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Found 9 results

  1. Hey! I'm new to Tamatalk and had a question about the growth for Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town. It seems the one posted for this site is inaccessible now??? Anyway, it seems that (most) characters are obtained by attending various classes and by giving your teens good care or bad care. For example: A male teen with good care having attended robotics class will grow into Mametchi, and a male teen with bad care having attended robotics class will grow into Righttchi. However there are some characters that are obtained by simply attending a certain class, regardless of the level of care; Tacttchi is obtained by having a male teen attend the musician class with good or bad care, and Butterflytchi is obtained by having a female teen attend the pet stylist class with good or bad care. But this leaves a question for the female performers. I'm trying to raise Kiraritchi. I would think that I can get her from having a female teen attend the performer class, however: a female teen with good care having attended the performer class grows into Yumemitchi, and a a female teen with bad care having attended the performer class grows into Furifuritchi. So how do I get Kiraritchi in TFDT?
  2. Hi! Yesterday I got my 4U and now I have a cute toddler. But I have a question: how do I decide which adult will I have? I mean, I know all those skill points but how can I get them? I got all the school instruments and I'm using the "art" one (to get Lovelitchi) but I don't know if I'm doing right!! bare with me this is my first colored tama! thanks for helping!! (and sorry for the poor english)
  3. You already know that once a Tamagotchi Friends grows up to a teenager at about 1-2 years, it can go to the Dream School. At Dream School you can choose witch class your Tamagotchi can do. All the classes are simple mini-games, and if you play a class more then others, then you will have that class as your favorite, or the class you are best at. You can see your "best class" on the second page of the information tab. you're best class will also effect what type of Tamagotchi you're going to get once it grows into an adult. You can see on a growth chart, that how the Tamagotchi looks will give you an idea of what kind of Tamagotchi you might get next. So if you are the best at the Robot class, then you might get a futuristic spacey kind of Tamagotchi.
  4. I've always wanted a Tamagotchi version of my own. One that I can create the growth chart so it can contain all my favorite characters. So, what would your own growth chart be like? I'll be providing a template so everyone can share the same format. I will be limiting the characters so that posts wouldn't be too long. I'll base this template off of the Tamagotchi +Color. I can't wait to see everybody else's! - Baby♂: Baby♀: Toddler♂1: Toddler♂2: Toddler♀1: Toddler♀2: Teen♂Good Care: Teen♂Bad Care: Teen♀Good Care: Teen♀Bad Care: Adult♂Perfect Care: Adult♂Good Care: Adult♂Bad Care: Adult♀Perfect Care: Adult♀Good Care: Adult♀Bad Care: (3 Special characters and 2 Oldies! Include how you get the special characters!) Oldie♂: Oldie♀: Special Characters: * * * - Let me start by making my own! Baby♂: Nittobotchi Baby♀: Momoirotchi Toddler♂1: Meganetchi Toddler♂2: Ahikurutchi Toddler♀1: Belltchi Toddler♀2: Memepetchi Teen♂Good Care: Cosmotchi Teen♂Bad Care: Kikitchi (Yes, teen. I prefer him as a teen.) Teen♀Good Care: Chamametchi (Same case as Kikitchi.) Teen♀Bad Care: Ringotchi Adult♂Perfect Care: Mametchi Adult♂Good Care: Shimashimatchi Adult♂Bad Care: Kuchipatchi Adult♀Perfect Care: Lovelitchi Adult♀Good Care: Melodytchi Adult♀Bad Care: Memetchi Oldie♂: Rexitchi Oldie♀: Dango Obatchi Special Characters: * Furawatchi - Visit the park 5 times during teen. * Gozarutchi - Eat Ramen 3 times during teen. * Kuromametchi - Win 20 games during teen. -
  5. While I was researching about the Gyoppis Dino pets since I'm ordering one, I came across this growth chart. Is this the growth chart for a gyoppi? Because these are all super cute characters. If it's not a Gyoppi growth chart, what is it? Thanks. I don't own this image
  6. I know there are already P's growth charts over at Tama-Zone but TamaTalk needs some too! I forgot to include the secret connection characters, d'oh. Anyhow, ignore the "made by Kurosantchi for Tama Cafe" thing at the bottom. It's there because I was going to use it for my own forum but decided not to. I also forgot to put the images of Cosmotchi and Maimaitchi next to their names in the boy chart but I guess I can just tell you Maimaitchi is the snail and Cosmotchi is the blue guy. Enjoy!
  7. Alright, so I recieved a nano in the mail earlier this month, and since the battery died I hatched a new baby yesterday. I thought I'd read somewhere that to get the secret characters involved feeding only snacks and playing the game tons of times. I did both of these hoping for one of the two, and instead ended up with memetchi, which from what I understand is worst possible care for a female tama on nano. So I am curious if anyone knows the actual ways to achieve the secret characters on a nano because I'd rather not end up with a 'bad care' tama when I start my next go around.
  8. My new growth chart is posted here: (since i don't understand TinyPic)