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Found 8 results

  1. i saw that there are allowances for when ur tama is already 4 yrs old,,, but i wanna try codes that will generate money for any age and for any time. if u kno a way, please message!!
  2. Alright, so my keitai is almost here and I realized I don't know one very important thing! Once I start up my keitai and open up the menu with the download/reset options, which is which? To clarify, which option will allow me to download, the first or second option?
  3. Alright, so I'm currently waiting on two tams to arrive in the mail, a V3 and keitai! I know that the akai and the plus (not the color tam, the japanese v1) are compatible and some can connect with north american connection versions too, but I want to know is: Can a north american v3 and a keitai connect? Thanks in advance! :>
  4. So I decided to start a log featuring none other than Raiden, my newly evolved Oldie, He is part of the long live oldie hatch that is currently underway. We may have some guests stars who are friends of Raiden, but we shall see I post all my pictures on instagram (@mayor_rory) so feel free to follow. I will post my pictures here in links (to the picture on instagram with my description) So if you are one that likes pictures click the link if not or you have the sort of internet connection that pictures take forever to load or on a mobile device and hate giant pictures then the link isn't going to be so distracting. You have the choice of seeing the picture or not (the power is in your hands... feel that its power!) If you want to see how others in the hatch are doing feel free to stop on by (we have a V3 who evolved in such an unexpected way and v4 or V4.5 who may have gone missing..... don't worry we have sen out search parties)
  5. Hi guys! I am thinking of getting a Japanese version connections, but I don't know what to get. I currently only have a uratama and I am enjoying playing with it. Any recommendations? EDIT: Sorry, I also have the Japanese Angel/Morino/Mothra/Ocean/TamaOtch
  6. Which version is your favourite and least favourite from the Keitai series? Pls vote in the poll and if you have anything else to say, you can post in the topic. No fighting or bashing please! This is a friendly topic where EVERYONE'S voices can be heard. Personally I don't dislike any of them (the only tamas I dislike are the morino, the tamasuku, and the mini). I only own an Akai. I like the shell designs, the characters (except for Ringotchi, Ichigotchi, Cheritchi and Tomatchi), the features and the gameplay, but the screen is so frustratingly hard to see! I don't own any of the others. Hope I will someday.
  7. This is strange. I got a new Keitai in the mail yesterday, and right off the bat I had noticed that its shell design was a variant from the common "Orange Soda" one I'd always seen (the common model has white accents whereas this one has yellow) as well as the background in the screen being different as well. But after starting it up, I'm realizing it's more of an anomaly than I thought. It behaves like the Akai version, but without the red pixels. Everything from the egg at the hatching stage to the characters, games and items match up exactly with the Akai. Even in this picture, you can see that the character I have is one from the Akai version that was never available on the regular Keitai: ... *scratches head* Does anyone know anything about this...? o__o Do I have a rare Tama in my hands? (Some sort of prototype, maybe...?)
  8. Ok so I've thought about this for a while now and decided to finally ask. Tamagotchis namned v1, v2, v3, and so on up untiltil tama-go are called Connections, or Connexions for the european counterparts. As many of you know, there is a group of similar, paralelly released tamagotchis in japanese, such as the tamagotchi +, ketai (or keitama), akai ketai, entama, uratama, hanerutchi, hanerutchi 2... My question is simply if there is a known group name for these non-vintage, non-colour, connection-similair, japanese tamas. I find myself referring to them as "japanese connections" and it just doesn't sound quite right...