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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, so I’ve had my tamagotchi On for 2 days, and I have Hanbunkotchi (1st gen, female teenager) and her happiness has been at the light blue color, which is about halfway since she’s was a toddler, or a child. Is it supposed to be like this until it’s an adult? Because otherwise I don’t know what to do to bring it up more.
  2. I thought a topic like this would be nice to have (my apologies if this kind of topic already exists; I didn't find one myself, though), so I guess it's okay to do this! Also, happiness is always a good thing, right? Anyways, the question is, what made you happy today? It can be anything, big or small, just one or multiple things - just overall happiness here in this topic. I'll start with the thing that made me happy today - my lovely catloaf plushie Meep. He is so soft and warm and just makes me feel happier than usually. Please do feel free to share your happy stuff! ✿
  3. I recently got the Hexagontchi and I am a little confused about the happy symbols. Does your tamagotchi have to be an adult to get the opportunity to get hexagon questions when you interact with the items indicated for happy symbols? I have a chamametchi right now and I have used several items and gone to the temple with no effect. Help!
  4. I always make sure that my tamagotchi has all hunger hearts full and all happiness hearts full. But here's the thing, he's still a toddler and weighs 66 Lbs. I've been going with this one for about 4 days and it still says he's 0 years old. I'm using a tama-go
  5. There is something that will be Mametchi's There is Mametchi's that will be something Vampire Mametchi needs a girlfriend A girlfriend needs Vampire Mametchi And soon be a girlfriend for Mametchi And soon be a girlfriend: Himespetchi! Himespetchi will be happy thusly And thusly happy Mametchi will be
  6. I currently have Melodytchi<3 on my iD L Princess Spacy Ver. I'm trying to get her happy symbols, so I looked up on tamazone how to get it, and it didn't say what she liked. I went through it about 3 times but I still didn't find anything, and I checked the iD L's section of happy symbols, but of course the Spacy doesn't have those things. I tried looking it up on Google, and nothing useful came up. Does anyone know what Melodytchi likes? Thank you in advance!!!
  7. Happy Toon Kaixinchaoren is absolutely my favourite Chinese animated series, you can find more information about it on The cartoon started airing in 2010 and it's really well-known in China, in June 28 of this year a movie will be released in Chinese theatres. November 2012: I was searching some good foreign tv channels and I've found CCTV4, they were airing a cartoon but I don't know its name, the next day they aired Kaixinchaoren and I started to love it immediately! Official site: My favourite ones are Careless. S (the blue guy) and Smart. S (the green guy), but I usually call the characters with their Chinese names.
  8. Hey Guys! So, I am getting a Tamagotchi ID L that is blue that I just bought on amazon last night. I am very anxious because it is my first color (I have previously owned a v5 and v5.5) and the website itself said that it was going to be delivered at my door in two weeks for even three but everyone that bought an ID L there commented that they got it super uper duper fast and got it in a WEEK! Im going to blog some things ( I dont know how to upload pictures though... ) so lets all hope that this doesn't FAIL! Also, can someone help me??? IDKY but this topic was put in non tamatalk area......