, don't post it!
  18. Okay so let me explain. I was really bored and was wondering... why not make up a new game/chain here on this forum? So I did. The Brand Game, as I call it, is technically simple. I'll start it off by giving a random brand, the more unknown the better, and the next person who sees this/decides to answer, answers the first thing that popped in his/her mind when he/she saw the brand name. Then that person gives a new brand. And it goes on and on. Example: Person A: Ozarka Person B: Notebooks. Apple. Person C: Oranges... So that's what it's about. Basically I give a brand name, you guess what it is (no research to make it fun) and give another brand name. Let me start! Brand: Viva.
  19. Hi! So I somewhat recently got a 4u, and I've figured out the game at the park for the most part... but I was wondering how you play the whole game. Thank you!!
  20. This is where we take the sentence "I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas" and change each vowel sound to something else, like in this cheesy kid's song: But try to think of much more weird and random changes than in the song Only one line per post! You can make up a new one after someone else posts. I'll start to help give an example!: I like to flort, flort, flort, florples and bornornors.
  21. Hello there, everyone! I have just recently purchased a new Tamagotchi Connection V3 off of eBay, as a way to relive childhood memories. My tamagotchi is now a teenager, and upon evolving, he unlocked two new games: Flag, and Heading. I played the Heading game a few times, and it was very easy for me to get points. But now, anytime I move to the left or right to bump the ball, the action doesn't register, and it falls on my poor tama's head. Is this a glitch? Is there any way I can fix this issue? A big thank you in advance to anyone who tries to help.
  22. I'm the proud owner of a tama 4u since a few months now. I figured most things out, except one. When going to the park and chosing the second option, there's a dance game that you can play with another character. The first few rounds i'm doing fine, pressing the button it says to press. But then in about the fourth or fifth round, it always shows a second button right after the first. I've tried everything (pressing the two buttons after each other, pressing them simultaneously, pressing only the first, only the second...) but I just can't figure out what i'm supposed to do to pass this round and fail time after time. O.0 I really hope someone can explain the game to me so I'll be FINALLY able to win it
  23. There are three games on the Hanerutchi 2. This is a guide on how to play them. The first game raises your music points. It's quite similar to "Get the Notes" from the Keitai and the dressing game from the Entama. A character will be seen in the middle of the screen holding a trumpet. Notes and messes will fall on either side of the screen and the objective is to catch the notes into his trumpet while avoiding the messes. Pressing either button will move to the opposite direction. Over time it will gradually speed up. Catching 100 notes counts as a perfect game, however if you miss a note or catch a mess, the game ends. The second game raises your Phys. Ed points. It matches the brick breaking game on the Entama, with the same objective, which is hitting the hammer onto the correct spot, marked by a small triangular arrow. If you miss, the character falls down and the game ends, however hitting 30 bricks counts as a win. The only difference is that instead of a baby at the top, there is a different character. Over time it will gradually speed up. The third game raises your Humour points. It is an entirely new concept. A character will run across a track. You have to avoid the lines of messes on the track by pressing A and B. Over time it will gradually speed up. The character may automatically move up and down. Running into a mess will end the game, while reaching the finish (when the score counter says 50) counts as a win. At the start of each game a new screen will appear. Winning any of the games will give you 500 Gotchi. NOTE: The characters that appear in the games are not obtainable. They only appear in the games themselves.
  24. Is anyone here a fan of Patapon? Besides Tamagotchi, it is one of my favorite things of all time.