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Found 2 results

  1. This is a team story in which Tamagotchi characters share a journal together and write in it. You can make any character write a journal entry, including characters that have made previous journal entries! Also, multiple characters are allowed to write in the same day. I'll start! 22 April, 2015 Hey, Lovelitchi here! This is our brand new group journal. Mametchi came up with the idea so that we could share our experiences with all our Tama-Friends! Today started off with me helping my mom at Tama Cafe, followed by a busy day of acting and performing. I'm glad I have some time off for now, but it's not over just yet! Tonight, Melodytchi and I are going to perform a Happy Happy Harmony concert. I can't wait! ~ Lovelitchi
  2. Well I said I wasn't going to do more logs after the Mothra one, but I decided what the heck it's not like it's going to hurt anything, I'll just use this one topic as I try out each Tamagotchi, but I'm not going to be drawing pictures of each of the stages for each Tama (Although I might draw some pictures here and there for fun.) So anyways I am starting off with my Angelgotchi I am going to do this blind, meaning that I'm not going to look up any info on it (Although I did read about it a couple of months ago.), I'm just going to try and figure out everything on my own, and try to get the best character. I turned on the Angelgotchi earlier, and it came up as the Ghost with the little Hitaikakushi on its head next to the grave, so I set the time and it turned into the white baby ghost with the halo (Obaketchi2?) looking at the foods it has "Pai" which is obviously Pie, and "Chyoko" which is Chocolate in the shape of a heart. On the status screen it has the same Kanji for "Day" and "TP" which I guess means Tenshi power (Tenshi being like the Japanese equivalent of Angels.) and it has a bar that says "Shiawase" which means something like Happiness, Luck, or Blessing aaaaand I'm not really sure how to fill this meter, so far it has three lines in it, but I don't know how they filled up. The next is the hunger screen which says "Onaka" which means Stomach, and the screen after that says "Ganbaru" (Somebody correct me if it's something else, I can read Katakana and Hiragana, and this is what I think it says.) which means basically perserverance, or to do your best, or something like that lol. I fed it Pies until it was full, then I tried feeding it the Chocolate hearts, but that only raised its Tenshi power (I'm hoping raising the Tenshi power is good, because I haven't seen a way to lower it yet...) so I played the game and that seems to fill up the "Ganbaru" hearts. The game itself is pretty interesting imo, jumping over the shooting stars, although it is quite a bit harder, and more involved than the games on the other Tamas I have played, it isn't as random as the game on the Mothra Tama so it is easier in that respect. One thing that kind of annoys me is that the buttons seem to have a bit of a delay to them (At least on my Angelgotchi) I press the button and it doesn't instantly beep which means for the game I have to press the button the moment I see the shooting star or else the Tama gets pushed off the screen. I have had the bats appear several times when trying to feed the Tama chocolates, but thankfully just shaking or tapping the side of the Tamagotchi casing seems to make them leave, I was worried that you would have to actually tap the screen as this commercial seems to show. If you had to touch the screen as the annoying commercial emplies I would be pretty annoyed since I don't want to damage the screen. Anyways after about an hour the Obaketchi2 turned into Maruten (Which means round angel lol.) so I am continuing to feed it, and give it chocolates, and play with it in hopes of getting the best Tama. I will update with the final status for today later. EDIT: Ok after working a lot this evening I am finally home and Maruten went to bed at 8:00pm unfortunately it took a poo right before going to bed so he is sleeping right next to his poo... lovely, but at least he has a little cloud to sleep on (Is it male or female? I have no idea.) Anyways here is the final status for today. Final Status for Angelgotchi at the end of the day Age: 1 Day Tenshi Power: 39 (His maximum seems to be 50 TP as Maruten and I think he loses 10 whenever he has a poo, and then loses one at a time gradually.) Shiawase/Blessing: 1/4th Full (It has 3 blips in it, I'm not sure how to raise it more.) Hunger: Full Ganbaru: 3/4th Full (I'm not exactly sure what this is right now I'm just going with the Katakana for what it says, but it's the heart meter that fills up from playing the game.)