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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, today I will start a log for my P's My aim in this log is to get all the characters in my book I hope you rate my log, like my posts and maybe even follow, Thanks! Right now I have a Himespetchi on my P's! She should get married soon, maybe tommorow Today, we just hung out around the house Just chillin' in our house but then it turned dirty, so I cleaned it up The occupation guy came and offered us a job at the TamaMori! We accepted and Himespetchi worked hard and served Yumemamatchi and Mitchi Sensei! With the money she earned, she bought some glasses and she thought she looked so pretty! We then played with our TamaPet, the Furilabutchi We then realised that she hadn't taken a bath so I put her in the bathtub Near the end of the day, we went to the park and met the Music Teacher We then went outside and we randomly saw a rainbow at night Before she slept, we went to the Music Cafe and ate some Deluxe Pudding for Supper. She should be getting married soon and I'm hoping for another girl Hayden
  2. I was really amazed by the fireworks this year and they were all so amazing! Even though I personally loved Sydney's one, I was a fan of Dubai's display. And I loved London's as well. So I was wondering what everyone's favourite displays were. Feel free to post photos and share your opinions! And of course, Happy New Year! 2014!!! Dubai London Sydney
  3. This is just a random topic and I was curious what everyone thought. What is your favorite TamaGO figure? You can vote for them even if you don't have it, or if you do have it. Mine is probably the Shimashimatchi =figure because it has an Electronic Shop and the items are super cool, and so are the games, and my least favorite is the Memetchi figure because the games are lame, and the clothes that you wear saty on for only like 5 seconds, and all they do is pose in it. So, what's your opinion?
  4. So I was using EnWarehouse for my EnTama and I bought the Berry Town tickets but when I use it it just sits there and looks at it. But it didnt decrease from 3 to 2... Why isnt it going to Berry Town EDIT: How do you bin items, just in case I cant use the tickets
  5. I was watching some YouTube videos about the TamaWalkie and apparently it has a screen saver. I was wondering, if its on screensaver mode, can you still walk with it and will the steps still count? (If you know what I mean) Thanks
  6. Is there a guide to playing the card and fishing game? I seriously don't get the point of the games
  7. Is there any scans of the sheets of paper with all the information somewhere? I'm just curious to see which pierces have more items and food, Thanks Hayden Edit: Oh, and where can you find the list of all the downloads for the P's on TamaZone? I can't find the topic ^^;;
  8. Whats the difference between the V5 and famitama? Any different features or is it just the language difference
  9. What do you do with the TamaFure? Is it the exact same gameplay as the Tamagotchi School?
  10. What's your favorite shell design? I really like this one!
  11. I want to get Harptchi but do i have to do a 3-way connection to get her? I'm confused with what it say's on the growth chart
  12. the rule you SHOT Laser beams in someone's face Let's the Game begin Let me put my mask say hiiii Laser beams in Hayden,it's teri,Khipmunk,supah cow,Violetchi,tamafan325 face!!!