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Found 37 results

  1. I was looking forward to Minecraft Earth, but while my iOS is up to date, I own an iPhone 6, which does not support some of the stuff Minecraft Earth was built to use. This stinks....
  2. I must say that I didn't expect this, as Disney has not previously shown any signs of wishing to properly preserve and honour their classic video games, but today it was announced that they will be re-releasing their 16-bit era Aladdin and The Lion King tie-in video games in a pack titled "Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King". The pack will include various versions of the two games, along with the never-before-released trade-show demo for Aladdin, and production materials and a music player covering both games, and it will also include some modern quality-of-life features. It'll be released on October 29th of this year. The "Disney Classic Games" branding roughly matches the "Disney Classics" branding used on the home-media releases of the company's movies, so I'm hopeful that we'll see more like this in the future. I'd love to see Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse, and Toy Story also get this treatment, personally.
  3. The old topic got closed due to inactivity, so I'm remaking it! For me, the latest Nintendo Direct finally had more information about the new Fire Emblem game for the Switch, Fire Emblem Three Houses, as well as a release date - July 26th! Needless to say, I'm looking forward to that, it looks pretty interesting, and the concept is pretty unique for a Fire Emblem game, can't wait to see how that plays out!!
  4. For me, I'm mostly looking forward to Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia in May, and very hyped for Miitopia! Unfortunately there's no confirmed release date for miitopia yet, but it's set to come out this year.
  5. Would y'all recommend the corner shop games for the DS?
  6. So I have a tamagotchi Friends, and my sister and her BFF have ones too. They are all pretty much the same, BUT, mine has different games. Theirs have flower count, cake catch, drop catch, select get and mimick but mine has driving, dancing, find ice cream, flower count and another game I have not unlocked. Is there an explanation for this? If anyone could help I would be a happy cat! Thanks, Lucky cat
  7. For some reason my Tamatchi isn't wanting to play any games, even though his happiness is low! I've tried giving him a time out but that only made his happiness go down more. I don't want to give him too many snacks because I want to keep him at a healthy weight. Has anyone else had this issue? Sorry if the answer is really obvious, or if it's been asked before, I'm new with Tamas. Oh yeah, this is on a V4.5. Thanks so much!
  8. Hello there traveler.... Would you like to sit down and have your fortune told? I'm a little bit misty in the head these sometimes all I can see is that time you tried to put your shoes on and were chased by a miniature snapping turtle...wait...what was I saying again? Oh yes, sometimes all I see is snapping turtles, and tales of hilarity...but at others...I get a glimpse of some POWERFUL TAMAGOTCHI-MATION that will help you pursue your dreams. I want to help the community in my old age, so please keep your Gotchi points in your pocket and spend them elsewhere. Simply state your desire for a fortune below, and do not ask any specific question! Wait patiently and you will get a fortune! Do not post twice in a row asking for your fortune.
  9. Don't really know much about it but lots of my friends like it, so... Discuss Undertale here and maybe say why you like it to convince me to get it too. XD
  10. Guys! Please help. I just got this new idl and people say you can only store certain amount of games. What happens if I want to change the game? How will I delete it?
  11. So this is like the 1 Word Story, except you must reply with only one letter!!!! I'll start! --- T
  12. Okay, so this game was inspired by "What are You Listening to Right Now?" (btw that is not a game). Anyway, the first players posts the first lyric line from a song. That first player also says which song the lyric came from. The next player has to post which lyrics come next in the song. Then the next player does the same thing. When the song is complete, the player who posts the last lyrics to the song gets to choose the next song. You may google the lyrics. Example: Player 1: Song: "Let it Go by Idina Menzel." The snow glows white on the mountain tonight Player 2: Not a footprint to be seen Player who posts the very last lyrics of the song: The cold never bothered me anyway. Next song: "Roar by Katy Perry." I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath Sorry if this is confusing not good at writing instructions. Okay I will start: Song: "Dark Horse by Katy Perry."
  13. I'm not sure whether this goes in Stuff We Listen To or Stuff We Play, but as the title says, what video games have the best music? Feel free to link to some songs from the games, if you like!
  14. Okay, I'm sure everyone knows at least one, useless fact, or factoid. That's what this topic is about. The first player writes a factoid, and the next player writes one. Try come up with a factoid that seems unusual or unknown. Good luck! this will also show off your smarty-pants skills I'll start. Factoid: Ravens are songbirds.
  15. This is kina like last post wins. The player posts a picture lf anything, it can me a drawing, a photo, anything. Then the next players posts the hashtags that would go with the previous player's picture. that player also posts a different picture for the next player. You're pic can also be in the form of a link or URL. Example: 1st Player: (posts photo of a sea turtle) 2nd Player: #seaturtles #nature #oceananimals (posts a drawing of a tamagotchi) 3rd Player: #tamagotchi (posts a random pic) etc. Here is my photo: I know it is a weird photo
  16. So, I just got a new 4U+ (my previous tamas have been v3, v4, v4.5, and v5, lol), and I need a bit of help figuring some things out, as my Japanese is limited at best, and I'm pretty crap at reading it. How do you play the mini game at the park, and how do you play the Kuchipatchi donut game that is downloaded via touchspot or Mr. Blinky's app. I understand the part of the park minigame, where you have to press the buton according to the letter above the dancing tamagotchis, but when it gets up to the two consecutive letters I always lose. Thank you so much for your help!!!
  17. I just got my ichigotchi figurine for my tama go and I can't figure out how to play knock a note
  18. Okay, so the first player posts a reference from a book, movie, TV show, etc. The next players has to guess which book, movie, TV show, etc. the reference came from. That player then posts another different reference for the next player to guess. Note: the player who wrote the reference does NOT have to correct the next player if he or she got it wrong. Also, the reference does NOT have to be well known. For example: Player 1: "Are . . . you . . . a . . . psychic???" (<--- that came from a TV show called "Psych.") Player 2: Steven Universe? "Dorothy lived in the midst of the great Kansas prairie." Player 3: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz? "Girls, as you know, are much to clever to fall out of their prams." And so forth. If you wanna spice it up, the player posts a quote and tells the next player to write the quote that comes after it. Note: the player doesn't need to correct the other if he/she got it wrong. And quotes don't need to be well known. Another example: Player 1: "" Post the quote that came after that. Player 2: "No I'm not."? (<--- that was the wrong quote) "Dorothy lived in the midst of the great Kansas prairie." (<--- go back to a regular reference if you want) And so forth. I'll start!!! P.S. Sorry the is so complicated. Not very good at writing instructions. "Girls, as you know, are much too clever to fall out of their prams."
  19. What games do you play that also make you feel a little ashamed? I still play Barbie PC games sometimes. They're really fun IMO. Also I play Hello Kitty games for 5-year-olds. And a Hamtaro game with learning about counting, matching shapes, etc but I play it because it's just so cute. What about you?
  20. Hi. I just put batteries on my tamagotchi v4 and I have this question. When the tamagotchi is a teenager, do the 3 remaining games (shape, dance, flag) appear? I have this questions since I'm wondering how can I get the adult character I want because there doesn't seem to be any other way to get specific skill points. Sorry, I know it's a dumb question, I haven't use a v4 in ages. Thank you for reading.
  21. So I found this amazing site with loads of downloads for my Tama, and I know you can download two mini games aside from what comes with the Tama P's. The problem is figuring out how to play them all! Some are simple, like the one where you count gems, but I just got a game called Chama Berry, where a Tama balances berries on a tray and throws them to a tama on either side of her. What I'd like to know is how to correctly play this game, and if there are directions in English for the other myriad games I can download from ( If anyone has a comprehensive list of the games, their titles, and how to play them, or would be willing to make one and work with me, or if they know of one that exists, I'd be thrilled! Thanks so much in advance for helping a newcomer. P.S. If I download and item, like clothing, will it be automatically added to my inventory, or do I have to also have or get the shoppe it's from? P.S.S. Are there any games that are easier/faster/get more money that $200? I'm so poor and want to buy my little guy some neat stuff, but at $200 a game, it's slow-going. I don't want that cheating game with $999999 or whatever, but just a couple of games anyone can recommend that are fun and not too time-consuming like catch.
  22. For which upcoming games are you waiting? I am personally waiting for : LittleBigPlanet3 Just dance 2015 Pokemon Omega ruby\Alpha Sapphire Super smash bros wii u Super Smash Bros 3ds I pre ordered Super Smash Bros for the wii u and LittleBigPlanet3 for the Playstation 4 because they have awesome pre order bonusses. (I would also have pre ordered Pokemon Omega ruby or Alpha sapphire if the pre-order bonusses werent sold out)
  23. Does anyone here play Yume Nikki? Its the most beautiful game ever. But! I hadn't finish it yet because its too long. @-@ Btw, Yume Nikki is also a Japanese word for 'Dream Diary' which is actually cool. Its not that scary because you won't die or you won't be killed because the characters are all harmless. Except for the toriningen and uboa-chan.
  24. Hi! I've seen people get new games on their Tamagotchi Friends, and I was wondering how you did that. Thanks!
  25. What's your fave horror RPG games? My favourites are: Mad Father Corpse Party Witch's house Ib Misao Yume Nikki Yume 2kki Mermaid Swamp Crooked Man Sandman They look cute but... Deym... They be scehrie. @-@