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Found 6 results

  1. I've been very careful with who I marry my Tama with due to MyMeets users being soft banned from the app due to problems they can cause. I heard there are certain character genes that can set of glitches. Can anyone tell me what character traits or a list of them to look for before I accept proposals? Because if a Tama has any of those genes even if they themselves never used the MyMeets app Bandai will ban the account thinking they used the app.
  2. Due to the Meets and ON being found by several reviewers of the ON to be able to connect, after Bandai US stated they would not be able to, some in the community began to feel that if they were wrong about the two connecting that Bandai US was wrong about the bugs and glitches in the Meets being fixed in the ON was also not correct. I messaged Bandai US about this. Bellow is the message I sent them and their response. The blackout information is my name to protect my privacy. Bandai's Response to a Message I sent regarding The ON and Meets Connecting and Possible Retained Bugs
  3. My Music star has dead pixels on one row. (I've already tried screwing in the screws.) And my V2 has the infamous... "Battery draining glitch." Idk if there's a way to possibly fix it, though if not, it's not the end of the world. I still use them.
  4. Recently one morning, the Dream Town I was running showed the low-battery screen right when my Terupotchi was doing its happy animation. As I was still having breakfast, I delayed in changing the batteries. It probably stayed on the low battery screen for at least half an hour. Later when I took out the batteries, I put the same ones back just to test if the batteries really were at low power. I saw the same low-battery screen but with a few pixels out of place. I then took out the batteries and left it for a longer while, feeling that the device still retained memory over that short time span. A bit later, say a good 10 minutes, I put the same batteries in again and the device would not turn on. I then put in batteries I had used in my other Dream Town which I had deactivated a few days ago. I selected “download” and fiddled with the time for a bit since I set mines two hours off. After confirming the selections, I was taken to the egg screen instead of back to my Terupotchi. I took out the batteries and put them back in again feeling that something had gone wrong and that selecting “download” again would bring back my Terupotchi. I didn’t bother setting the correct time and thus confirmed my selection with the current date, birth date, and time of 12:00. I was still at the egg screen so I decided to check out what remained of my data. I selected the middle egg and it hatched into a boy. I was back to generation 1 instead of generation 11 and seemed to have the same amount of money, recorded characters in history and friends, text messages, and also a filled out BFF heart from bumping. Now with that background information, let’s get on to the glitching part. I was flipping through the meal items and discovered the third item – a baguette – had a sprite of Cosmotchi hanging in the upper left corner, right where the quantity would be. The exact same case occurred in the snacks menu where the third item – an orange – had a Cosmotchi hanging in the upper left corner. Feeding my tamagotchi either item would not got rid of the Cosmotchi but rather cause it to cycle through Cosmotchi’s sprite, always placed in the same location. Also, these items did not have the quantity listed next to them and so appear to have an infinite amount like the standard bread and milk. I bought a snack item and a meal item from the Music Cafe and then checked on the two glitching items, but they were still the same. I fed both items to my tamagotchi but the Cosmotchis still persisted. I checked out some of the other areas of the device (Dream School can’t be accessed till my tamagotchi is a teen), and found them to be normal. But along the way of checking out things I discovered that all my jewelry had a zero next to its sprites indicating I had none of it. I at first thought this was another glitch but after some heavy suspicions that this was a normal screen and trading jewelry with my Pianitichi, I confirmed that this was indeed a natural occurrence. So my Dream Town just lost all the jewelry I had collected but still retained the reference that I had obtained it. Now I remember reading that connecting to another Tamagotchi can fix certain glitches, so I put batteries into my deactivated Dream Town and prepared to connect the two. I decided to get right to the problem and made my glitching Dream Town give my other one a baguette and then later an orange. I expected the usual quantity of one of each and that is what my Pianitchi received. Back on my glitching Dream Town, the Cosmotchis were still present but had changed sprites after having one sent over. On my other Dream Town, the food seemed perfectly normal (although I didn’t test it). I then decided to make my Pianitchi give back the baguette. After that connection, I returned to the baguette and found that the Cosmotchi had disappeared and the number in the upper left corner was 3, the max quantity. - - - - Now I have a hypothesis about what is causing these glitches, which is also my basis for calling these “quantity glitches”. The only thing so far unusual is that the quantity of third food item in snacks and meals is replaced by a Cosmotchi. It seems to function normally outside of these different sprites. From my experience of reading about glitches found in the Gameboy games Pokemon Red and Blue, I came to a new realization about the concept we call glitches. Glitches may seem to be random, unexpected actions but actually they are incorrect data being placed in an existing formula. Often this incorrect data is data already present inside the device – whether it be a Gameboy cartridge, computer, or Tamagotchi – but is somehow put in the wrong place – usually by exploiting loopholes that cause a formula to run in a different situation. Basically what I’m saying is glitches are like putting apples inside a meat grinder: the meat grinder (device) grinds (formula operates) the apples (different information) as if they were meat (correct information), certain parts of the machine may work differently because they were not intended to grind apples (glitch byproducts), and what comes out of the machine is something different but maybe similar to ground meat (the glitch result). Now in the case of these out of place Cosmotchi sprites, I believe they correspond to some amount beyond the usual numbers that would normally be displayed. That is why the sprites appear in the exact place that the normal numbers would be placed in. When I fed my tamagotchi either of the glitched food items, the quantity went down and thus the sprite changed to what was a lower number. Cosmotchi may stand for a certain range of numbers and the rest of his sprites may correspond to various numbers within that range. I only say that because I feel the number goes down, but visually all I see is the sprites cycling. The Pokemon Red and Blue equivalent glitch had a quantity in a certain range represented by a tile, but I don’t think that tile changed till a certain amount had been added/removed. Thus it is possible the numbers were not depleting or partially depleting but being filled up again. When I gave back a baguette from my non-glitched Dream Town, the number of baguettes on my glitched one changed to the max amount of three. I suspect that the act of adding another of the same item to the glitched amount may have caused the amount to go beyond the range indicated by Cosmotchi, and thus defaulted to the max amount. I remember a similar occurrence happening in Pokemon Blue where I caught a level 198 Squirtle (by the Old Man glitch) and once it gained experience, it levels revert back to max level of 100 (and also evolved twice into a Wartortle and then Blastoise). I’m not sure why only the third item is affected by the Cosmotchi sprites, but this may indicate that the third item is somehow different from the rest. Another thing that complicates this is that the order of items depends on which ones have been collected, as they are automatically sorted (and not alphabetically). One thing I can guess at is that because the third snack item and the third meal item are both exclusively affected by the Cosmotchi sprites, they are somehow related to each other.
  5. I have no choice but to write this.
  6. Today, I went to connect my friend's tama-go with my own, and my tama-go gave the "negative" sound (meaning no). I found this was weird because I could connect them a few days ago, and now I can't. I tried to change the batteries, but it didn't help. I also tried giving it a time-out, feeding it a snack, and giving it a meal. Please give suggestions on what I should do! I am very confused about it. (An hypothesis I thought up was maybe it was a glitch and will never be fixed, and I hope this isn't the case!)