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Found 25 results

  1. This is a modern tamagotchi group hatch which starts on the 1st of April 2020. The versions which can join are versions from the past four years. Tamagotchi M!x (Melody, Spacy, Sanrio, Anniversary) Tamagotchi Meets (Magical, Fairy, Pastel, Sanrio, Fantasy, Sweets) Tamagotchi On (Magical, Fairy) Let me know who's joining and I'll make the log thread on the day I'll be entering with my Magical On. Love you all, Rose
  2. Merry Christmas! I'm making this topic a little early. If you don't know the rules, check the group hatch discussion. The most important part, have some Christmas time fun!
  3. Hello, everyone! I couldn't help but notice the lack of group hatches happening recently, and I thought since the most recent post here was for a summer hatch that the only logical course of action was to host a back to school hatch for everyone (especially those going back to school, but everyone's welcome)! Although it's hard to pinpoint a specific day, as all schools start at different times, Wikipedia states the start time of schools in the U.S. and U.K. to be anywhere from the beginning of August to early September. I was thinking a solid compromised date of August 15, which is about in the middle of the earliest start date I know of (my own, August 1) and the broader scope of 'early September.' You can start at any time that day (but it would be cool if you could start close to when your school day starts/started). It will last for 5 generations if all goes well. You can drop out early if you must, but please try not to go over, and do your best to stick with it until the end! This hatch is open to all versions and as many tamas as you'd like. Pictures are appreciated but not required, and you can use any format (basic description of the day, RP-style with all of your characters, etc.). All I need is for anyone interested to post below the tamas they'll be using so that I have a rough idea of how many people to expect! I'll be running my Music Star and my Tama-Go.
  4. Hi! I saw the last hatch was in April (a spring hatch, how cute!!) and I know that wasn't very long ago, but I was curious if anyone would like to participate in a summer hatch! Or, maybe an end of school hatch? Either way We could start in June or July depending on what's best for everyone, and any tamas could be a part of it! Would June 19th be a good date for us? Let me know, I'm really excited and would love to get this all set up
  5. Hey! This is the log for the Spring 2018 group hatch! Here's the link to the hatch. My v4.5 will hopefully be leaving me an egg by then, but if not I'll boot up my Tama-Go!
  6. Hey, I noticed there weren't any group hatches for April 2018 (correct me if I'm wrong, though), so I thought I'd start one! RULES 1. you can use any tamagotchi you'd like 2. anyone can join! to join, just reply to this post 3. the hatch will last for 1 generation, but you can keep going as long as you'd like! 4. try to keep it a bit spring-themed! 5. resetting your tama to start the hatch is okay, and you can start on any generation. The hatch will begin in a week, so on April 13, 2018!
  7. Merry Christmas!!! I was a little surprised to find no Christmas theme group hatch going on. I would like to start a group hatch this Friday the 22nd. Please let me know if you want to join! The more the merrier! Group Hatch Rules 1. Anyone can join with any Tamagotchi they have 2. The hatch is for one generation only. (your welcome to do more, but I'm only doing 1 generation.) 3. you can start from any generation, (no resetting your tama) 4. The most important rule! Try doing Christmas theme things with your Tama! Be creative with this one! Christmas themes can be virtual (on the tama itself) or in real life (in the environment)!
  8. Group hatch members: somebody2love x.Optimistic cheesy-tchi miho AnniChu tamaninjacat Iza Hapihapitchi Joshagotchi &...myself ​~~~~ ​Okay! starting tomorrow anyone can post their hatch HERE. ​Rules are stated here: ​Please, DO NOT post in this log if you are not a member. Thank you! ​Anyway, Get your tamas ready for Hatching! My V3 came tonight so I am itching to hatch it in the morning!!
  9. Hi! Welcome to the Summer Hatch Logs. Here, you write about what happened with your tamas. The summer hatch starts on June 1st. You can still join any time People who are signed up: x.Optimistic Hohotchi-HO7 Knighttchi's Ballad Phionemoon dinngbat rjalda100 fidgetTama I hope you enjoy the hatch!
  10. Enjoy this run! Rules: Run a tamagotchi. Go through at least 10 generations with complete happiness. You can only use tamagotchis with happiness charts or puzzle pieces. But most of all have fun! When (start): Saturday, July 1st 2017 End: Monday, 28 August 2017 But I really don't want anyone to feel any pressure so just have fun with this! Herzlich Wilkommen! (Warm welcomes!) Please include: Your generation on tama. Type of tamagotchi device. Tamagotchi character (except on the m!x, they're really hard to describe.) Age of tama. Name of tama. And Everytime you Log include the happiness level. If you want make a story with it, go ahead. It's fun! Log every two days if possible.
  11. Welcome to the Tama-Thon 2017! March 24th, 25th, and 26th.
  12. It's the first annual Tama-thon marathon! Goals 1. Hatch as many different types of Tamagotchi versions as possible. 2. Hatch as many Tamagotchi’s as possible Here is a list of all the Tamagotchi releases. https://en.wikipedia...gotchi_releases Here are the rules. 1. You can hatch multiple Tamagotchis (no need to reset just, put your Tamagotchi on pause on the baby stage so you are ready to join on the hatch dates) 2. The start date is March 24th and the end date is March 26th. This means if you want to hatch 3 tamas for this group then you have to hatch them between those dates. (This way it won't be hard to care for 3 babies and toddlers at once) 4. Tell us the Tama(s) you're going to hatch and on what day. (March 24th-26th) 5. Have lots of fun! I'm announcing this hatch a month and ½ before because I hope to get some super rare Tamagotchis in this hatch! ALSO, people might need to stock up on batteries before the hatch. I will hatch… An IDL, three Tamagotchi P’s and a Tamagotchi Friends on the 24th V3, V4, V4.5, V5 and 5.5 Celebrity on the 25th An angel, two tamagos and a music star V6 on the 26th I have an Ocean, but I think I would have to cut back to only hatching 3 tamas at the most because the Oceans are SO needy. Anyway if no one wants to hatch an ocean I will change my hatching list. This is a tentative list. The day before I will post an official chart of who is joining and what will be hatched. Everyone has plenty of time to change their mind. I will message everyone a few days before as a reminder.
  13. Hello! With the Valentine's day hatch coming up, I decided to post the log topic. The hatch starts on February 14, and if you are signed up, you can post your tama's progress here. People who are signed up: rjalda100 Hapihapitchi psychotama Kajah995 sofee123 tamakisser Appadeia Pixel.Kitten candypakupaku JesterxLady Yamiko Gabie darkmagic616 Jade27 Kyuu Miau ​I hope you enjoy the hatch, and happy Valentine's Day! PM me if you have any questions ~Tamadonut<3
  14. Welcome to the Easter 2016 Group Hatch Log!!! So far, in this group hatch, I have: Me: Music Star tamaninjacat: Music Star or v4 ksh12july34: v1 Hapihapitchi: ID or P's or both Late hatchers are always welcome!!! REMEMBER, Logging is NOT required (I will definitely log though )
  15. Hello Everyone!! I have decided to start my first ever group hatch, and I thought Easter would be an appropriate day to have it. I am starting this topic a few weeks early so everyone who wants to join, can join. We can all hatch our Tamas on Easter, which is Sunday, March 27, 2016 I will be hatching my Music Star for the first time ever during this hatch Logging is encouraged, but not required during this hatch, and you can log until your Tama dies, leaves, or marries. Comment below if you want to join, and what version you will be using!!! Have Fun!!!
  16. it's been more than a year since the last long-lived oldies hatch and I think that it's time for a new one! Rules (kind of ) ~You use any tamagotchi that can have oldies on it ~If you tamagotchi dies you can restart it and still be apart of the hatch The hatch will start probably on Friday June 5 in the afternoon or morning (it may change though)
  17. A Spooktacular Tamagotchi Hatch (Hatch organization thread) Greetings, hatchers! Please log about the progress of your pet here for this hatch which starts Friday, October 24 (maybe the hatch has already started for some of you, depending on your time zone)! Please try to keep everything on topic and as friendly as possible. Thanks, everyone, and I'm looking forward to a great hatch! Here's to Halloween! Image from
  18. Hi, TamaTalkers! It's been a while since I hosted a group hatch. The last one was 4 years ago under the same moniker (hence the "Version 2.0" in the title ). I was thinking of doing a hatch right around Halloween time and was wondering if any of you would like to join me. All versions welcome! The goal is to raise your Tamagotchi until the journey back to Tamagotchi Planet has been made (in the case of vintage Tamagotchis) or for one generation (Connections and newer), just so that we have an "end" for our group hatch. How about we start on Friday, October 24 according to your time zone and at any time most convenient for you? I plan to hatch my Devilgotch bright and early in the morning! I will start a group hatch log topic the day before to kick things off and anyone can start us off. I'd love to see your progress. Interested? List of Participants OldSchoolTama - Devilgotch KeroPyontchi - V4.5 LovelyLavender - V4.5 Kayleykitty - V4.5 *Hayden* - 4U Bathory - Digimon V1 MagicMimitchi - V4 The group log is now open for logging!
  19. Hi everyone. On tuesday of next weekthe 27, lets start thing, with 5 weeks of school left, when we get back to school lets start this. requirements: Have any tamagotchi be a thing that can log about it thats it. Just have the time to log and take care of it. You dont have to post everyday, but that would be nice. Well just post in the comments if you wanna join. if you have any qeustions or anything at all just ask in comments below.
  20. It seems like no one has made a 4th of July Group Hatch yet! So here I am, making one since it would be fun! I'm not going to set a specific kind of tama/vpet so just come join with whatever you got! You don't have to be in the US to join the hatch! 4th of July is a fun time for everyone! I'll be joining with my ID L. c: Rules:: 1) I will make the Hatch Log, do not post in there until it is the 4th of July wherever you live. 2) Have fun 3) Pictures are not necessary but if you don't post them, PLEASE be detailed in your log. ALSO, Do not post super giant pictures @.@ Pleaseee, I beg you.
  21. Hi everyone! Like some of you guys, I used to have a Tamagotchi when I was a kid. A few days ago, I bought a couple of P1 and P2s on Ebay to remember the past. And I have to admit I am really glad I did so. I love them as much as when I was a little boy. I am new on Tamatalk so I don't know anyone yet. But I thought we could organize a Group Hatch with P1 / P2 and see how it goes. What do you think? If other people are willing to join me on this, I will use my Yellow and Blue Tamagotchi P2. Have a great day :-)
  22. This is the log post for the winter hatch! ^.^ Any tama is allowed. Starts December 9th at 7pm EST! :3 happy logging!
  23. Let's have a thanksgiving hatch! All those little Tama babies beeping away as we gobble up some chicken (pun intended). The hatch will be November 22, and Let's make it at 6:00 Eastern Standard Time for the USA. Any Tamagotchi version is acceptable, and we'll post about the lives of our little kids here unless you have a Tama Log, like mine here Please state where you will be logging your Tama's Thanksgiving adventures, and what Tama will partake in this adventure. Happy Hatchings Everyone! I will join with a sound blast v6
  24. Hey everyone!! I am new, well not really cuz I've been u know just reading stuff and I finally made an account... Anyway, does anyone want to do a v4 hatch? RSVP and I'll set a date and time
  25. Hey guys. I noticed that there were not any pending hatches out there, so I decided to make one. -All Tamagotchis are allowed, but no other types of virtual pets. -You don't have to post pictures, but try to update at least once -This is not a serious hatch! You can drop out anytime, just post here. So... That's pretty much it. I'll be joining with my iD-L which, unfortunately, I accidentally reset. (And I was on like Gen. 15!!) The date of the hatch will be one week from now, Thursday, April 19. Hope to see you there!