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Found 17 results

  1. im planning to get a tamagotchi p (if i can find one in good condition) and id like for it to be in english. i know theres tons of tutorials online explaining it but just for the sake of convenience id prefer if it was in english. ive figured out most of it but im not sure what i need for the infrared transfer. my main concern is that i have a mac and im not sure what would be compatible with it. id prefer to go with the usb dongle method as opposed to the phone or old laptop method because its way cheaper (from what ive seen). i know there are some premade devices with downloads but im not totally sure how they work. if anyone has suggestions for mac compatible tools that would be great! thanks so much ଘ(*ˊᵕˋ*)* ̀ˋ
  2. Hello! I have been lurking these forums for a while now for some sort of answer, but everything I've tried seems to not be effective. My Palm Treo used to be able to detect my tama though the beam option, but after a single successful download, fails to even detect the tama at all. I tried adjusting the lighting through moving rooms and placing it in different places (both day and night), replacing the batteries on the tama, and having the phone fully charged, but they cannot detect each other anymore. It is fairly upsetting because I purchased the phone solely for getting downloads into my tama, and took the time to place many downloads into the phone for it to not work anymore. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  3. Perhaps I'm just dumb, but I wouldn't think that giving the tamagotchis bluetooth would be impossible. It certainly would probably be the best option as of now, with basically all computers AND phones using bluetooth but not the old InfraRed. It just confuses me a bit when I think about it. I'm a bit lazy, and don't have much money, so the thought of having to buy an old phone or a dongle, kind of bothers me. Does anyone know why this is? No bluetooth I mean . Perhaps there's a technical reason that I don't understand. I am pretty clueless when it comes to how the tamagotchis are made anyway. But since we are so far ahead now with robots and other cool things I just can't wrap my head around this one.
  4. Hey guys, its me MW, and I have need a little bit of help (I guess this is a question...). So, with lack of a lot of games, food, clothing, etc., on my ID L I've been getting a liiittle bored with it (Still favorite tama ). So, Ive decided to spend a few bucks on getting an Infrared USB or Phone to download some extra content. But, there is A LOT of them, and I know that a lot of them wont work for the tama itself. So, I am asking for help. If anyone has any USB's or Phones, If you can tell me what they are(The PRECISE model) or give me links (I can only buy on amazon) that would be AWESOME! Any and all help is appreciated -MametchiWarrior
  5. Ok so I'm currently attempting to patch my Tamagotchi P's to english. The problem I'm having is whenever I try to send the image via infrared the phone just comes up with 'No device found'. It's a Sony Ericsson Z310I which is on the list of compatible phones over at tama-zone. I pick the third option on the connections section of my tama p's. I can't think where I might be going wrong. Any ideas guys?
  6. Hey! I just recieved my used Love and Melody land set today! Like everyone else, I'd like to install the english patch. I have a "SYBA usb fast infrared adapter" that I am using to do so. So, using the guide tamatamatchi put up, I've tried and tried again to do it, but everytime something goes wrong. I am using a Windows Vista 64-bit and the usb says it works with that version. When I plug it in, it downloads the usb and then says that its "done and ready to use". However, when I go to my Computer folder thang, it doesn't show up alongside my flashdrives and what not. I've tried just simply connecting my P's with it, but no app pops up like it should and my P's just says that it failed to connect! If you're able to help please do!
  7. Hi there. I just got my tamagotchi ps, and I want to connect them. I currently can't pass the English patch to my tamagotchi, so I have problems when connecting them. May I know what do the options mean in the tamagotchi ps connecting option? Thank you in advance! Oh and, is it normal for the ps to leaving the connecting screen while connecting? I can't seem to connect my ps properly.
  8. I purchased a Tamagotchi P off Ebay. However I'm having trouble connecting to it via IR. I plan to install the English patch when I get this figured out. I purchased the Polar IR adapter but it wasn't connecting correctly in Linux or Windows 8. So I purchased the SigmaTel IR adapter. It appears in Windows 8 for a few seconds, then disappears. So frustrating! I also dug out the Palm Treo 755p that has IR. It didn't work either. I'm wondering if the IR connection on the tamagotchi is faulty? I bought it for around $30 off Ebay and it said it was new...however I'm suspicious because it didn't come with the plastic screen cover. Let me know if you have any pointers, websites & Youtube videos to check out. URL to photos just in case they do not show up:
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows/have tried this kind of infrared adapter. It is the cheapest one I found. :/
  10. I know this phone has an IR function, but it seems like the only way to use it is as a remote. Is there some app or something I can get to make it send the files to my Tamagotchi?
  11. Hi all! I'm new here and to Tamagotchi. I've recently gotten myself a Tamagotchi P's and wanted to get some downloads. But I was wondering, can we transfer downloads using the infrared that comes with smartphones that most people are using as a universal remote? Or are they actually different things?
  12. I'm so so so so so so mad because for the past two hours I've been trying to download a game to my Tamagotchi iD L because Bandai Japan is too lazy to put more than two freaking games on their Tamagotchis =.= I'm using an infra red USB because I have no mobile phone and I DO NOT want one I have a windows 64-bit laptop. But the problem I have is different from everyone else's... it's not transferring the file that's the problem, it's getting the cursed file transfer WINDOW to appear! When I first got this USB it worked and transferred fine, but I only transferred one file. Now it's being a pain in the pelvis and the little infrared icon hardly ever appears on my computer! And when it does, nothing happens when I click on it! I've tried clicking, double clicking, and right clicking to select "transfer files". But nooo it won't work! I've reinserted the USB, reinstalled it, held my P's in front of it on the download connection screen, and the hearts turn red but of course it soon fails since there's nothing transferring... why won't the stupid icon show up on my computer? And on the rare occassion it does, why won't it show the file transfer window? I'm so mad I could explode ;-; Please heeellp I really want more stuff on my Tamagotchis. I never run my color Tamagotchis anymore because they don't have enough built-in content.
  13. Hello everyone. I read a lots of threads about this subject, but found no helpful answer. I bought a Nokia 6230 (saw on Tama-Zone that this phone will work), downloaded all files from gotchiworld. de and even from tama-zone. I transfered the files via usb-cable to my phone. when I sent the files from the phone, it did it succesfully, but on the Tamagotchi appeared the blue hearts. it doesn't work with any file, neither for the iD L, nor the P's. First I had an irda to usb device, but I don't like such dongles. After that didn't worked well, I bought this phone. So it's a little sad that this second method doesn't work as well. what can I do in this case? It would be very nice if anybody could help me with this problem.
  14. I just wanted to know if this - - will work with my English iD L. Any help is well appreciated, Thank You.
  15. I just got a Tamagotchi Id l today. I know that you can download certain things in it, but I don't own an infrared cell-phone, and I'm pretty sure they cost lots of money in stores. Is there another way to transfer downloads to it without phones and such?
  16. Hi guys, I just recently got my ID L, got a Kuishinbotchi now I tried to connect my phone to my tama to send some stuff. It reads my tama and sends the items but then my Tama just says "FAIL" it happens every time, I align them properly. I don't know what's wrong
  17. Hello, i havent got an infrared mobile phone. Could anybody tell me if this Usb will be useful??? Is the cheapest i found on Ebay.