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Found 3 results

  1. I dont really know where to post this, but heres my guess! Anyways, Christmas is coming up, and so,are new tamas I really want a V3, Gudetama and mostly a tamagotchi meets! This is when I need your help! Dad says that if I get all 3, then there wont be much more than that. I dont really care, but then fro yo will be shoving all her stuff in my face, while I have 3 plastic eggs :/ So what should I do? I are not crazy over a gudetama, but still want one! And then, the meets is a bit expensive (around £50-70 on eBay) and then again, most of them are from japan. Help needed! Silvie xxx Edit: I totally forgot! A pixel Chix house or mall I think... Whats your idea?
  2. Most rip off tamagotchis have four buttons. 1st reset 2nd select 3rd decide and 4th cancel.They also come in a easy to open bag that also has a lame label.It says TOYS and a few cars passing by in a grass patch.Then you get instructions that have its language into what we know as "Engrish".A terrible english.and the "Tamagotchi".pull out the tab and it shows a animal select.Sometimes the instructions tell you to press the 1st button.WATCH OUT! press the 2nd button beacause like i mentioned,1st is reset.Also the rip-off is sensitive.Throw it and it will reset and damage.
  3. So I was at Toys R Us today when I realized that they had some Tamagotchi Friends for sale. Me being me, I immediately bought one. It's right next to me, it was sleeping and I turned the lights off as usual, but the lights suddenly turned on and there's a present beside the bed. I can't turn the lights back off. In fact, nothing seems to work. Spamming buttons doesn't do anything. It's the night before Christmas if that does anything It's still sleeping though, and the fact that the lights are on while it's sleeping scares me... EDIT: Nevermind, the lights are back off. I don't know what happened there...