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Found 26 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I couldn't help but notice the lack of group hatches happening recently, and I thought since the most recent post here was for a summer hatch that the only logical course of action was to host a back to school hatch for everyone (especially those going back to school, but everyone's welcome)! Although it's hard to pinpoint a specific day, as all schools start at different times, Wikipedia states the start time of schools in the U.S. and U.K. to be anywhere from the beginning of August to early September. I was thinking a solid compromised date of August 15, which is about in the middle of the earliest start date I know of (my own, August 1) and the broader scope of 'early September.' You can start at any time that day (but it would be cool if you could start close to when your school day starts/started). It will last for 5 generations if all goes well. You can drop out early if you must, but please try not to go over, and do your best to stick with it until the end! This hatch is open to all versions and as many tamas as you'd like. Pictures are appreciated but not required, and you can use any format (basic description of the day, RP-style with all of your characters, etc.). All I need is for anyone interested to post below the tamas they'll be using so that I have a rough idea of how many people to expect! I'll be running my Music Star and my Tama-Go.
  2. Hi! I saw the last hatch was in April (a spring hatch, how cute!!) and I know that wasn't very long ago, but I was curious if anyone would like to participate in a summer hatch! Or, maybe an end of school hatch? Either way We could start in June or July depending on what's best for everyone, and any tamas could be a part of it! Would June 19th be a good date for us? Let me know, I'm really excited and would love to get this all set up
  3. Hey! This is the log for the Spring 2018 group hatch! Here's the link to the hatch. My v4.5 will hopefully be leaving me an egg by then, but if not I'll boot up my Tama-Go!
  4. Hey, I noticed there weren't any group hatches for April 2018 (correct me if I'm wrong, though), so I thought I'd start one! RULES 1. you can use any tamagotchi you'd like 2. anyone can join! to join, just reply to this post 3. the hatch will last for 1 generation, but you can keep going as long as you'd like! 4. try to keep it a bit spring-themed! 5. resetting your tama to start the hatch is okay, and you can start on any generation. The hatch will begin in a week, so on April 13, 2018!
  5. Merry Christmas!!! I was a little surprised to find no Christmas theme group hatch going on. I would like to start a group hatch this Friday the 22nd. Please let me know if you want to join! The more the merrier! Group Hatch Rules 1. Anyone can join with any Tamagotchi they have 2. The hatch is for one generation only. (your welcome to do more, but I'm only doing 1 generation.) 3. you can start from any generation, (no resetting your tama) 4. The most important rule! Try doing Christmas theme things with your Tama! Be creative with this one! Christmas themes can be virtual (on the tama itself) or in real life (in the environment)!
  6. Hello Everyone!! I have decided to start my first ever group hatch, and I thought Easter would be an appropriate day to have it. I am starting this topic a few weeks early so everyone who wants to join, can join. We can all hatch our Tamas on Easter, which is Sunday, March 27, 2016 I will be hatching my Music Star for the first time ever during this hatch Logging is encouraged, but not required during this hatch, and you can log until your Tama dies, leaves, or marries. Comment below if you want to join, and what version you will be using!!! Have Fun!!!
  7. Hello! With the new year coming up soon, I thought it'd be fun to celebrate by making a group hatch! You can use any amount of tamagotchis, and of any vesion. Don't forget to comment in advance of which ones you will use and how many. Other virtual pets will be fine. I'll be using my V6. Try to record their progress daily, but it is TOTALLY okay if you can't catch up (seriously I'll probably be the late one). You can record in any way/style you like! It begins at 12:00 a.m. on January 1, 2016, whenever that is where you live. It ends whenever your tamagotchi character leaves or dies. Please follow all TamaTalk rules about Group Hatchings. Thank you and have fun!
  8. This should be an interesting story... pull up a chair and I'll explain... My family refers to the last 50 days of the year as the "final countdown." Starting on the 12th of November and ending just as the clock strikes 12 New Year's Day, we celebrate the very end of every year, and this year will be the 15th year our family has done it. To celebrate this tradition and share it with all of you, I'm hosting a hatch. Rules (because they are needed) ·Hatch begins the morning of November 12th (6:30 am, but you don't need to start logging . Please reset at 6:30 in your time zone) and ends at 12 am New Year's Day (Jan. 1) ·Any number or version of Tamagotchi is acceptable. ·Please try to log DAILY. If you can't, no apology or excuse needs to be made. ·I hope this would be obvious, but if your tama dies or has a child, continue your logging with the next generation. We have 50 days for you to log, and I don't think tamas live that long without REALLY good care. ·Please post which Tamagotchis you will be using below. You don't need to have your post accepted by me (I worded that badly...), but I'd like an idea of who is participating. I will be using my 2 Tamagotchi Friends, my v4 (if I can find batteries), and my P1 (if I can fix it by then). I hope you all have fun!
  9. Information about the virtual pet iOs app, Hatch! Basically, Hatch! consists of a virtual pet called a fugu. They can be personalized to be your favorite color, and hatch from an egg much like a tamagotchi would. They may have various markings present from birth. This include stripes and spots in either a lighter or darker shade of the color designated as your favorite color when the app was first run on your iOs device. In some rare cases, the markings may be a different color than the main color specified. Like tamagotchis, they need to be fed and played with. They will be disappointed and run away if not fed or petted for 2+ days. The trust level you build by caring for it will correlate to the percentage chance of your fugu being found, under such circumstances. They show affection when petted. You can stretch or pinch their faces, and they will jump, dance, or play peekaboo from time to time. Just like tamagotchis, fugus will beg your attention, and you'll occasionally need to clean up their poop.
  10. Hey everyone! As a new member to tamatalk i would like to begin a hatch this sunday with the tamagtchi angel. Sorry if it's too soon. Let me know if youre joining. Thanks!
  11. It seems like no one has made a 4th of July Group Hatch yet! So here I am, making one since it would be fun! I'm not going to set a specific kind of tama/vpet so just come join with whatever you got! You don't have to be in the US to join the hatch! 4th of July is a fun time for everyone! I'll be joining with my ID L. c: Rules:: 1) I will make the Hatch Log, do not post in there until it is the 4th of July wherever you live. 2) Have fun 3) Pictures are not necessary but if you don't post them, PLEASE be detailed in your log. ALSO, Do not post super giant pictures @.@ Pleaseee, I beg you.
  12. Hi guys! I would like to start a hatch! I havent done one in a LOOOONG time, so I will now! This is the Spring Hatch! We will be hatching ANY Virtual Pet! **PLEASE READ** The official time for the hatch date has not been set yet. The voting for the above poll for hatching times will end on May 1st, meaning that votes after May 1st will not count. I will check back on May 1st to see which answer has the most votes. Whichever answer has the most votes will be chosen as the hatch time. So, yeah. Please join and vote! You can use ANY Virtual Pet! I will answer any question you may have :3 Thanks!
  13. Christmas is coming up and I remember being a part of a Christmas hatch last year and it was awesome so I decided I'd make one for this year! Any tama you want, hatch is on the 25th of December, any time of the day. I'll be using my two Tama-Gos, so I'll wait for them to grow up, get married, have babies and I'll pause them on the last day.
  14. This is the log post for the winter hatch! ^.^ Any tama is allowed. Starts December 9th at 7pm EST! :3 happy logging!
  15. Would anyone like to do a group hatching with me? Starting on December 9th (This sunday) at 7pm EST c: I will be hatching with mai v3 ^___^ you can hatch with any tama you like c:
  16. Any tamagotchi version is OK. Must be a boy baby. Starts at... 5:00 p.m. tomorrow!
  17. Ok.... Here's the thing... The blue moon is tonight.... so you have to do it tonight. The deadline for signing up is 8:00pm and the deadline for your first post is before 9:00pm and after 8:00pm. You must sign up and do your first post TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay........? You must use a v6, tama-go, or any type of IDL. Others must be approved to post here. I will use my tama-go. And if you can, Log with feeling!
  18. There hasn't been a hatch for all Connections in quite a while, it seems! I shall celebrate the rest of summer with this hatch. Rules/Regulations: Any Connection can join, namely the V1, V2, V3, V4, and the V4.5. Pictures will always be welcome, but they are not necessary. This hatch will run for two generations (to enjoy the odd/even generation characters). If you wish to post beyond that, it is fine. (Of course, you are always free to leave.) You may join with one you're currently running, given that you have the parent leaves on the day this hatch starts. Hatch date is August 1st, but this may change. If another day is more convenient for you, please tell below. I'll be participating with my V3 and V4. I'll be sure to post some pictures! If I am missing anything, please let me know and feel free to PM me with any questions you might have. Thanks for reading!
  19. Hello! I recently bought a Tama-go, but I would like to organise a group hatch with someone. NOTES (IMPORTANT) I live in australia, so it'll be kinda awkward if you live in europe... I'll need time to both find a screwdriver AND reset my tama... ​ With that said, let's get some plans out of the way! Reply on this forum with a time and date for the hatch. (that's kinda it...) ​See-Ya!
  20. What exactly IS Tamagotchi L.I.F.E? We cannot know for certian until June 12-14... SO LET'S START A HATCH ABOUT EET! WHEN: Anywhere around June 12-14, preferably June 13. ZEE TIME: Any time =_= ZEE VERSION: Any version except vintages WHY: WE WILL FIND OUT WUT TAMA LIFE IS! HOW MANY: Up to two Tamas Me will use my iD L and Tama-Go. ~ EMF
  21. 8( My other two hatches were fiascos. Hopefully, THIS will be at least somewhat successful... Anyway, we shall start the hatch on May 13, any time, any Tama. You do not have to reset your Tamagotchi if you do not want to. I will join with my iD L. You can enter with up to two Tamas. I hope you can join! ~ EMF
  22. Hi everyone! I have organized my first tama hatch for that reason! When:March 30th Why:Celebration of my coming What:Tama-gos only
  23. Hi,guys! Just thought I'd start this,now; A Connection Hatch! Basically,you can just apply with your Tamagotchi.It must be a connection/connexion V 1,2,3,4,5, or 6. The hatch starts on the 23th of April,at any time you want in the day.If you're busy that day,I will be accepting late entries until the 26th. Pictures are not required,but would look nice. Everyone must start with a fresh Tamagotchi,with a new baby/babies in it. Entrants: Ellen87621 with her V5 Possible Entrants: larigotchi with her V5.5 Have fun! BTW:Ideally we would want about 3+ people in this hatch,so if you can,please join!
  24. OOOOPS! It turns out there was a bit of misunderstanding; I will get my 15th Anniversary iD L on roughly the 15th, NOT the 29th! So I have to make a new topic. You will have to post in this one now. Things you should know: You do NOT have to reset your Tama; starting the hatch anywhere around the given date is fine. You can hatch anytime during the day. Color Tamagotchis only. March 15th is a short time away so join ASAP! ~ EMF ♥
  25. I ORDERED A 15TH ANNIVERSARY ID L ON MARCH 1! And it said "Please allow 28 days for delivery." O_o I'm waiting and I decided to start this hatch to pass the time. It will take place 28 days after I made my purchase (March 29) at anywhere between 10:00am to midnight, lol, and I will accept all color screen Tamas such as... TMGC + C ID Hexagontchi ID L 15th Anniversary ID L I hope you can participate! ~ EMF ♥