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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone. My wife and I each have a spacey m!x. We got these not only for nostalgia, but also with the intention to breed with each other as often as possible. Our first gen was boy/girl, so that went well and we married through connection. However for 7 gens now we have had the same gender every single time, and I feel like the odds of that happening must be pretty low at this point. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and if there is anything we can do to get opposite genders again without resetting our devices. I have heard rumors that there are potentially tricks to getting a specific gender but nothing has turned out conclusive. Any tip for us? Are we just super unlucky, or is there actually something we can do on our part to finally breed with each other again? Thank you!
  2. Hi! A month ago I bought a tamagotchi P's and I really love it. But I'm in my 7th generation now and I never got a girl.. So I was wondering if I have an influence on it. Is there something I unconsciously do so I always get boys? (sorry if this is a stupid question)
  3. For those of you who know about the classic Tamagotchis, you'll notice that they're not as pink and sparkly and stuff as the current ones. Bandai originally designed Tamagotchi for both genders, then said that Tamagotchi was "more suitable for girls" as a "practice for nurturing children" and designed Digimon for boys. Although I'm a female, I am a dog so I don't really know aboot this, but I think that both of these pets are perfectly fine for both genders, and I'm kind of mad at Nintendo for assuming that only boys play Pokémon (of course the professors asking your gender is pretty weird). Also, don't you think that having something that regularly dies or leaves isn't a very good "practice for nurturing children"? Sorry that this is so long.
  4. Let's find out the stats of TamaTalk! Some of these questions are already asked elsewhere but this is one big poll as a representation of the diverse TamaTalk community! Don't worry, your votes are completely private (they'll add to the results but your name won't be shown). If you want people to know your answers you can make a post. My answers Gender: Female Age group: 16-18 Residence: Australia Relationship status: In a relationship Religion: Christian This is just a stats poll/topic; no debating about religion or anything But if you think any more options should be added to the questions, don't be afraid to make a suggestion! I can't add more questions though because the limit is 5.
  5. Alright so i'm on my 3rd generation of my Tamagotchi V3 and my little teen girl just evolved into a Megatchi. I could have sworn that Megatchi was a boy character yet my Tama has been a girl this whole time. It even says girl when you click the info button. Weird glitch or am I just wrong about Megatchi being a boy?