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Found 259 results

  1. Hey guys! So I bought a used tama off a Tamagotchi trading group on Facebook. Everything seemed well until I got the "Please replace your battery" screen just 3 days in. With brightness level 3 and sound on for two days and off for one. Is this normal? I thought batteries would last for at least 12-15 days. I've tried different brands and the same thing happens. So far, I've tried Eveready and Duracell batteries. Any idea what might be happening? Thanks
  2. Is there any way of taking my tamagochi mix facplate off without opening the whole thing?
  3. i just found my tamogatchi friends from 2016, i never played it and i need help,i cleaned the rust with salt and vinegar,it semeed to work but it has 3 pets and one telling me that there is no battery,i never used or played with a tamogatchi before and i really need help
  4. So I recently bought a used entama and because I don't read Japanese I'm still figuring it out but anyway I have only had it a couple of weeks and it has kept saying that the battery has run out. But when I press the reset button it's fine! Until a couple of hours later it dose the same thing?!? Is it just my tama? Is that common for old used and beaten up tamas? Thank you for taking the time to read xxx
  5. Hello! I am not new to the site but have not posted in eons! Anyway, I ordered a Magical Meets with downloads from a popular tama source site, and it came yesterday! This morning, I'm fiddling around and notice there is a third page on my locations selection with one option. When i clicked it, it took me to a snowy area with a cute Reindeer. It looked like a snowboard place maybe? Cool! I fiddled around with the options a bit since the first one took me there I tried the 3rd option, which prompted a はい or いいえ option which i chose はい for yes. Then it took me back to the location choice screen and now I only had 2 pages with the option to go to the snowy place gone. Yikes. What did I do? I tried googling to find out but couldnt find anything. Can anyone give me some insight? Did I mess up big time? Or am i worried for nothing? Thanks tamatalk!
  6. I found my long lost tamagotchi and i found out it was version 5.5 and my friend would like to play but it seems that version 5.5 tamagotchis are now rare especially in my country. So... i would like to know if version 5.5 tamas could connect with versions 5, 4 and 4.5 thanks in advance~
  7. Hey i was wondering how you change the little banners at the top and bottom of the screen for the Id l and the P's, i know you can do it with the pierces for the p's but is there any other way?
  8. I'm getting back into Tamagotchi after having a serious nostalgia need for the newest one they may have made, since I loved them and grew up with them. But to my dismay, I noticed that the newest one doesn't have an English version yet,, but apparently ID L does... I want an English ID L and I have looked on Ebay, the third party site from japan, and even here.... But it seems they are all sold out. Does anyone know where to get an English Version of ID L? I don't care i it's the 15th anniversary or princess one, I just want to know where I could possibly find one of these elusive toys. Please help out a lifelong fan!
  9. Does anyone know why the tamagotchi 4u app is no longer working??? It just stopped working on the device I had been using it on for years. And so I tried installing it on my new phone which is a sony xperia XZ2 and I made sure to allow android beam, and nfc. And the app opens but it just wont connect to my tamagotchi no matter what I do.
  10. hi! i’ve recently gotten into tamagotchi, again. i got the tamagotchi mini a while ago, and i was hooked. i was wondering, what tamagotchi would you guys recommend? i really want a tamagotchi that is high maintenance and/or very engaging!
  11. I started up my melody mix again for the first time in forever and I was trying to unlock berry town but my tamagotchi will not eat any more berry sundays she ate 4-5 of them and then she started refusing them but she will eat other things like the melon soda does anyone know why this is? also is there a way to get her to eat them again?
  12. Hey Hello! Its me, sorry I think this is the right place? No sure but mm.. :/ So, guess who arrived today! My Babysitter Pixel Chix, AND my Vacation home 2 Storey (squee!) Anyways, back to the point since they are new, I have NO IDEA how to work the Babysitter! (Note: I have not pressed any buttons, cause no batteries yet!) So, with 4 normal buttons, 2 arrow things and.. A middle bit? Dont know what that bit is! Help Needed! Silvie xxx
  13. I dont really know where to post this, but heres my guess! Anyways, Christmas is coming up, and so,are new tamas I really want a V3, Gudetama and mostly a tamagotchi meets! This is when I need your help! Dad says that if I get all 3, then there wont be much more than that. I dont really care, but then fro yo will be shoving all her stuff in my face, while I have 3 plastic eggs :/ So what should I do? I are not crazy over a gudetama, but still want one! And then, the meets is a bit expensive (around £50-70 on eBay) and then again, most of them are from japan. Help needed! Silvie xxx Edit: I totally forgot! A pixel Chix house or mall I think... Whats your idea?
  14. When I patch english. The machine screen didn't respond, so I pulled out the battery.Then can't turn on. I didn't watch videos. I didn't have the patience to wait. I have another 4u.can I dumper this system to another one.what do I need to do? what tools do I need? THANKS Mr.blinky Thank you all.
  15. so ive been wanting a sakura miku nendoroid 274 and i came across one from japan on ebay for 48 gbp, is this a good price for this nendoroid? please help
  16. I hope my question is in the right place on these forums. Please let me know if I need to post somewhere else. So I just got back into my Tamagotchi P after I found out all it needed was 2 AAA batteries and not those hard to find circular ones that were common for small hand held games. I learned that there are plenty of wonderful downloads that you can get, you just need a way to transfer them using IRDA. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 which if I read correctly has IR capabilities, but not IRDA so it would not work. I was fine with needed to buy a USB to IRDA device, but everywhere, and I mean everywhere they are discontinued. I guess people just don't use them? Is there any other way to get files onto my Tamagotchi P? It would be so cool to have new games, wallpaper, food etc. I run windows 10 and have blue tooth capability if that helps. Thanks in advance for your help. PS: I do not live in the USA, I am in Europe, so Walmart and other stores based in the US that don't ship internationally won't do me any good sadly. P.S.S. Did more digging into what irDA means and if anyone here is tech savvy, can you tell me if something says is it IR transmitting and receiving and not just transmitting that it's an irda? Or are they different?
  17. I've been running my Tama Spacy M!X for 5 generations now, and no matter how well I take care of it, I get the same teen, Waamuwaamutchi. The past gens I thought maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention to it, so for my fifth generation, i made sure there were no miss cares. I kept her fed fully the entire time and had her happy bar at the teal column (I'm pretty sure it doesn't go higher for toddlers, I could be wrong though.) So, when the time came for her to evolve, I was expecting a Haretchi or Eriitchi, but instead I got another Waamuwaamutchi! Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm so tired of seeing Waamuwaamutchi...
  18. There is a random line that keeps on appearing on my friends screen! It was too quick for me to take a photo tho... Has this happened to anyone else? Please help!
  19. Hi guys! I currently have a tama mix sanrio and dream. Every time I try to log into the website, it tells me that You can not log in to this service from the country or territory you registered. I was wondering how can I fix this and how will I be able to connect to my PC with my tama mixes? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
  20. Hello! So, a friend of mine dug around her house and pulled up an old Tamagotchi she had from a long time ago. She popped in some batteries, and it's actually working just fine [except for the A button being a bit hard to press]. However; my friend just wants to know which version her Tamagotchi is, and why can't she find this specific shell design online? It's obviously pretty faded from age and wear, but we can kind of guess it's a rainbow-ish? Sort of thing that's going on? She also wants to know if others have this particular design! Here's the image!
  21. HI I HAVE A TINY BUT REALLY MAJOR PROBLEM!! So, I have the pink swirl mini. The swirls are gone. Yeah, already. So... this morning I saw some dirt on my tama (on the pink area around the screen). I... made the mistake of scratching it with my fingernail. *winces* I scratched off some of the paint too. So, it's... middle of screen > left > SCRATCH Uhh... HELP IT'S A FAIRLY SMALL THING BUT IT'S REALLY BUGGING ME!!! Idk if I should risk painting it (scarrrry) or scratch it all of. I was hoping I could keep that bit, otherwise it's a pink tama with light pink buttons. But it's bugging me so much!! What do I do? (I have normal paints and acrylics - well, gouache too)
  22. The 4U is a Japan exclusive and when bought can only be viewed in Japanese, but this guide will help you understand what is being said in English. There are some guides online that can be print out, and there are some guides on YouTube as well. First, I'm going to give the icons and their options. The first icon on the top. -Status - Profile - Settings. Status- has four different screens. -1st screen is Hunger/Happiness. -the meter of happiness will grow and eventually form a circle when your Tama is fully grown. - the hunger meter goes up to six rice balls. If you see an empty space you need to feed your Tama. -2nd screen is Information about your Tama. -name of Tama - Gender - age - weight - $$$ -3rd screen shares the skill badges your Tama has/doesn't have. -There are two sections to these skills. 1st skills- Basic Skills - These include Potty Training, Cleaning, and Bathing -these skills are achieved during the toddler stage of your Tama through proper prompting, praise, and scolding. Different icons will appear and you will need to be attentive if you want these badges. Poo icon when shown you need to have your Tama use the toilet, afterward, praise your Tama. Cleaning icon will show around 6pm. Your Tama will make a mess from blocks and it needs to vacuum. After Tama does action, make sure to praise it. Toothbrush icon happens before bedtime. After brushing teeth and taking bath make sure to praise Tama. These actions only need to be done a few times to earn the badge. 2nd skills-Special Skills -These skills are learned when your Tama can attend school. After so many lessons your Tama will complete the class and receive a badge of said skill. There are five different classes your Tama can take, and up to five badges can be earned. Science, Fashion, Sports, Art, and Cooking. -4th screen shows a clover. -This clover represents friendship points. -You need to learn what is your Tama's favorite foods or items it loves. There are three. My current Tama has a favorite meal, snack, and piece of clothing, for example. The last point appears after having your Tama for 72 hours. When you have all four the clover will be colored. Profile- Has three different screens. Each one relates to you. Your mood of the day, and then two screens of information. Settings- has four different options -Time- Change Time/Day -Icons-Change Border Around Icons -Display-Change lighting in game -Sound- Turn sound on/off Second Icon On Top- Connection To Another 4U -Greeting- Exchange Moods With Another Tama (Yes or No) -TMGC 4U-Connect to another 4U Tama Play -Dress<3Up (Yes/No) Exchange Give/Cancel Items (once item is selected, TOUCH screen immediately follows) Fridge-Select food item in Fridge Clothes-Select clothing item Accessories-Select accessory Toys - Select toy Shop (downloaded items)- This won't appear if you don't have downloaded items Living Minigame Outing Meal Photo Take-Yes/No Propose Must be an adult, and must have male and female Tamas. -TMGC 4U Application - Not enitrely sure, but I know you use this for the Tamagotchi app you can use on Android phones. Third Icon On Top- Connection (these must be downloaded) -Bingo -Gashapon Fourth Icon On Top- Food -Fridge (select foods you've bought or rice/snack) Toddlers can only eat from fridge -Tamacafe (you can visit here when your Tama is an adult. Lots of choices for food and snack. Must buy and eat in Tamacafe) Fifth Icon On Top-Clover -Praise (after Tama does something you tell it to do, praise it.) -Scold (after Tama refuses to eat, and acts rude at table) -Talk (whenever you want to talk to your Tama) -Care- (when Tama gets sick) Second Screen -Sitter (since this game doesn't have a pause setting, this is the best option) Sixth Icon Starting On Left Side Of Bottom- Cleaning/Closet -Toliet Select toilet when your Tamagotchi has to use the toilet. Poo icon will show up. -Bathroom Select when Tamagotchi has toothbrush icon. Tama will take a bath and brush teeth. -Cleaning Select when Tama has made a mess of blocks. -Closet Select when you have bought clothes and accessories. -Clothes (select to view clothes, and try on your Tama) -Accessories (select to view accessories, and try on your Tama) Seventh Icon (second on bottom) Door -Tamadepa Games -Bowling (select to play bowling, press B when in the red area to get strike) -Spaceship (select to play, press A or B depending on where the asteroid is. You want the ship to avoid it.) Reform - Select to buy various wallpapers for your Tama, and change the interior design of the home. Each 500g. Itemshop- Select to buy toys Fashion - Select to choose between Clothes or Accessories. Select which one you want to buy from, and then scroll through items and select what you want to buy. -Park Select visiting the Plaza or Dance. Plaza- Your Tama might meet another Tama in the plaza. Dance- Play a game of dance. A or B will be shown and you must press them repeatedly. -School When an adult, make sure you buy a notebook in the itemshop first, you can have your Tama go to school. This is the order of classes you can choose from.Repeatedly go back to class till your Tama completes its skill, and your Tama will receive a badge. These badges will come in handy. Sometimes Tamas will visit you, when your Tama is an adult, and you accomplish their requests. If you do well, your Tama could receive up to 2,000g. Science- You will need to buy the plant Fashion- You will need to buy the makeup case (pink box) Sports- You will need to buy the soccer ball Art- You will need to buy the clay (green wrapped package, looks like candy bar kind of in item shop) Cooking- You will need to buy frying pan. -Wedding You can visit the matchmaker as a toddler and you will spend time with other tamas making wedding cakes. But come to the matchmaker as an adult to have your Tama be paired up with another Tama. You will have a selection of three different Tamas, to pick the one you want your Tama to marry. If you don't like any of the Tamas, you can exit and try again to get a different selection of Tamas to choose from. Eighth Icon (third on bottom) Treasure Chest -Toys (select to view toys you've bought) Your Tama can play with toys. -Special (if you have one) -Bingo (if you have one) -Coupon (if you have one) Ninth Icon (fourth on bottom) Open Book -Tamatomo- Select to view tamas who have reached full clovers - Friends- Select to view various friends your Tama has made - Diary- Select to view photos taken of your Tama and your Tama's friends - Characters- Select to view pictures and information of characters you've downloaded (if you downloaded) Tenth Icon (fifth on bottom) Tama Alert (what I call it) This icon will light up if your Tama needs your attention. Those are all of the icons and their options in order. Here is some other information you might want to know. Stages Of A Tamagotchi -Baby -Toddler -Adult (teenager is skipped) - Another look? Your tamagotchi can evolve into another stage as an adult. I think it is referred to as a personality stage. I think this relates to the happiness meter and the likes of your tamagotchi. Filling Happiness Meter Make sure to find out your tama's favorite food and snack. Some food your tama will not like. Make sure to play games with your tama. Have your tama go to class when it is an adult. Have your tama go to the park. Have your tama play with toys, clothes, and accessories. Some toys your tama will not like. You can interact with your tama not only through talking, but also by pressing © button (right button). Backyard of Tama House To visit the backyard of your Tama all you have to do is press the middle button ( when no icons are selected. While in the backyard you will be able to see the weather conditions. Sometimes your tama may write a letter, chase a butterfly, or more. During certain times a vendor will stop by and you can buy food. During certain times, when your tama is an adult, other tamas will stop by and request something. Depending on what skill badges your tama has earned will determine how well your tama performs at the task given. Your tama could earn up to 2,000g. For example, if your tama has the science badge, and the visitor needs help with a rocket ship, you will be completely successful and earn 2,000g. Other tasks you can earn 1,000g. Dowload? Mr. Blinky has made an app for android phones. If you happen to have one, you will be able to download a restore patch (do this first,) and then an english patch. The english patch will change icon wording to english. This won't change when your tama or other tamas talk however, that will still be in Japanese. The app also has toys, food, clothing, accessories, games (you can download only two), and other characters. Hopefully this helps a little bit!!!! If you have anything else to add, please leave in the comments
  23. I've had my tamagotchi nano for a very long time but over the years, due to a few mishandlings, I've dropped it a few times and it's not functioning as it should be. I can get it to start after putting in the batteries and restarting it - hearing the beep sound and then it loads the clock screen - but after about 8 seconds, the screen turns off and it's dead again. The batteries I use are maxell alkaline batteries and brand new so that doesn't seem to be the problem. I'd like to be able to open up my tama and access the circuit board to see if I can fix it myself. I've not been able to find a disassembling guide for the tamagotchi nano so I would be grateful if anyone had any idea how to do it. Besides removing the two screws, I don't know what else I can do. Help?