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Found 58 results

  1. Hey i would like to get your advice I currently have the tamagotchi mix and would like to get another one... but im still not sure which one to get. I really like the p's but i dont think i would be able to buy the pierces I like the meets but i have the mix so im still not sure if i should buy it or not The 4u have these attitude stuff which the mix dont have because the mix is all about seeing the outcome of your marriage Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. i have many questions to ask you about my tamagotchi ID L. firstly, what is important about getting joy sticker? i got 4 but nothing happened. can my tamagotchi IDL go to the hospital and the Mobile Library like 15th anniversary IDL one? what are different between those two? lastly, Do tamagotchi P's going to have eng ver.? because i really want one but i cant not read japan so please tell me.  thank you.
  3. I'm getting back into Tamagotchi after having a serious nostalgia need for the newest one they may have made, since I loved them and grew up with them. But to my dismay, I noticed that the newest one doesn't have an English version yet,, but apparently ID L does... I want an English ID L and I have looked on Ebay, the third party site from japan, and even here.... But it seems they are all sold out. Does anyone know where to get an English Version of ID L? I don't care i it's the 15th anniversary or princess one, I just want to know where I could possibly find one of these elusive toys. Please help out a lifelong fan!
  4. my paletchi has had a tear on her face since yesterday, i can perform all the actions with her (feeding, games, shower, going out, playing with toys), but not the medicine, so i know she's not ill. if i praise her, all the usual happy animations and sounds play, but she still has the tear. i've seen people suggested giving timeouts for other versions, but i have an idL and idk if i'm just not seeing it, but idk where to find it :c :c i have a japanese tamagotchi idL, i can't read japanese so i've been getting by using online guides and google translate, pls help me huhu
  5. I'm back after another freakishly long break from logging here. My previous logs can be found here and here. I haven't abandoned tamas at all and in fact, I can be found on Instagram at @rjalda100 where I'm far more active. Going to be logging something a bit different than what I'd previously logged about in the past, my English iD L. I got this tama the other day and started it up the same day. I hatched a girl, who was Kingyobotchi as a toddler and Sabosabotchi as a teen. (don't have pics of these, sorry). She then grew into Violetchi. She also got two of her happy symbols and later adopted a pet (Sopratchi)! (idk what happened to the sizing with those two photos...) She'll be getting her 48 hour happy stamp tomorrow, after which I'll marry her off and start the second generation. Not much else to update on and this log will probably end up being really inconsistent at times but we'll see.
  6. So I was wondering what versions i can connect with and if they'd be able to breed between them
  7. Hey, this may already be a topic but I can't find it. I was wondering what the best way was to take care of an iD L? I heard someone say that it's better to let the hearts and happy meter run all the way out so it only counts as one care mistake? Is that true? And if not, how do I get perfect care?
  8. Hello! I need some help, I bought a IDL off of Japan you want, Used. I also picked up a Palm Treo 700p to get the downloads. I know there are topics about my questions, But I still need some clarifaction, please! So, about the palm treo 700p, can I use bluetooth on my laptop to transfer the downloads to the phone? or should I use the SD card, or a USB cable? If so, what type of usb should i get? Yes, i have read the tamazone topic and youtube videos, but i would like a newer answer with a more detailed step guide...Or if there is a link you can shoot me, that is greatly detailed, go ahead and comment it. Which works best? USB cable? Bluetooth? SD card? About the IDL itself, What are some of your favorite features? I have read up on it, But i havent found much. Thank you.
  9. Hi, this is my first time posting on tamatalk, so if this is in the wrong forum I apologise! Basically - I have a tamagotchi ID L english version that I want to sell on ebay, and I have no idea what to put as the price. (I prefer to do a set 'buy it now' price rather than an auction.) I know they are pretty rare and valuable but I just don't know how much. I can't even find any others for sale anywhere to judge how much mine should be! It's used, has some tiny scratches on it, and I don't have the original box but I think I might have the manual somewhere. It's purple if that makes a difference. How much do you think I should put it up for?
  10. as most of you know, i've been going on a Tama buying spree lately , but I'm wondering whether I should get the Tamagotchi M!x or the IDL because they are both about the same price. I am definitely going to preorder the Sanrio mix, so would it be a good idea to get a regular mix as well or should I go with the IDL instead? thank you guys for your help!! :D
  11. Hi, for those of you who have an iD L and don't know how to get the happy symbols, here is some info to help you out. First of all, the first three are obtained by finding the character's favorite things. The different preferred items for different characters include clothes, toys, and food. Some have more than one favorite type of food. Here are all of the happy symbols. BOYS: Mametchi---bread, crown, and the test tube Kuromametchi---curry, guitar, and the overalls Shinshitchi---school hat, steak, and the cane Peintochi---rice soup, palette, and the overalls Kuishinbotchi---dumpling, overalls, and the cloud Kuchipatchi---dumpling, parfait, and the cloud Shutotchi---fish and chips, afro wig, and the sport car Gozarutchi---rice soup or rice bowl, scroll, and the afro wig Sunopotchi---snow cone, face mask, and the ice maker Kikitchi---fish and chips or fruit bowl, face mask, and the sport car Bokutchi---school hat, steak, and the sport car Guriguritchi---palette, bread, and the feather hat Spacytchi---guitar, tiramisu, and the steak Maisutatchi---eclair, tuxedo, and the cane Hirotchi---cookie, tuxedo, and the guitar GIRLS: Lovelitchi---snow cone or parfait, microphone, and the princess gown Meloditchi---parfait, kimono, and the ocarina Moriritchi---fruit bowl, scrunchy, and the tea tree Chamametchi---cake, feather hat, and the jump rope Memetchi---cookie, dress, and the palette Perotchi---cat ears, fruit pie, and the kendama Shigurehimetchi---rice soup or bread, kimono, and the scroll Makiko---tiramisu, princess gown, and the makeup kit Pichipitchi---rice soup or snow cone, tiara, and the ocarina Furawatchi---cake, flower hat, and the kendama Ponpontchi---cookie, cat ears, and the jump rope Agetchi---fruit bowl, tiara, and the makeup kit Watawatatchi---cookie, cake, and the cloud Nachuratchi---bread, flower hat, and the ocarina Uwasatchi---sweet pie or tiramisu, dress, and the microphone Giragiratchi---rice bowl, scrunchy, and the tea tree Madonnatchi---cake, cowboy hat, and the microphone Hope this helped!
  12. Hey guys, its me MW, and I have need a little bit of help (I guess this is a question...). So, with lack of a lot of games, food, clothing, etc., on my ID L I've been getting a liiittle bored with it (Still favorite tama ). So, Ive decided to spend a few bucks on getting an Infrared USB or Phone to download some extra content. But, there is A LOT of them, and I know that a lot of them wont work for the tama itself. So, I am asking for help. If anyone has any USB's or Phones, If you can tell me what they are(The PRECISE model) or give me links (I can only buy on amazon) that would be AWESOME! Any and all help is appreciated -MametchiWarrior
  13. In the interior store there are choices of rooms that are priced 5000g. I want to know which of these rooms match the other rooms of other categories which are also priced 5000g. Please help me because it's hard to look at them partially and conclude which is which. Thank you.
  14. Guys! Please help. I just got this new idl and people say you can only store certain amount of games. What happens if I want to change the game? How will I delete it?
  15. So I recently traded for a Tama IDL, 15th anniversary edition. And it isn't in the best cosmetic shape. It isn't incredibly horrible, no marks on the actual screen and the purple shell is not "sun burned" which I never even knew was possible until I aquired this Tama lol... but the "15" symbol is very scratched off, and the clear plastic surrounding the screen is very scratched. I am wondering if displex (which I know is for fixing scratches on screens) could work if I tried to use it to fix some of the scratches on the clear plastic around the screen? I do not want to attempt if it will make the plastic cloudy. So, anyone who has attempted this, or knows anything about displex at all (I've never used it) I appreciate any suggestions ^-^
  16. Hi! New to tamagotchi...since about 2001 that is. But, it's much different now! I have a a Princess Spacy ID L. So far I feel like I'm getting the hang of it even though it's in Japanese with the help of this website. But, a couple things I can't figure out: 1) How do I change my birthday and name without resetting and losing everything? I can't figure it out. I tried to change the main date one time and then when I went back to the main screen it said Happy Birthday haha. I'm not sure how I fixed it i was just fiddling with things and it worked one time. 2) Can you use those ID L passwords to get things like McDonald's on the Princess Spacy version? I can't find the section where you enter a password. I bought a Sigma Tel IrDa usb but it doesn't seem to work with any computer I try. I am going to order a different brand I guess. Oh well. Any help would be appreciated! I am really enjoying this!
  17. Hey guys, I have an old battered IDL and the silver ring around the face is in really rough shape. I've been lightly sanding at the scratches and dings around the shell itself and they're slowly starting to come out. However, the silver ring isn't silver all the way through which means if I were to sand out the scratches and/or fill them in, I would have to repaint and I don't trust my 'steady' hand to do that. I have seen pictures around where people have gotten the faceplate off but no explanation and googling hasn't turned anything up. Does anyone know how to do it at all? I don't mind internal damage (breaking the tabs that hold the plate in place) as they can easily be fixed. Thank you so much for your time! Also have an image of the tama in question. It's the pink one. The yellow one is one I've owned since the start.
  18. I am wondering if there is any other way to make "tama money" on an IDL version, then just playing games. I thought one of the options under my items might had been to sell them, but it just dissappeared and I didn't get any points/money for it haha. TIA to any comments!!!
  19. I recently got a tamagotchi ID L and I want to be able to transfer files to it but was hoping to avoid having to purchase a dongle to plug into my laptop by instead using my old psp. Is there anyone who has transferred files with a psp or know how explain it to me? I found only one tutorial on youtube but their link to the pspirda program download doesn't take me to any download and the site doesn't seem to show any download available to do this. Help please!
  20. I got this item today on my Princess Spacy ID L and I have no idea what it is or what it's used for..... I think I got it by having my baby visit the concert location. I get to it now by going to the Treasure Chest and selecting the last menu item. Anyone have any ideas?
  21. So everypon- er, everytama? Anyways, Ive just gotten back into Tamagotchi, and I cant decide what to get! Ive wanted the IDL for a while now, but I just found out about the P's (If you call 10 months ago "just finding it" XD) So, can anytama please name the pros/ cons of both? Thank you for your time
  22. Okay hey guys. I've been hearing about the awesome (IMO) Tamagotchi versions that are now in color. I was hoping you guys will tell me about them. I want a Tama that has a lots of features but not something that requires extras to have fun with it. For example, the Tama-Go. I enjoy it but it gets a little annoying you have to buy extra add-ons to unlock more games. I want a Tamagotchi that doesn't need extra stuff like that, I want a Tama that is self-contained. Finally, are all the color sizes the same? What is the biggest Tama color, and the smallest. Thanks again!
  23. Hi. i'm from Indonesia. I'll go to singapore tomorrow, and I looking for tamagotchi id l english ver. Where can I find tamagotchi id l in singapore ? Somebody say you can find at takashimaya, is that true ? are they still sell the tamagotchi ? please tell me if u know , thanks
  24. Hi all I just got back into Tamagotchi's with the pre ordering of the 4u I didn't realise they were still being made all these years! Last one I owned was a Tama-go, couple of colours I started that up again, while waiting for my pre order (got to wait til Christmas omg xD ) and I was thinking of getting a colour version to get back into it and learn the menus (as much as I can, I know they'll be different later). I hear a lot of people have P's and IDL but I wasn't sure which to start with myself. I'm not too worried about the English patch, as the 4u is just going to be in Japanese (that we know so far anyways). I keep seeing packs of stuff for sale aswell, like little hearts I'm guessing go on top of the P to add content? And sticker sheets I think? Prob completely wrong here XD What would you suggest between the 2 kinds? Is there a massive difference between them or just a few things?
  25. Hi Everyone, My colleague will go Japan in the September, anyone know where can get the tamagotchi plus color, id, station ouchi id and idl 15th? Tamadepa isn't in Harajuku Toyko? Appreciate if anyone can answer my question Thank you.