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Found 48 results

  1. Just had something strange happen with my Morino. While I was playing the game after feeding my tamagotchi a size growing candy the visuals corrupted between rounds; the leaf display showed three leaves instead of the usual four and took me to the feeding screen rather than the guessing game. When I exited the menu my tamagotchi was asleep and checking the clock I noticed that the time had reset to 12:30am, so I corrected the clock and checked my tamagotchi's status. All of their stats had emptied to 0, not just hunger and happiness but the size stat too, which is odd since it starts with 30mm if I remember correctly. The weight said PM 0 or PM 1, I can't recall the last digit as I was preoccupied with the PM mark, I assume this was some sort of error from trying to display a value outside of the normal range of weights. I went to the food option and, while I'm not familiar with all of the Kabutotchi growing candies, I had a growth candy available to me that seemed to resemble a parfait in a raised bowl. The candy grew Kabutotchi 2mm, restored two points of hunger, fully filled happiness, and set the weight to 99mg, though I'm not sure whether this was some sort of overflow/underflow glitch, the game realising that the weight was greater than the upper cap and lowering it to be in bounds, or maybe the candy just raises the weight to max. My current theory is that the power was interupted momentarily just through freak coinsidence, I'll give the contacts a good clean when I change the batteries next, but if anyone knows anything else this could be please let me know!
  2. This Easter i got a hello kitty tamagotchi. After a month or two, some thing weird happend. Every time a event happend like cleaning or hatching, When it happend on cleaning, I reset. THEN IT GOT TRAPPED ON HATCHING!!!! It might be a battery glitch but, THE START UP NOISE PLAYED AT NIGHT!!! At about 5 or 4 am, the noise played too LONG got CORRUPTED SOUNDING. You dont know how it sounded? This is what it did. DO DO Doo DO DoOO DOO DOOo!!!! IT GOT SOO ANOYING!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  3. I’ve been getting back into my old v4. I ended up buying a gen2 mini since all of the connections are expensive on ebay. I hatched it for the first time around the same time my v4 had a new baby. The v4 gotchi is an adult now and the gen2 mini has been stuck on the teen stage for days. I did try pausing the mini and messed with the clock in the beginning, but 8 years seems like too old for a teen gotchi. Has anyone else had similar problems with the reboot models? (actually is the pink blue tamagotchi shown a mini?) or is this just the normal size?
  4. So, for years now, my Tamagotchi Connection V4 doesn't really ever turn on.. Once I put in the battery, the egg appears on the screen and it works normally for about 10-15 seconds or so.. it then shows one or two horizontal lines on the screen and it shuts off. If I press the reset button, it will show the egg all over again, but it's a matter of time for the same thing to happen.. I believe it's not a battery problem, because it turns on with the reset button without moving or changing the battery (also, the same battery works on my V4.5 just fine). Lastly, I recently opened it up and cleaned everything inside, even the buttons, but it still won't work. Please, anyone who may know something or having experience on that matter, let me know on what to do! I feel very nostalgic lately, and I really want to bring my "dead" Tamagotchis back to life, starting from this one. Thank you all in advance!
  5. The screen went funky after I dropped it, and showed two baby boys before I could reset or download once I got the screen on. I tried putting new batteries in and now it just won't turn on at all. Does anyone know of any way or anyone I could send this to to try to fix it? I believe it's the wires but I'm not positive.
  6. I have tried several times to purchase the little drum accessory. It subtracts points but I’ve never been able to find the drum where all the other accessories are. is this normal?
  7. I just started up My Tamagotchi, and I had 2 of the Right LR44 Batteries. We out Both in, And it made a beep and the Clock came on. My Dad tried to Put the Battery Cover Back, And when he thought he did, 2 Big Black lines came on the side of the screen. I got really worried, and he Took the batteries out again. They were still there! Tried resetting, then they eventually started to fade. But now, we’re still trying and trying to get the screen on, by taking the batteries in and out, resetting. But nothings happening. It’s a Usatama Disney, And I got it used from JYW. I’m really disappointed, and I’m really worried. Tell me if I’m doing anything wrong, but the Batteries are also very jiggly in the case.
  8. I’ve experienced some strange things while running my 2018 Gen 2 Tamagotchi: The first time, my Tamagotchi was acting really weird. During the number game the sound effects were way too loud, to the point where the device shook in my hand... It also randomly died on day 3 instead of growing into the next stage, despite all meters being full and not being sick or anything. The second time around, everything seemed fine. Then, I got Zuccitchi despite having all meters full. The only care miss was putting it to bed late once. When I checked to see what went wrong, to my surprise the discipline bar had dropped all the way to zero despite having it full the night prior. Going off these two failed runs, it looks like my Tamagotchi is having a software issue where it doesn’t detect the Tamagotchi being cared for/randomly deletes meters I’ve filled. Is anyone else having problems with their 2018 P2s? Bandai seems to be having quality control issues with this version.
  9. Hello! I am a long time lurker of TamaTalk, it's helped me through many a difficult times in the past, so thank you for that! I just made an account so that I could ask a question, since I haven't seen anything like this online before. I have a Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 with a 3 year old Oyajitchi. He's the 8th generation and I consider myself pretty well-versed in the ways of the Tamagtochi V4.5 by now. My dad also has a Tama, and we bring them together to play all the time. I decided I wanted to give his Tama a present, so I wrapped up a piece of Pizza and sent it over. But the Pizza never showed up. It wasn't a huge deal since it's not like Pizza is rare or expensive, but still kind of disappointing. I decided to try again and this time wrapped up a Muffin. This time it gave me a "list full" error, even though my list wasn't full. I tried to delete an Ice Cream, but it didn't delete. I tried 3 times, and I found out it deleted my Fish, my Pasta, and my Cereal! Scone, Sushi, Bread and Cereal are the 4 basic items that don't run out, and I've never been able to delete it before, so I'm really confused why deleting an Ice Cream deleted my Pasta, Fish and my (I thought) undeletable Cereal. Another weird thing is that when I go to wrap/delete another item, it shows me Fish and Pasta(which I no longer have) and then 8 Ball items in the Food section. Ball isn't a food, I don't have 8 Balls, and I don't have Fish or Pasta anymore! In summary, a weird glitch deleted my basic Cereal item. Is there any way to get it back? Thank you for your time!
  10. I arranged one of the two used v3 Tamagotchis I got off eBay to send a present to the other. Anna (the gifter) left with her bow, but instead of Cindy (the receiver) receiving her present, it showed a failed connection screen. When Anna came back, the present was gone and it wasn't in Cindy's inventory. I'm guessing not, but is there a way I can get the item back?
  11. Hello, everyone. I'm about to buy a Japanese Tamagotchi p1, and it has a little glitch; when you go through the icons, two of them (the duck and the discipline one) are highlighted at the same time. The previous owner already tried cleaning it up inside, but the glitch didn't go away. Any advice? I'll leave you guys a demonstration video, so you can see what I'm talking about thanks!
  12. When I was younger, I got a Littlest Petshop Digital Pet that was a cat. I later got a butterfly one, but this cat was all I had at first. Basically, it wants you to find 10 pets that escaped (Which all happen to be clones of the pet you're playing with) and you have to travel to different places and play games to find them. When the battery started dying, I experienced weird glitches at times that sound played. I later found out I could do these glitches whenever I wanted without the need of a dying battery. What I did was I quickly took the battery out and put it back in at any time it was playing music. (It doesn't sound very safe to keep touching the battery like that, so only do this if you're really that curious.) Most of the time it would reset or freeze (Pressing the reset button is required if it freezes) but sometimes I would get interesting glitches. I even began to realize 4 pets were programmed into these even though they were all sold separately! Here is a list of glitches I can remember getting: -Pet becomes one of the other 3 pets from this series (Cat, dalmatian, turtle, and butterfly are the 4 in this set and all were sold separately) -Pet becomes one of the other pets but the escaped pets you need to find do not match. (Example: Turtle searching for dogs) -Screen goes blank but it seems to still be working (Requires resetting to fix) -Sound gets softer (Requires resetting to fix) -Pet moves at hyper speed (Requires resetting to fix) -Pet gets stuck in a place I want to call Glitch City (Resetting while holding the two main buttons is required to get out) -A random scene (or scenes) play -Loud sound and then meowing happens (Always scares me) -Garbled pixel mess covers the screen (May or may not be animated) -Slideshow of all the different sprites plays with most of them broken (Starts at a random part most of time and doesn't always play to the end. Very rarely will it show everything) -All the sounds and music play, including an unused song! (Extremely rare to occur) -Something strange happens, then it resets. (Hard to explain this one. Usually there is a strange glitch animation) -Pet has glitch animations (Example: Pressing the toy button has the butterfly in a boat instead of playing with its leaf) -Part of the screen goes missing (Requires resetting to fix) -Thick black lines get stuck on the screen (Requires resetting to fix) -Random music or sound plays (Often happens with the screen blank) -Gets you into a random game that may or may not be glitched (Rare to occur) -A glitch mess is seen walking past the screen (Usually resets afterwards) -Pet ends up in a random area -Pet loses the ability to connect with another (Resetting is required to fix) -Pet stops turning off to save battery power (Requires resetting to fix) -Pet doesn't respond to groom, food, and toy buttons (Requires resetting to fix) That is all I can remember for now. I'm not sure if anyone is actually interested in Littlest Petshop glitches, but I wanted to share it.
  13. I connected my v3 to my v4 and sometimes when i did it, it only caught on my v4 and the v3 said 'fail'. The v4 played th game on its own. What causes this and how do you fix that?
  14. I left my Tamagotchi Friends paused next to a window before going out. When returned and checked on my Tamagotchi, it was glitching! I tried to un-pause it, the screen went all fuzzy and could not be un-paused! Soon it said that there was no battery. I changed the battery but it still glitched! Pleeaassee help! :-(
  15. So I casually received a mail on my V4, it was a thief. Instictively I grabbed a pen and reset and downloaded. Then went to check if I haven't lost any money. I DID LOSE ALL MY MONEY! i had 4000 gp before :< anybody, what could happen ?
  16. A long time ago, I made a new egg on my V3, but oddly enough it hatched into another egg! This tamagotchi had never been debugged before; I didn't even know what de-bugging was back then! When the character jumped out of happiness, a crack would appear on the egg and you are able to see a male tsubutchi inside the crack. Has anybody else ever experienced this? (-:
  17. This is the Vinesauce ROM Corruptor. For an example, I'm going to use Super Mario Brothers, because it's one of the easier games to corrupt... Here's the title screen. You've all seen this before. Now, I take the ROM file, and put it through the corruptor. This is the code I used. Now, let's see the finished result. You may be asking "WHAT IS THIS?" Well, I don't really know. All I can say is it's a mess.
  18. Hi guys! I just changed the bateries of my iD, but when I replaced them and tried to play with it, I realized all downloadable games/locations didn't appear properly and when I selected them my tamagotchi got frozen! Is this normal? do I have to send the downloads back to the iD in order to fix this? It's not really cool the downloads get glitchy when you change the batteries :/ Also the Tamagotchi randomly performed a rom test when I placed the batteries, I don't know why it did so neither if it had something to do with the downloads getting glitchy, but if you know if they have something to do please tell me
  19. Hello, I think I have a problem here... I have a Tamagotchi ID L. My tamagotchi reached the Tamatomo level (with all the happy seals, all rice bowls were full, maximum happiness, etc). So I married him with a nice tamagotchi girl, the egg appeared, and I start to play with the baby. But when I went to the book icon, on the first category "Tamatomodeshou" where I'm supposed to see all the tamagotchi that I raised to the Tamatomo level... IT WAS EMPTY. JUST "????" AND NOTHING ELSE. Is it a glitch or did I do something wrong ? It's the first time that I raised a tamagotchi to the Tamatomo level so I may need a little help.
  20. I can be very picky when it comes to mates for my tamagotchis, so on my music star, I had turned down three possible husbands. Finally, this morning, my cute little mimitchi turn into a dango obatchi oldie and I promised myself and Dinah (that's her name) that the next time the band manager comes with a bachelor, I will accept. Later in the day, Dinah ended up getting married to a tarakotchi and they had a baby girl. All was well in the world until right before dinner, when the band manager showed up again, but this time with a dorotchi asking "Marry? Yes or No"! I refused to marry him to Dinah, but when he leaves, the tarakotchi had turned into the dorotchi! Honestly, I really don't mind this happening as I am kind of neglecting Dinah at the moment (oops), but I would like to know if this has happened to anyone else.
  21. HI there!. I noticed something weird on my english id l. You have tama meal where the male parent of your tama will cook. And tama snack where a female parent of the tamagotchi will cook. Now when i choose tama snack i only will see my memetchi the first girl i raised. This were my tama characters in order. Memetchi Gozurutchi Melodytchi Melodytchi Perotchi Thank you!
  22. Hey guys, this isn't a question but just I'm sharing this weird but cool glitch that happened to my v3 a few minutes ago! I was trying to start up two new Tamas so I put a battery in my two v3's. After pressing download I saw that they were male and female Kurukotchis. They were both sick so I healed them, but the female started acting a bit weird afterwards. She suddenly started doing the animation they do when you give them a love potion, but I hadn't given her one. It would have worn off if she had gotten sick after me giving it to her. I connected the two and they fell in love. After, I checked the female's items and there were 99 balls. I kept scrolling and the numbers turned into weird upside-down numbers. There were 99 racecars after that and a strange arrangement of pixels that said "Gel" on the top. I used it and I thought it had frozen my unit since it was obviously a faulty item, but when I pressed the middle button it went straight to the clock screen! When I turned back to the character screen... She had become a Babytchi! She could play Sprint, a game for only adult characters, and when I connected the two again the male treated her like he would a normal Babytchi but the friend screen still said they were in love! Tell me if this ever has happened to you! I'm only sharing since I fixed it by doing reset>download Thanks for reading!
  23. My tamagotchi evolved into an adult and I couldn't help but think: Wow he became an adult fast is this a glitch? I go to check his age because I knew I haven't had him for long. He is only 2 years old. I checked online and it says that tamagotchis evolve at age 3-6. So be a gentleman and tell me: Is this a glitch? Or is this normal. P.S. I have a V4 connection.
  24. Hi! and so in my Music Star I was bored so I felt like reseting for some reason and got a kid but I didn't want a girl since I wanted a boy and you know how an egg with 3 presents appears so it hatched but I didn't press any button so I press the reset button and didn't mean to press the download button so instead I got a new egg with the same username and all. So like you can press download when you get a baby girl/boy but you didn't want that certien gender just press download so you'll get a new one but it will no longer work if you press a button and appears name? for the baby. For some reasonyou get to keep all of the toys and intrements the former character that you had. Only than the it can't save the money though but you can keep the other things . Did this happen to anyone yet or before?
  25. Ok, so it happened today. My V5 (Familitchi) called because it wanted to play with an instrument. I let it play with one, then it makes a noise and resets itself! I tried doing it again (Entering the date, time and birthday) but it keeps on reseting! Any help? this is desperate! -Tamacass EDIT: It started working again. I'm still worried if it might reset again in the future. Any ideas?