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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone! sorry if this question was answered already but I searched and searched and I couldn’t find any info on it. I have a Tamagotchi On and decided to get the a Sanrio Meets. Does anyone know if you can transfer items between them? So far I have noticed that you can marry their pets with each other so I’m guessing same can be done with the Tamas. I haven’t tested it out yet because my Sanrio is still a teenager. Just added that in case someone was wondering about it but the real question is if they can transfer items to each other because I’m getting fail connection. Does anyone have this info? Thank you for your time regardless.
  2. I haven't seen anyone else post about this so I will! How cool is this?? I tested it on my tamagotchi friends and it works fine!!! This is the actual thing, all credit goes to the amazing Mr. Blinky!
  3. When I use items on my Tamagotchi 4u, do I get the skill points for buying them, or every time I use them? (also its fashion, invention etc. Is there any way you can see how many you have? )
  4. Hello everyone! I wanted to know how can I get these items in my Tamagotchi 4u? thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I wrote a post and then accidentally backed up and deleted it by accident, so I'm just going to make this super short ahaha. Is the only way to get food/items/jewellery without bumping by using the codes on Tamagotchi Dream Town? ( Or is there some other way for me to get free goodies and stuff? Thank you.
  6. All the links to download the Tamagotchi iD VIP items seem to have died including the which now just gives a 404 error when trying to download. Does anyone still have the items that they could upload for others to use or a working link? I've only just gotten my iD Lovely Melody and really hoping to be able to still get the items
  7. I just got a tamagotchi for the first time in years and I just had a quick, probably really stupid, question. Here goes. After your tamagotchi dies or breeds a new generation, do all the items you have collected go away? Do they stay until you physically reset? Whats the deal?
  8. I've seen Melodytchi in a kimono online a few times and I was wondering how you would get this item. I've seen it in videos in the store with a heart next to it. Does that mean they are items you get when you connect to other Tamagotchi P's or...perhaps you need to accomplish something else to get them? Thank you
  9. As entama owners probably know, on EnTama/UraTama/Hanerutchi 2 you can get only four toys. (Trampoline, microphone, car, and balls) It sounds dissapointing comparing to items on Connections, doesn't it? There's one tip: Don't be afraid to buy any "Guts Up" items on E-tamago or the vendor! Some of them make your tama only stare at them, yes, but some actually have fun animations just like items on v4 too! You can find them on e-tamago here: There are few pages of items! (I think about three) Probably everybody knows this, but maybe there are other Entama users like me who were vary about Guts Up items before, as they don't really add much points and cost quite a bunch.
  10. Hey, guys! I was just wondering if anyone knows how many items you can keep in your inventory at a time. I know that there's a maximum for DOWNLOADS that you can have at one time, but I'm really hoping you can own more than that. Thanks in advance!