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Found 10 results

  1. My cousins love playing with the gotchi characters from my tamago! I was wondering if anyone knew about other series of figures i could get for them. Their favorite characters are Chamametchi, Kutchipatchi, Ichigotchi, and Memetchi, if that makes any difference
  2. im unsure if this has been asked already, if so i apologise does anything happen if you donate gotchi points to the gotchi king? Will he visit you or will you get better luck? or is it just a random feature..
  3. Hi! I was playing around on my P's, and I was thinking about getting a new backround, but I don't know which backgrounds are for which room because I can't read Japanese! I know the first one is living room and the second is kitchen, but besides that I'm lost. The preview picture doesn't help very much either. If anyone had any translations I'd really appreciate it!
  4. I always wondered whats the difference between version 1 and 3 of the digimon "tamagotchi". Wich one should i get? 30-50€ sounds like a deal? (shipping included) Couldn't found that indo on the pixelmoon section.
  5. I'm going to buy another tamagotchi (connection v1,v2) to play with my other one wich is the european version translucid/purple. My question is: If i get one that is not from europe (but still english version ofc) will they still be able to connect and interact or is a must that they are tama's from the same region? Also whats the difference between plus and connection? (maybe its just the same? like i've seen connection and connexion etc) I know its a pretty lame question because my head says it should work but YOU NEVER KNOW... PS: Sorry for the bad english and thanks in advantage for taking your time to reply...
  6. Soooo. I'm going on 14 and haven't played with tamagotchis for a whillleee. I think I wanna get one again soon (I don't think, I know I want one really bad lol), but I feel like I shouldn't or that it's childish or something. :/ I'm stuck lol. What do you guys think?
  7. Hello, everyone! Yesterday, my blue iD L arrived in the mail, and today, my Princess Spacy iD L came as well! Today, I connected the two toddlers and they played a game. I noticed that even though the toddler from the PS version lost the game, he still got 100 GP afterwards! A gold coin dropped into the brown Gotchi bag. I tried connecting them again several more times, and each time, it was the same thing! If the PS toddler lost, he would get 100 GP while the winning toddler from my blue iD L only got 30 for winning. Then, once, the PS toddler actually won, and he received the 30 GP. THEN, a gold coin dropped into his bag and gave him the 100 GP. AND THEN, the whole screen for both Tamas turned red and the Tamas appeared to be celebrating; this was then followed by both Tamas receiving 500 GP! Now, I'm obviously not complaining because this is easy money, but does anyone have an explanation for this? I'd love to be able to duplicate this result for my blue iD L. Thank you!
  8. Basically I've just purchased a tamatown, and I understand that you get the gotchi characters to unlock things? The only thing is that I cannot find anywhere that sells these either online or in store, in the UK. Meaning I have to buy a whole new tamagotchi to get the character and even then the only three I can find are mametchi memetchi and kuchipatchi. Thanks in advance! *ps my bad I thought is section was for the actual tamatown tamagotchi, now I realise it's for the online site, feel free to move*
  9. Hey guys! As you may have read in reading some of my previous posts, I have recently returned to Tama Talk with a new found love for my little Gotchi Pals. Since I have left the side, I have grown mature, cynical, and somewhat "over Tamagotchis", but I realised I was killing my inner child which, as I understand it, everyone should have. I will continue to maintain my maturity but, hey, everyone's allowed to have some fun every now and then, am I right? Nevertheless, following my sudden return to Tamagotchis, I purchased five virtual pets from the "online mall", eBay, each of which was quite inexpensive and the first two to arrive were my new paint-splattered Kuchipatchi Tamagotchi Familitchi (V5) and my Aquapalz Dolphin. I have had both of these before, but the former was in a different shell design, and the latter was the "Tropical Fish" release. The Aquapalz toy isn't produced by BanDai and isn't a Tamagotchi in the official sense of the word, but is a virtual pet and a game that I, for some reason, greatly enjoy. It is easy to use, it has a backlit screen, and the animations are simply adorable in every way. My tropical fish version, which I bought in the Times Square Toys 'R Us in 2008, does not have batteries, but I'm looking forward to using my new Dolphin edition. Anyway, about half an hour ago, I unboxed my Version 5, but intricately opened the packaging in such a fashion that it could be used to store my Tama while it has fallen into disuse by cutting the sealed edges off but leaving a small part of the frame intact so as to act as a 'hinge' which would allow me to flap the packaging open and closed. Excitedly, I un-tabbed the little blue egg, and a bleep sounded with the "WAIT" screen. I waited as instructed and, soon after, I was asked to set the time and carry out the other general procedures associated with un-tabbing/resetting a Tamagotchi. Three eggs appeared, and after a minute, all three hatched at 7:13pm. My Mimifuwatchi arrived first, my Omututchi was second to appear, and my Futabatchi hatched in third place. I decided to name them Carl, Anna, and Oscar, respectively, with Carl and Oscar boys, and Anna a girl. I chose the family name "Storm", after spending about five minutes pondering. It was a sudden burst of inspiration, as I walked past my sister's laptop which had the brand name "Zoostorm" on the lid. The name fitted perfectly! I quickly fed the three five meals and snacks in order to fill their hearts, and played the TV Surfing game with Carl - we got to the seventh round before I missed the channel, and we were given a "Good!" rating. Nice job, Carl! I've cured their illness once with one dose of medicine, and have cleaned one "poop" whilst managing to "potty train" them on two occasions. I used Binary's codes (thanks, Binary!) to acquire a prime rib, which they've had a few times, along with a French loaf and some fried rice. The little Storms are having a nap at the moment, so be quiet or you'll wake them! I've decided to do a status update... Status Update Hungry: ❤❤❤❤❤ Happy: ❤❤❤❤❤ Bonds Percentage: 0% Family Type: Blended Family Name: Storm Generation: 1G Gotchi Points: 50GP Family Members: Mimifuwatchi (Son, Carl), Omututchi (Daughter, Anna), Futabatchi (Son, Oscar) Well, they have wakened! I'll update soon, and hopefully with photos - once my camera decides to work! I'll keep you posted! //Wilsy
  10. I really always loved the Morino, in it's concept from videos and what I've heard from it. Yet I couldn't get one in my own hands, which bummed out big time. I've been thinking, that the special vintage editions, which the Morino (Angel, Ocean, Devil, and Santa) is part of, are really something cool. It's a different type of Tamagotchi gameplay. Like on the Morino, you need to let it evolve in a cocoon and monitor it's temperature. As well as tapping of it's attackers, or else it could die! Now I'm about to get the Morino, which I've already ordered and paid for, and it made me make this topic about it. My questions to all of you are: Do you like the Morino(No hating or flaming, only constructive and solid arguements please!)? If so, why? Do you have one, or do you have more perhaps? What's your favourite moment with the Morino? Do you got other Vintage Specials? Let's get discussing people, let me hear the various opinions you all have! (Edit: I might be in the wrong subforum, so if that's the case, just move me)