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Found 127 results

  1. At this point for me, it's less of a tradition to keep a log than it is to start one. Half of the posts on Tamatalk are just going to be all my unfinished logs! ;A; But not this time, my dear readers. For I have dug out a Tamagotchi version that is very special to me, and with... a lot of hesitation, actually, have started it up for the first time in what feels like forever! As the title may give away, I am running (and logging!) my pink iD L! Back when I first joined Tamatalk, these were very popular, and also everywhere unlike the listings you see today. I got both my iD Ls - the aforementioned pink version and my now-rare Princess Spacey ver - back in 2013 for less than $100 each, and I'm glad I did because nowadays, oh boy do you have to sell your own soul to get your hands on one mint in box. Of course, this comes with its own issues - being that I've had these for seven years now, they've accumulated a ton of scratches, which is where most of my hesitation comes from. For those who aren't in the know, colour Tamagotchis - particularly their screens - are highly prone to scratches if you're not careful, and they can show up real easily on the screen as these annoying rainbow-like textures. My 4U and m!xs have managed to stay safe, luckily, but my iD Ls and my precious little P's have not had the same luck nor fortune. And don't even get me started on their front faceplates - I'd be able to actually afford a mint iD L with the amount of scratches they have. However, it is all cosmetic in the end. And it's not like I'm ever getting a new iD L unless I risk it for a used version, so I may as well take you all down with me. I've got a Pac-Man Anniversary Mini/Nano in the mail right now as we speak, so with a little patience I'll hopefully be able to log it soon! Let's begin! ~*~*~*~*~*~ iD L I put some new batteries in a few days ago, and was welcomed by a little Kingyobotchi! For those not in the know, they are the best-care female toddler character on the iD L. I also discovered that my iD L was on its 3rd generation last time I played it - I had previously raised a Kikitchi and an Agetchi, respectively, both of which are bad-care adult characters. Determined to take good care of my next Tamagotchi, I proceeded to get the next highest-care teenager, Painaputchi - and didn't look at a growth chart, which is extremely rare for me! I ended up raising an adorable little Chamametchi: I forgot how photogenic the iD L was. You can't even see any of the scratches on it's screen! (While writing this, I realized I hadn't given Chamametchi a name yet! I searched up the nearest random name generator, and blessed her with the title of London.) While Chamametchi isn't the... highest care character out there, she's still very cute (and not a teen, strangely). I decided to go for her Tamatomo Stamps - for those who don't have an iD L, every adult 'gotchi has three special likes that cause them to do a cute little animation + give you what's dubbed a Tamatomo Stamp. You earn the last Tamatomo stamp by having your adult-stage Tamagotchi for 72 hours (or, at least 5 years old, if I recall correctly). You can earn any Tamatomo Stamp in any order, and they're a fun little incentive to spend more time with your tama! Plus, it also gets them stamped in the memory book (which is how I discovered the previous tamas I raised), as well as a bonus cutscene when they get married. Anyway, I decided to go for London's Tamatomo Stamps straight away! We decided to head to the park, as the market was currently being held: It's Kuchipatchi's mum! What she's doing here, I have no idea. Items at the market are usually marked down by 30%, so I wanted to get a good deal. I accidentally ended up leaving by way of the C button with London in tow. It was raining outside when I took this photo! Who knew Tamagotchi Planet had the same weather cycles... and timezone... wait a second. We decided to visit again later - for now, it was off to the TamaDepa to get something I thought London would like. The hunt for her Tamatomo stamps was on! I rarely search for these without consulting a guide, so there was an exciting factor to our adventure. I quickly swept into the accessories aisle, and bought London a pair of cat ears! It was time for the moment of truth... ...I mean, she's still happy at least? Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. If your Tamagotchi's latest item/accessory/food is Tamatomo-worthy, they'd usually start jumping high in the air with hearts everywhere! But London was quite mellow. She still defied gravity in her celebration, though. I didn't want to stop there, however - maybe an outfit was what London was looking for! We went back to the market again, as outfits can be super expensive: It's Makiko's mum! ...I just remembered that Makiko's name doesn't end in 'tchi'. I was running low on money, so we sold off the Tamamori Tree item I got out of the toy seed I planted in London's backyard yesterday. Don't ask. Anyway, we had enough money to buy London a lovely red kimono: I forgot how fun it was to dress up your tamas on the iD L... And thus the moment of truth began once again! Guess what happened next. ...And yet it also was not meant to be! Not only had I spent a ton of gotchi points on two outfits that weren't Tamatomo-worthy, now London looked like a weird anime character. She didn't seem to mind though. One last photo before the post gets too big... I decided to stop our Tamatomo hunting there for now. I took London to the different locations in the food menu, but none of the meals and snacks there seemed to activate a Tamatomo Stamp... not even the sweetest treats around! ...That, and it ended with me accidentally discovering Chamametchi's least favorite food. By then my pockets were totally empty. I'm sure I'm missing something here... maybe I should be more open to London's tastes and stop assuming that all she likes is pink stuff just by the colour of her ears? The irony is real. Next post: more stamp hunting! Meeting a Tama-pet at the park enough times to create a bond with them and take them home... I missed those guys on the 4U and m!x, they were useless but I loved them anyway!
  2. Hi friends, I'm new to Tama talk so I apologize if this is somewhere else, but I couldn't find it. I have a mix and would love to connect it with another Tama, but I don't want to get 2 of the same kind. Is there any cross compatibility between gens, maybe connecting a mix and a p's, or so on? Worse comes to worse, I can always get a Sanrio or an anniversary mix, but I'd like to build my collection with different stuff! Thank you! Also so excited to find a group who loves tamagotchi since everyone I talk to is always like "oh yeah, I remember those in the 90s... They're back??"
  3. Hey i was wondering how you change the little banners at the top and bottom of the screen for the Id l and the P's, i know you can do it with the pierces for the p's but is there any other way?
  4. I'm getting back into Tamagotchi after having a serious nostalgia need for the newest one they may have made, since I loved them and grew up with them. But to my dismay, I noticed that the newest one doesn't have an English version yet,, but apparently ID L does... I want an English ID L and I have looked on Ebay, the third party site from japan, and even here.... But it seems they are all sold out. Does anyone know where to get an English Version of ID L? I don't care i it's the 15th anniversary or princess one, I just want to know where I could possibly find one of these elusive toys. Please help out a lifelong fan!
  5. Have you ever wondered " Where do I download tamagotchi ID L downloads" You can get them at this link Binary posts them every few days.
  6. So I want to purchase one of these machines, but I don't know which and I am having trouble finding information about the pros and cons on the internet. Which do you like better and why? Thanks!
  7. Ladies, gentlemen, and everybody in between and beyond, I am pleased to announce my FABULOUS return to logging, and by extension, to TamaTalk! You can call me SALAD! I'll get all of this up and running in no time! But for now, allow me to introduce the star of our show! Tamagotchi iD L Name: Ainsley Character: Choribotchi She was just left all alone by her mother, a Furawatchi. While we're on the topic of babies, has anyone ever stopped to question the confusing emphasis the tamagotchi world places on fecal matter? Like, it's an obstacle in many of the games, and sometimes on the v4 and v4.5 people would just...mail you their own poo. Don't get me wrong, darlings, I'd be quite miffed if I received someone's droppings in the mail too, but... You have to wonder who sent it, and why. What are they achieving? Anywho, I'm going to let Ainsley introduce herself here. Ainsley: Hello, everyone. Pleased to make your acquaintance! Salad: Isn't she adorable? Give her a hand, ladies and gentlemen! Ainsley: Uhm...who is it that you're...talking to? Salad: Why, our lovely audience of course! Ainsley: O-Oh! Are people...watching this? Salad: Well, of course, darling! This is a show, after all! Ainsley: Oh, goodness... I hope I do alright. Salad: You're doing FABULOUSLY. Just keep being you! Ainsley: O-Okay! I'll do my best! Isn't she a doll? I'll update when something happens, ladies and gentlemen! Things can only get more complicated from here! ~Salad//
  8. *Drumroll plays* Hello, Tamatalk! It's Tamacass, with a new blog that I'll certainly be cringing at in the future! Yes, I know that you are all just so EXCITED to read on! And I am too! It's been a few years since I did this, yet I still have all of the basics down in long term memory. So, I may as well intro- OK, you've spoke long enough! Yeah! Rinny and I haven't had the chance to talk! Oh, come on! *AHEM* Please ignore the human over there, she has no idea what she's doing. As Noki said before, my names' Rinny! Yeah! And I'm Noki! I JUST SAID THAT! *Brawl insures* Hey, hey HEY! Cut it out, the both of you! I still need to tell the readers what Tamas you are! So, Rinny is a smol cinnamon roll Rolltchi, the bad care toddler! She's on my Pink iD L, which I'll show later. Meanwhile, on my pink P's, Noki is a Nokobotchi, the second teen you can obtain. I actually painted her pink at the painting place (Which I'll show right now). Anyway, I'm sure you're all screaming, saying "TAMACASS SHOW THE PHOTOS ALREADY DAMMIT" so here they are! Rinny's on the left, Noki's on the right (obviously). The bed's super comfy! Weeeee! STOP BOUNCING ON THE BED RINNY! Woah-oa! Hi! Look at me, look at me! Stop hogging the camera, please! Ta-da! Aren't I mystical and wondrous? ... ...Yeah. Sure. C'mon, let's play! I'm connecting you two right now! I hope I win! NO! I'M GONNA WIN, AND BEAT CHU! Oh no! My flowers! Yay! I win! *Bawls* I-I WAS GONNA BEAT YOU AND I WAS GONNA MAKE A REALLY GOOD FLOWER CHAIN A-AND... WAAAAAAAH!!! Ignoring Miss. Princess over here, Noki got 30 G for her efforts. Yippie! I didn't take anymore photos, so I may as well wrap it up here. However, I did do a drawing of the two on my Lenovo Yoga Laptop using Paint Tool SAI: *Sniff* ... We look great! I HATE IT! *runs off into cyberspace* Wait, Rinny! How did she do that?! Don't ask me. I wasn't asking you! OK, now that's over with, look forward to another future post! I'll probably have an update later if Rinny evolves. I'M EVOLVING LATER?! Oh no. YAY!!! I'm gonna evolve later, I'm gonna evolve later... -Tamacass
  9. This is my first time making a poll. I hope it works! I went nuts and collected a few secondhand colour versions at once! When I joined this forum I was gifted a P2. I bought a V3 & 4.5 for my boyfriend and I. I got them second hand at a good price. Then I bought myself a P's because the P2 bored me after a while and I'd never tried the colour ones before. I need a new pair of jeans, and other unnecessary things around the place...but you know when that collector bug bites! (I'm not rich, I'm just spending all my money on rent--food--bills---Tamagotchis!) This makes me happy. I'm the type of person who still uses an old phone and a beat-up tower fancy things...but when it comes to my hobbies that is different. I have no interest in the latest fashions or expensive make-up my friends seem to like. They may think "wow aren't Tamagotchis ollld" but hey, I think their lipstick is overpriced! So I ordered a few colour ones and they finally came in the mail---all at the same time. I also had an Angel Gotch, but the screw are stuck in the back. I'm keen to try them all, but I know that will result in a Tama-Extinction. All I know is that I am keen to connect the P's at least once, but I'm also getting sick of it because of the mini games. With everything happening in my "real' life right now, I wish this was the only "dilemma" I ever had to face. I think that would be a very happy life indeed!
  10. This isn't all that huge, but I couldn't find the answer myself earlier. Can you obtain the secret characters on the iD L by connecting to a P's? I tested it myself by connecting my iD L and P's 30 times. When it came time for the iD L teen to evolve, he evolved into Maisutatchi (obtained by connecting with the same other iD L 30 times). I know it seems obvious, but I didn't know, and googling the question didn't help me. So, there you have it.
  11. Help! I just got a new iD L and I heard you can get pets. Can you have more than one pet? And what can they do? I'm sorry my tama is in Japanese... so sometimes I can't understand some stuff... Thanks!
  12. I just recently bought a blue tamagotchi iD L. I heard there are a LOT of travel destinations. How do I unlock all of them?
  13. Ok Is anyone mad that the Characters on the 15th Anniversary aren't exactly paired up? Like Dazzelitchi is a character, but no Dreamitchi! I really think they could/should have added Dreamitchi in any way, at least, make him the other special character. they did the Princess and Prince. I really like that there are characters we haven't really seen as often, but seriously. I think it's because nostalgic feelings hit me a few weeks ago about TamaTown/Music City and I really want to enjoy having Dreamitchi again, but sadly he is not obtainable at all anymore unless you guess a passcode for a boys destiny star... I don't know, is anyone wishing that a certain character was on the 15th Anniversary Version? Side Note: I hope Bandai does another fan vote Tamagotchi version, maybe the 20th Anniversary?
  14. My Tamagotchi 4u just came In and I have decided to save up my money for another color Tama. I was wondering, which one is the best out of the ID, IDL, P's, and 4u+? Which one has the most features? Which one has the most games? Which ones have pets? Also I have noticed that the pierces are getting more expensive, is it still worth it to get a P's? (especially the Disney one, which is the one that I really want!!)
  15. So I bought a IRDA USB dongle and I have looked at all the guides here on how to send things to the ID L.I followed the steps each time, I let the ID L connect then look for the file I am going to send in order to have it ready, I then wait for the connection to fail/time out then reconnect the ID L, as soon as I hear tit has connected I double click the file I want. It says it's sending, but stays at "0%" no matter how long I wait it out. I don't understand what's wrong, this is so frustrating i've been trying for like a week ;A;
  16. I recently got a tamagotchi ID L and I want to be able to transfer files to it but was hoping to avoid having to purchase a dongle to plug into my laptop by instead using my old psp. Is there anyone who has transferred files with a psp or know how explain it to me? I found only one tutorial on youtube but their link to the pspirda program download doesn't take me to any download and the site doesn't seem to show any download available to do this. Help please!
  17. My cousin got the P's Melody Land set and we were trying to connect it with my iD L, but nothing we tried seemed to work. All the guides I read said to choose iD L on both systems, and press the first option. We tried this, and the connection timed out with every attempt. What are we doing wrong??
  18. I want to train my iD L to use the toilet, but I can never catch it in the act of pooping and send it to the bathroom! Every time I check, the little Hershy's Kiss is already on the screen. Are there specific times that the iD L characters poop that I'm just missing? Or is it random? I currently have a teen Hineonetchi if it makes a difference.
  19. Finally, after waiting what seemed like forever, I finally have my iD L! Going from P1 to this is a bit of a stretch, but I think I know what I'm doing The main focus of this log is to improve my Japanese, and to help out any others who opted not to get the English version of the iD L. While the menus are fairly easy to navigate, it is always nice to put English words to Hiragana and Katakana. In advance, I know I will make some spelling errors with both the English and Japanese to please bear with me! Anyway, let's begin!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DAY 1: I had missed the postman yesterday, so on my lunch break at work day I had to run to the post office to pick up the package containing my iD L. I knew I wouldn't have much time to play, but thankfully the baby stage on the iD L only lasts for an hour. After putting in the batteries, I was prompted to set the date and time (mm/dd format for the date) and enter in my own birthday. Then, the egg appeared on screen! It only took maybe a minute to hatch; I was genuinely surprised at how quickly I had a baby Tamagotchi. It was a girl, ももいろっち Momoirotchi. She surprisingly wasn't too terribly needy. She both ate and pooped a lot, so I made sure that she was well fed and fairly happy before I clocked back in to work. Oh, she did get sick from eating too much candy, so I had to use the clover icon on her to cure her. Oops. At work, I had little ももいろっち on one of those DX lanyards around my neck, tucked under my uniform's shirt so my managers wouldn't see her The DX lanyard is excellent, by the way. I highly recommend it. Anyway, after maybe 15 minutes or so I heard her beeping for attention. Unfortunately, I was on shift so there wasn't much I could do. Then, around an hour from her hatching, I heard a different beeping sound! Some of my team members and I were about to start a meeting, so I took a quick bathroom break before everything started and checked on her. She had grown! She was now a ろーるっち Rorutchi! I had never seen one before- she is SO FREAKING CUTE OMG. She had unfortunately pooped twice and gotten sick, but those were easily taken care of with the shower and clover icons. She was depressed and starving, so I fed her some うめぼしごはん umeboshi gohan (pickled plum rice) and candy (I can't work out how to type in Katakana yet, sorry!) so she was content again, and I went back to work. After my shift was over, I headed back home and got out little ろーるっち to play and explore the iD L's features. First thing I worked out was how to get to the games, which is through the door icon and selecting the first option (Again, it and the games are in Katakana and I can so far only type Hiragana. Sorry!). There are only two games available at the moment, one where you play as Mametchi and jump over obstacles, and another where you play as Kuchipatchi trying to eat hamburgers and avoid eating skulls. Morbid, I know. The Mametchi game is the easiest of the two, even though both only last thirty seconds and get progressively faster as the game nears the thirty second time limit. It's easy to get 100-200 Gotchi Points each time you play, and they don't get boring. Next, I visited the Donut Park, next option down from the Game Center, where the Tama Market was taking place. A girl there offered to sell me a single discounted item, or to buy an item I had from me. The item she had for sale was a little pink purse, thirty percent off regular price. I went ahead and bought it, since I had some points to spare. Lastly, I went to the TamaDepa department store, the fourth option. I bought two items, a たわし which I am not sure the translation of but it looks like a sponge, from the にちようひん nichiyouhin daily duty category. I bought a spotted patterned board, too, which I already knew from googling stuff about the iD L was actually a packet of seeds. To use the seed packet, you need to scroll down to the treasure chest icon, and select it from the second option. One of the symbols on there I can't figure out... Anyway, that is where your useable items are. Select the seed packet, and you'll be given a dialogue option. The first answer is always going to be yes, so choose it and you'll see a little cutscene where your Tama goes outside and plants the tree, and it starts to sprout! I thought this was super cute That's pretty much all I've done with the iD L today, and I am SOOO glad I made the decision to get back into Tamagotchis and play this one, after all the fun I had with my P1! This is basically the style I'll write this log in, feedback is much appreciated if anyone wishes to give it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FINAL THOUGHTS: I need to figure out Katakana on this keyboard. I'm currently using my iPad, but I might switch over to the laptop for my next post. I have the option to select Katakana, but the actual keyboard never appears. Too weird. The iD L is freaking precious; I ready decked it out in stickers that came with the DX lanyard, and I can't wait to carry it around with me on a daily basis! What caught my attention the most was actually the weather changing as I played! After going from playing games, to over at the Donut Park, I noticed that the weather had gone from sunny to raining. It's a simple, yet charmingly elegant touch. I am wondering if a Tamagotchi could catch a cold if it does too many outdoor things while it's raining! Hmmm...
  20. I got this item today on my Princess Spacy ID L and I have no idea what it is or what it's used for..... I think I got it by having my baby visit the concert location. I get to it now by going to the Treasure Chest and selecting the last menu item. Anyone have any ideas?
  21. So, after reading the manual, I decided to buy some fruit seeds because it said it could change the care mark. I didn't know what the care mark was, but I decided to do it anyhow. I planted the seeds, and they grew into a peach. I've re-read the instructions over and over again, but I don't understand how to change the care mark. Please help! (P.S. If anyone can, I would also like a picture of the care mark after it's been changed to fruit.)
  22. Hi, I'm not sure if this has been asked before, I couldn't find it, and I'm not even sure if it's in the right category but oh well. I've been told before and seen before that you shouldn't use rechargeable batteries in a tamagotchi. Why is this? What'll happen if I do? I can't really afford to keep buying batteries when we have rechargeable ones that would work. Thanks guys Laura
  23. Note: Ok, just so you guys know, this is a follow up on my last topic "Should I get an ID L or a P's?": (This is the link ) Ok guys, my ID L is shipping, and it'll be here in a month or less. So I thought I would prepare by asking this question: Are there any things I need to know before it comes? Like any extra details, codes, links, etc? Also, it'll be nice for someone to give me the growth charts.... -MametchiWarrior
  24. Hiiii I was wondering if a $90 English iD L is worth it. Is it pricey to you? Would you purchase it? I've been seeing a couple of iD Ls in English on eBay, from $89-$99. So yeah. Is it considered expensive or moderately-priced? Thanks!
  25. Like the title says, I need step by step instructions on this as every time I try to get the info I get very confused. I have a galaxy note 2014 with infared, not sure if it will work but I can order something to use if needed...I just need fool proof instructions on how to get this to work as I am not the sharpest pencil in the box, thanks!