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Found 4 results

  1. Well, recently I bought a Tama-Go with two figures, the price was pretty cheap so I had to get it (but the shipping killed me X_x), I always wanted to have a Tama-Go since they look really great :3 I just had some little questions about it. 1. the figures, what stuff do each of them have? I'll have the Memetchi figure, the Lite Kuchipatchi one, and the Ringotchi one (+ Chamametchi & Violetchi, since they can be obtained with the Ringotchi figure ) So I would love to know what do they have inside. Also does anyone know what content do Ichigotchi's and Kuromametchi's have? I kinda like the figures they look cute lol 2. Special transformations? I've seen some pictures of the characters looking different from their default sprites in the Tama-Go, I have no idea what it is, is it a clothing feature or something similar to the heshin jo in the iD L? Also I wanted to say I'm really sad the Tama-Go got forgotten so easilly, it could have been the best version we have had overseas with all the figures, I would say is like a downgraded/cheap version of the new 4U. I read somewhere that they were planning on selling 100 figures, when they only sold 12, what makes me kinda sad Anyway I hope you can answer my questions, thanks for reading
  2. Hello! My bro and I got each a Tama-Go and we would like to trade the Gotchi figures that came with them. His is a used tama. Is it possible to trade them, or is there any data stored/special number/ect for each figure? Thank you!!
  3. I have a few questions in regards to the Gotchi figures for the Tama-go. 1. Those of the same character but different waves, do they have the same games and shops? For example Mametchi on the green Tama-go and Mametchi on the black Tama-go. 2. How many are there altogether? 3. Do they unlock different things depending on the wave of the Tama-go? 4. Is it worth getting all of them? That's all I can think to ask, but if you have anything else to add that would be relevant, please add it.
  4. yeah..thats it lol it's just a video of how were all there for you anyone out there friends will always be there for you in good or bad times to bad its only like 19 secs i took about 100-203 shots for it i think wow. soo uh yeah here's a gift for everyone inspiration:chamametchiandmametchi because i liked her video so i wanted to make one too this is to all the tamatalkers out there thanks for always being there for me and its also a gift for tamatalk's 8th birthday sorry its so short