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Found 19 results

  1. Hello guys! I am new on tamatalk. So my friend just had a strange evolution on her 4u. She wanted to get melodytchi and she had all of the 10 sports skill points. But instead it evolved into memetchi which you need 20 fashion skill points for and based off of the items she has, she had NO fashion points. I would love to know why this happened. thx for reading bye!
  2. I know, I know, I post on here so often, but it’s the only place I can get answers so I hope y’all don’t mind. So I’m on my second generation, and I have a tamagotchi On. For backstory, in my first generation, the baby hatched at bedtime, so obviously it was awake for one hour and then as soon as it evolved, BAM it was bedtime. For the next couple days, as soon as it woke up, it evolved which was cool, but I didn’t want that happening with the new baby because I wanted to be awake to witness it evolving. So, the day comes and generation 2 arrives at about 8:30 in the morning, and evolves at 9:30. That all happened yesterday. In my time today, as of writing this, it’s 11:10 AM. Shouldn’t it have evolved again by now?? It says it’s only a day old and I don’t know if that’s right or not. Also I should note that I have never paused it. Any answers would be really appreciated.
  3. Hi, this is my first post here TL;DR: I reset my tama I got a few months back After the reset and actually put effort into taking care of him I've kept him for five days now and I'm excited to say that he's gonna be evolving real soon! If I'm correct he's in his teen phase, I can't wait to see who I get when he's grown! :3
  4. I just started up my Tamagotchi Friends again and I was looking at some growth charts to plan out what characters I want. Some charts mention playing the “coin catch” game to get “active” adults. Where would I find this game? It’s not in the game section. Also, for the “social” adults, it says something about sending SMS. What exactly do they mean by this? Is it a special feature I’ve missed out on? Sorry if this is obvious stuff or if there’s another thread I should be looking at, I haven’t been into the Tamagotchi stuff in a little while. Thanks y’all ✌🏻
  5. Hey everyone! This is my first post, so bear with me if this has been mentioned before: I have two tamagotchi meets (magical). I LOVE them, but something funny is happening with my white one (I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but maybe it's worth mentioning...)! She just refuses to progress from teen to adult! My green one has grown into an adult, married, had a baby, and now that baby is an adult. A little insight: I sent both tamas on a cruise while I was at work. I came home to find my male teenager has been replaced or grown into Mametchi! "COOL!" I thought. He was only around for maybe 30 minutes before he was proposed to by a character in the game. He (I) agreed, and off he went to get married and they had a little baby hybrid of themselves. Now, Mametchi and his wifey are doing their thing, and my little girl baby has grown up! It's only been maybe 2 or 3 days since she hatched. She has been able to unlock locations and other fun activities. limited tama has been stuck as a teen girl for DAYS! This is the first hatchling I've had on this particular device, and she's not wanting to age up! I'm not playing either device any differently than the other (I often play with them simultaneously). Could this be a glitch? Am I missing something? As adorable as she is, I want her to progress! Anyone know what the deal is?
  6. Today I was surprised to glance over at Okro my Zuccitchi and see that she had changed into none other than the secret character on the P2, Zatchi. I was not aiming for Zatchi at all but rather running a series of experiments on my P2 to see what certain variables would result in. My original goal has changed from finding the healthiest way to achieve the worst care character and thus keep them alive for longer - which, thanks to StarBlade's observations, cannot be altered - and instead I aim to find what is relevant to P2 and P1 growth. So to have some variety in my series of experiments, I decided to care for Okro with only three variables: no discipline, average care, and no care mistakes. Okro received no discipline in her toddler years and I think she was attended to after her meters dropped halfway. She was also not fed any snacks and she evolved into the good care teen, thus proving discipline does not influence which teen character is achieved. In her teen years she received more or less the same consistent care, perhaps with her meters depleting down to one heart a few times. She then evolved into Zuccitchi, which surprised me since I expected a worse character. I knew that Zuccitchi can become the secret character as I came across this when reading some old Tamagotchi websites. I had also gotten Zatchi before, with great effort and excellent care. But I decided to simply let Okro live out her lifespan as a Zuccitchi since the back cover my P2 had was a replacement developed out of trial and error, and a shorter lifespan might let me finally see a Tamagotchi dying - what I had never witness because my vintages kept resetting. So I was incredibly lax in my care of Okro, filling her meters once they were half empty and a handful of times her meters got down to one, but never fully emptied. I did make sure to catch all her disciplines just for the fun of it, and also because the discipline sound is unique from the other sounds on the P2. She got sick around yesterday and I was divided between this being a sign of her going to evolve or a sign she would be passing on. But as I have mentioned, the result of all my care resulted in her turning into Zatchi. After my shock, my next thought was a partial inner sigh of how this would be a long haul. Okro stands as a contradiction to the general advice to obtain Zatchi, that one must give the utmost perfect care. Okro also does something else as well since her care matches up with Hugo, the tamagotchi I ran in the Summer Hatch that ultimately turned into a Mimitchi. This strengthens my hypothesis that what determines a vintage Tamagotchis growth is not actually how high the meters are kept but actually discipline. I still have allot to test - such as care mistakes and how both these tamas came from the same device - and the bulk of that testing will take place in a P2 experiment log I plan to write one day. But for now, I thought I should share my observations of how the P2 may not be as rigidly programmed as is commonly believed.
  7. Hello!! I've been enjoying my new Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town, but I have one big question - what determines their growth? I've seen charts online for Tamagotchi Friends, but none for its Dream Town variant (which seems to follow a different system because of the Dream School function). For example, I've seen a Tamagotchi Friends chart that described Himespetchi as good (not perfect) care only. But, by taking my perfect care teenager to the "robots class," she evolved into Himespetchi! So clearly there are some differences. Can anyone run them by me? Thanks! (Also, does someone have a complete list of all the tamagotchis I can acquire? )
  8. I've been running my Tamagotchi 4U for a while now and I've been looking forward to get Kuchipatchi (he's my favorite character). Yesterday I finally got him but unfortunately I overfed him a little bit and he turned into his personality stage, Kuchipatchin. Even thou he's really cute I want to get him back to his original form. So how do I make Kuchipatchin turn back to Kuchipatchi?
  9. Can anyone please tell me when the characters in the Tamagotchi 4U evolve? I have Fuyofuyotchi and I would like to know when he will turn into an adult
  10. Hello everyone, yes I need some help with Gyaoppi 2 again... While it was in my pocket, looks like my Gyaoppi 2 entered fast growth mode by accident (where minutes pass by like seconds) Does anyone know how to stop it? I was forced to stop the time or he would die, I couldnt keep up... I tried what it says on tamenagerie, but none of it works. If anyone has instructions for any similar Gyaoppis, to see if I can find info there, I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. Hello! I'm having trouble figuring out how to raise my V6 into different characters... Though I've had the V6 since it's release, I've never actually completed a run with it, this is my first time. I got to Adult stage this morning, and found a Gozarutchi... The 'Horrible Care' character I had the 'Perfect Care' Child and Teen stage, and I don't think I changed up the way I cared for it. Could someone explain the mechanics of raising a 'Perfect' character? Or if I want to get a not-perfect character, say, Odd Gen. Female 'Okay Care' character (Violetchi, according to this chart I'm looking at), what sort of care do I have to give it, exactly...? :huh: The Gozarutchi, throughout it's previous stages, had NEVER gone hungry, I played a lot of games, it was always happy. What exactly defines the level of 'care'? Is it skill points? 'Cause the Gozarutchi also had over 100 in each points. I think one was over 300... If you can, PLEASE help me! I honestly don't know what I did wrong... "OTL NOTE: I took the battery out of my V6 (didn't want to waste it!), but I won't reset it until I get some answers. If you need any extra info, I can pop the battery back in and download, and give you exact stats, etc., whatever you need to know
  12. So, I've been running my V2 for about 5 generations, but I still find myself unable to attain a character who is over 'average' care. I don't take bad care of my characters, in fact I've been trying for the last few gens to take very good care to get a good care character, but I still get the 'average' care characters. I thought that I'd heard one time that who you marry your tama to plays a role in how good of a character it's offspring will be, but no matter what I did I couldn't get the matchmaker to bring a very good care character for my tama to mate with. Does anyone have any advice for getting good care characters on the V2? ^__^ Thanks!
  13. I just got a new tamagotchi p's three days ago and it is Nokobotchi now, i want it to grow to Yukinkotchi, i'm not sure how i can miss-care or change her personality trait,, How can i miss care 8+ times? Ho can i change her personality trait to strength or intelligence?
  14. Hello! I bought one of the new US Tamagotchi Friends, and I was aiming for Harptchi, but Coffretchi instead. I was using this growth chart ( and may have misunderstood it. I gave her excellent care up until she became Neotchi, which is when I neglected her. I also played 10 games with her as Neotchi. But she became Coffretchi, suggesting that I didn't give her enough poor care and that my games never counted toward giving her the active personality. How do I care for a Tama so it becomes Harptchi and make sure she has the active personality as well?
  15. Please help She's still a teen Malfoy Edit: MERGED. Please avoid posting consecutively - you can edit your posts within 24 hours. Thank you!
  16. Hi y'all! I just got the new Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. (By the way, highly recommended as a throwback to the the p1) and I have a question. My Tama has been a child for 3 days. 3. Whole. Days. So... when will it evolve? It's been quite a while, and... well... I'd like to know how long after it hatches each stage occurs. Thank you in advance!
  17. Can someone put a growth chart for P2 (english)
  18. I know there are a lot of these topics...but I searched really hard and did not find what I was looking for. I was wondering if there was a chart showing where they can be seen? I thought I figured it out (even got the character I wanted) but now I am not so sure. Like is there a place that you can actually see and count how many you have so you know where you stand? Maybe my eyes are not so good, but I had a bit of trouble reading what I think was the happiness that the bar that you can tell from? Also, does messing with the time affect anything in a bad way or good way? I normally am not one to pause or change the time, but I have a lot with the iD L..and it seems ok so far. (I have only had it for 5 days.) Might as well sneak in one more question, as I don't want to start another topic. Is there any pics or charts of all the ways you can decorate your house? It would be nice to see them first instead of wasting points.
  19. This is an Index (list) of links to TamaTalk topics/replies about Growth and /or Character charts for various Tamagotchi versions: Tamagotchi versions - Life cycles / Evolution times V1 Growth & Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....?showtopic=1422 V1 Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....?showtopic=1423 V1 Growth Chart http://www.tamatalk....indpost&p=76955 V2 Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=24082 V3 Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=40249 V3 Growth Chart http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=58462 Tamagotchi Keitai Growth chart http://www.tamatalk....?showtopic=4775 V4 Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=90203 V4 Growth Chart: The Family Groups & Genders http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=99281 V4 Special Characters: How to get Special Adults http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=107392 V4.5 Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=117034 V4.5 Character Chart and Growth Charts http://www.tamatalk....dpost&p=2986753 V5 Character & Growth Charts http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=135947 V5.5 Character & Growth Chart http://www.tamatalk....dpost&p=2416016 V6 Music Star Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=155983 V6 Music Star Growth Charts http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=158848 http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=158661 Tamagotchi ID - Character and Growth chart http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=165521 Tamagotchi ID L - Character and Growth chart ID L Princess Spacy - Character & Growth chart Tamagotchi+Color (TMGC+C) Character and Growth chart Tamagotchi Ps Growth chart Angelgotchi Growth chart Angelgotchi info from TamaTalk's sister site (Pixelmood) - scroll down for growth chart Morino Character and Growth chart Oceangotch Character and Growth chart Devilgotchi Character and Growth chart Mothra Character and Growth chart Yasashii Growth Chart TMGO Character chart Tamagotchi Friends Growth charts Tamagotchi 4U Growth & Character chart Tamagotchi 4U+ Growth & Character chart Tamagotchi 4U & 4U+ Post Adult/Personality Stage Chart Tamagotchi M!X Growth / Character Charts (Melody / Spacy) If you find a better, accurate Growth or Character chart on TamaTalk that you think should be added to this list please send me a PM with a link to the topic / post. Thanks to kbabe ( for suggesting a list of links to Growth charts!